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plaza de espana,seville

Lovely, make that gorgeous. The Plaza de Espana Seville Spain

Plaza de Espana (Spanish Square):

Can l just say Wow! and get that out of the way? :-). This past weekend, we decided to visit Seville. We have a couple of friends living there, friends that we actually met in Malta two years ago. They were in Malta for a total of three months. We used to get together to practice conversational English and Spanish. They were happy when we moved to Malaga, and were not surprised that we decided to visit their fair city, the capital of Andalusia.

Our train renfre

Our train from Malaga to Seville

Seville is only a two and a half hour train ride from Malaga. We left Malaga for Seville about 2 in the afternoon, and before you knew it, we were sharing tapas with them in the center of Seville that evening. Very The trains are quite comfortable too. It cost €19.30 each way, based on a round trip ticket, otherwise, it would have been €24 each way. The first class tickets might be slightly more, but l wouldn’t know. I was quite happy with the rest of the commoners, like me.

There were about 5 stops along the way, but they were pretty quick ones. One of the stops was Osuna, where they are currently filming “Game of Thrones”, but since l don’t watch the show, l didn’t know what to look for. Sometimes, I swear it seems like Game of Thrones tends to be following us. First from Malta, and now Spain.

Rear entrance of plaza de espanya seville

Rear entrance of the plaza de espana Seville

back entrance plaza de espana seville spain

Coming in from the rear of the placa d espanya

Anyhoo, we came in to the plaza de Espana from the back and it is considered one of the top things to do in Seville. We walked all the way from our hotel which was in the center, to the plaza. I was pooped to say the least. It felt like l had been walking about ten miles, when in reality, it was closer to two :-).

I perked up nicely though when l saw Plaza de Espana in real life. It’s one thing to see it in pictures, it is quite another to see it live. Very impressive. It was also funny for our friends to see us oohing and aahing, while they were just so unimpressed.  I guess when you see something on a daily basis, you just become so blase about it.

people at plaza de espanya seville spain

Plaza de Espana Star Wars was filmed here in Seville


plaza de espanya seville boaters

Aaaaahhhh! Seville weather is pretty mild year long, so there is plenty of opportunity to rent a boat and check out the plaza de Espanya in a different way.

A little history:

The Plaza de Espana was designed by Anibal Gonzalez. It is built on the grounds of the Maria Luisa Park. It was built to showcase Spain’s industry and technology exhibits, as part of the Ibero-American Exposition World Fair.  The style of the Plaza de Espana is a combination of Art Deco and Neo-Mudejar, which is a Moorish revival architecture. It is built in a semi-circle and is supposed to represent the four ancient kingdoms of Spain.

There is a huge fountain in the middle, called the Vicente Traver. Unfortunately, it was not on when we visited. Nowadays, the Plaza de Espana houses a bunch of government offices and the Seville town hall. Imagine having such magnificent views from your office desk. Movies like “The Dictator”, and “Star Wars” (forget which ones my friend told me) have been filmed here. Please, do not confuse this Plaza de Espana Seville, with the Plaza de Espana Barcelona or the ..wait for it..Plaza de Espana Madrid! :-). Hard to come up with different names l guess. I also find it very interesting that a lot of the street names in Malaga are also to be found in Seville, an l bet all the other cities too.


Plaza de Espana,Seville 2 people in front of malaga tiles

Representing Malaga province at Plaza de Espana Seville. Placa di Espanya is a must see in Seville.


tiles at plaza de espanaya seville

Plaza Espanya Seville tile work – Don’t you just love how detailed they are?


plaza de espana seville 3 people

Playzone Plaza de Espana – we try to name all the provinces s well as visit their tile work displays. A lot of provinces in Spain..

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plaza de espana tile work

Seville Spain attractions – Unfortunately, the tiles are cracking, and being replaced with concrete :-(

plaza de espana seville fountain

One of the top Seville attractions – the Plaza de Espana Seville . The fountain wasn’t flowing with water like usual.


plaza de espana seville canoe ride

Plaza Sevilla – canoe rides for a different view point in one of the top things to do in Seville.


plaza espana seville

Where’s Waldo? Can you see us in this photo :-) ? Seville tourisim Plaza de Espana


Carriage rides offered at plaza de espana seville.

Carriage rides offered at Sevilla plaza de Espana.

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Wandering around, there were vendors selling fans, and little mementos of Seville. What l also love is that there are little alcoves of the different provinces of Spain represented. Each one has tile work of the region, and little benches to sit on. I was told there used to be books about each region, so you could learn too, but all the shelves were empty. You could rent canoes, and paddle around.

It was fun to see people run into each other, and l was sort of hoping someone would fall into the water, but l was out of luck :-(. There were people on bike tours, as that is such a great way to get around the city, as well as those Segway scooters. Seeing it was Valentine’s weekend, there were also a lot of lovers taking the carriage rides. Very romantic. I totally love this place. It is beautiful, grand, and majestic..just like yours truly!!! :-):-) :-). I highly recommend adding it to your must-see in Seville, along with Santiponce or Italica ruins.

plaza de espana with friends seville

Plaza de Espana Sevilla – hanging out with friends

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Have you ever been to Seville? Do you think the Plaza de Espana is impressive? Is it on your bucket list?