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borough market london stall

Bees’s Knees stall at the Borough Market.

Borough Market in London has been in existence for hundreds of years. It is the in fact the oldest market in the United Kingdom. I’m positive that at some point, anyone and everyone who has ever been in London, either to live or visit, has made their way over to this hip market that’s just a stone’s throw away from the world-famous London Bridge. I’ve even seen a photo of Prince Charles and his wife Camilla there. It is quite the popular destination as you can find some of the freshest fruit, vegetables and the finest artisanal baked and diary goods.

borough market london roast pig

Borough market food – Tell me this doesn’t look yummy! The guy was cutting away the fat and putting it aside, and Federico was like.. “that’s the part l want” :-)


One of the entrances to the Borough Market

One of the entrances to the Borough Market London.

Borough Market sits just under the railway lines and conveniently, the Borough market tube stop is London Bridge.  Just follow the crowd once you exit :-). On our recent visit to London, we decided to stop by for some quick food. We were starving as it was late afternoon by the time we left WTM event site. We were headed back to central London but impulsively decided to head there. It was a great decision as we had seriously yummy and inexpensive food.

 steaks at borough market..

Look at those steaks at Borough market.. There are many Borough market restaurants selling fresh food from these stalls.


borough market sausages

Lots of tapas at Borough market – He opted to have one of these though since we don’t have it often in Spain..

Borough Market tiny bit of History:

The Market was first opened in the 11th century as a place for merchants to sell their British reared meat and fine baked goods. Sometime during the 13th century, the traders were relocated to Borough High Street. The reincarnation of Borough Market at its current location  was in 1756.  Parliament had shut it down the previous year. A group of concerned citizens raised the £6000  needed to buy the patch of land.

Fresh fruit abound.

Fresh fruit abound in Borough Market, one of the best markets in London. They were a bit pricier than in Spain though.


Flowers at borough market..

Fresh cut flowers at London’s Borough Market..

Borough Market: Best food market in London (my opinion)

The Borough market is home to approximately 80 individual stalls. It would be nearly impossible not to find something to your liking. They have everything from slow roasted pig to Asian fast food to mouth watering sandwiches. The hard part is trying to decide what to eat, not the lack of variety.  I ended up having some Indonesian food while Federico has his Bratwurst. As for dessert, we indulged in some Nutella filled donuts (not eaten there, we brought that back to the apartment to consume for breakfast) and German fruit cake which was simply deliciously.

bread borough market

Fresh baked bread – I definitely think a visit to Borough market is a must do in London.

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chocolate raspberry cake at borough maret london

Raspberry cake from Borough market London – We got some for breakfast the following day.


fantastic, and so fresh german cake at borough market

Artisan food at London Borough Market – They were fantastic, and so fresh.


I can't remember what l had, but it was delicious!

Central market London: I can’t remember what l had at Borough market, but it was delicious!


sausage dog at borough market london

Food at London’s Borough market – a wholesale and retail food market in London and in my opinion one of the best food markets in London. Not a great picture l admit, but the food was great. ;-)


eggs at borough market london

Some of the offering at Borough market in London. I think these were eggs, but l don’t know what else they contain. They were very popular with people though. They looked good. Borough market is popular with tourists and locals alike and you owe it to yourself to discover this inviting market if you find yourself in London. It is without a doubt one of the best food markets in the city.

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After getting our fill of food, we walked it off by visiting the Tower Bridge, which is always delightful, We also made our way to the Shard for a few pictures. We didn’t go in. Way too expensive, but l would like to visit it at some point.

Some of the most popular Borough Market Restaurants include:

  • Padella for simple but fantastic Italian food. Small menu, not very expensive and gets raves.
  • Tapas Bridinsa for some of the best tapas at Borough Market Southwark London Bridge area
  • Arthur Hooper’s for small plate tapas and wine from all over the world.
  • Roast Borough Market – Deliciously British food, all prepared from the day’s market offering.

There are also lots of Borough market pubs if you’re into drinking and/or pub crawling including The Globe tavern and The Market Porter.

A visit to the Borough Market is a must if you are foodies like us. We always try to stop here at least once anytime we visit London. You will love the assortment of fresh goods  on offer. It is also a good starting point from which to walk and hit some landmarks in London, such as the Tower Bridge, the oldest Gothic Church in London, namely the Southwark Cathedral. There is also a gigantic mall called the Hays if that’s your thing, museums, not to mention people watching (I love that. I always get a kick at deciphering between the locals, who are usually stylishly dressed and the tourists who are usually just dressed for comfort). Sometimes you get lucky enough to catch shows or outdoor film screenings. It’s always an enjoyable outing. Eating at London markets like this is a good way to minimize costs in a very expensive place. For more tips, make sure to read how to do London cheaper tips post.

Tower Bridge London Borough Market.

London Bridge market – The beautiful Tower Bridge at the tube stop for Borough Market. The day turned cloudy and gray, hence the Black and White mood.

Admittedly, l have become a fan of fresh veggies and fish since we moved to Europe and grocery shop almost daily. The food certainly tastes better to me. I did notice how much more expensive the fruit and vegetables were compared to the prices in Spain.. like triple.

Borough Market Opening Times: (Borough Market Hours)

Borough Market Sunday visit is not happening – CLOSED!

Monday to Thursday 10AM – 5PM

Friday: 10AM – 6PM

Saturdays: 8AM- 5PM

Have you ever visited the Borough Market London? Do you love fresh food or are you more of a fast food, whatever goes kind of person?