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The Tower Bridge of London

The Tower Bridge of London, one of the amazing sights in London.

Return to London for us is always a good experience. Seriously,  It always seems like  touched down, and lo and behold, it’s time to come back. I guess it’s needless to say that we thoroughly enjoy ourselves. Federico and l would love to live in London.

London is unfortunately, way too expensive, so it’s not realistic for us.  I would have to be in Zone 1 or 2 in central London, which means big bucks for flats and everything else. We will just stick to visiting this amazing city.

Here are three of the reasons why we  like to visit London and what is good about this capital city (everything but the weather :-) ). There are so many reasons to visit London of course, but we are narrowing it down to just three.

3 Reasons to Love London: Make that 4!

The Sights of London:

What’s not love? London is a beautiful city.  There is so much history and beauty everywhere you look. Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, Hyde Park, Covent Gardens. The list of awesome places to visit in London goes on and on.

We visited Shoreditch and Brixton for the first time too, which was interesting. We got to see “Electric Avenue” that was made famous by Eddy Grant in the early eighties. I couldn’t get that song out of my head for ages! It was very cool to see. Quirky neighborhoods abound and each one with a different vibe. Expand your horizons and get out of the usual zones to glimpse how Londoners live their lives.

Olympic Village, one of the many unique places in London to visit.

Olympic Village in London, another site that people often overlook.

Electric Avenue in Brixton London.

We gonna rock on to..Electric Avenue..That Eddie Grant song will now stick in your brain. Brixton is electrifying.


the London eye is one of the top sites.

The London Eye will give you a 360 view of London. Very impressive.


Top Icon of London is Big Ben

One of the iconic sights of London is Big Ben and is a must see in London for sure.


The Chard building in London

The Chard building is emblematic of London and is looming large in the rear. If you can, grab a drink for awesome views of the city.


Buckingham Palace sign in London

On our way to see the Queen at Buckingham Palace :-). There are so many gorgeous places to visit in London, including the royal gardens surrounding the palace.


Buckingham Palace London with people in foreground

Buckingham Palace. I never get tired of seeing one of the most interesting places in London. Changing of the guard is awesome to witness and highly recommended if you have the time.



Buckingham palace London statue man and lion

One of the statues outside of the palace. No visit to London is complete without seeing Buckingham palace.


OldTtrafford chelsea football stadium

Chelsea Football Stadium. We are big football fans. This is one of the many stadiums of football teams in London.


Old trafford posters of past players

The past greats, including Drogba at the stadium entrance.


Barclays Premier cup pic with Fede

What are the chances of getting a pic with the Premier League cup in Chelsea-happened by accident, on our way to the bank. Looking back, l wish l had taken a picture with the cup.


Piccadilly Circus at night

Piccadilly Circus in London at night. A sight l never get tired of. Not to mention the fact that Lillywhites (a haven for sports gear) is across the street.



Shoreditch London store with coffin in front

Shoreditch in East London, a hipster store, digging the coffin and the window. This is the latest hip neighborhood.


street mural in Shoreditch London

Gotta love the street art in Shoreditch. I really enjoyed the neighborhood with its small business shops, cheap food and interesting street art.


Covent Garden

Covent Garden in London. I think if l had to choose my favorite part of London, it would be this. It’s walkable and there is always something happening to keep your attention.


Trafalgar Square blue rooster

Trafalgar Square – The rooster is new since our last visit. This is a great place to people watch.

 The Food in London is awesome:

Street food: We attempted to eat in the famous Brick Lane in East London, which was just a short walk from the Shoreditch tube station, but l wasn’t very fond of buying cheap food and eating whilst standing or sitting on the ground. The whole place just seemed a little bit too gritty for me. It has a very youngish vibe. I felt a bit too old to be doing that :-) but for the adventurous, it’s delightful.

We ended up at a really cool dim sum place called The Drunken Monkey which was recommended by a fellow blogger. Her review was spot on, we had amazing food in a funky and unique setting Everything was great, especially the shredded duck and pancakes. We attempted to take pictures, but ate most before remembering to. The prices were pretty reasonable too. If you find yourself in London, drop by for some good chow.

The drunken monkey Shoreditch London

The Drunken Monkey in Shoreditch is home to delicious Asian food with a twist.

The bar at The Drunken Monkey Shoreditch London

Reall funky bar that we loved. The atmosphere is excellent.



Yummy papadoms at the Drunken Monkey.

dumplings, steamed and fried plates.

Asian food dumplings at Drunken Monkey


rice plate with chicken

The meat fell off the bone.


the drunken ribs

The Drunken Ribs – my favorite

We visited Chinatown at least three times. We also discovered an amazing Indian restaurant  called Lal Qila in Tottenham Court Road. I highly recommend it if you find yourself close to Oxford Street or the Euston station.

Lal Qila Indian Restaurant

Indian restaurant that is just awesome in London.


Lal Qila samosa

Samosa plate

image of indian food on plate

Indian food in London is exceptionally good. make sure to sample it.


Lal Qila food

Everything was yummy, the Nan was to die for! International cuisine in London is fantastic. A departure from the old days. Now, the possibilities are endless.


You are spoiled for choice in London. Whatever you desire, you can find. We went to Brixton for some Jamaican food, but you can find Korean, Spanish, Italian, etc. all coexisting in the same neighborhood.

Most are reasonably priced too. I had intended on also eating a lot of Mexican food , but only ended up eating it just once. I had a margarita that was just so so, and l think that turned me off.  I have yet to have a good margarita in London, so I will save my cravings for  U.S. trips.

covent garden paella

Giant paella in Covent Garden London. One of my favorite Spanish food.


brick lane sausages

Brick Lane stand, check out the size of the sausage!


Ask..and ye shall get.. so many foods from so many countries..Brick Lane

Ask..and ye shall get.. so many foods from so many countries..Brick Lane


car coffee stand

Coffee “stand” .. cool no? This was in Brick Lane London.


Typical British Pub fare

Typical British Pub fare. Shepard’s pie and mash with peas.

 The Shopping in London:

It’s quite easy to break the budget in London as there some really swanky stores like Harrods, and Selfridges. You also have your mid range stores like Marks and Spencer (M&S), Next and  bhs. Mixing it up will help you do London cheaper.

You have your budget stores like my favorite Primark (a must visit for budget friendly hip clothes). You can find all these stores in Oxford Circus. For sports related stuff, there is Lillywhites at Piccadilly Circus. My husband gets to pick up his authentic soccer team jerseys at way better prices than on the internet.

lillywhites London

Checking out Lazio jerseys at Lillywhites. This is a haven for all sports related merchandise and memorabilia. Always crowded.


store Lillywhites with tee shirts display

It’s great to see independently owned stores. I am getting tired of seeing the usual suspects everywhere. Another Gap?? no..thank you!

Stranger street art London

Lots of wonderful street art abound, so make sure to look out for them.



Royal procession passing through as we were shopping.

Royal procession passing through as we were shopping. You never know what happens next. Definitely cool to see.

Bonus reason to love London: Free museum entry

We also got our culture on by visiting the National Gallery museum . It was so nice to see amazing works by Monet (my favorite), Manet, Van Gogh, and Sisley among many other masters. If you love the Impressionists, l highly recommend checking it out. It’s free admission, as are plenty of other museums. I wish l could own all the impressionist art in the galleries :-) . How lucky that the museums in London are free to enter! It saves tons of money.

National Gallery another reason to love London

National Gallery museum London.


Does it get any more British than this.... Nooo baby! (in my best Austin Powers voice) :-)

Does it get any more British than this…. Nooo baby! (in my best Austin Powers voice) :-)

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Leadenhall Market in London

Victoria and Albert Museum in London

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Should you visit London? Of course! You really don’t need any other reasons to visit London! Just do it! :-) . How about you? Have you been? What are some of your favorite things to do in London? Please share.