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african dad walking daughter into church wedding

black groom and bride reading bible at wedding

African wedding in London. A mix of old and new worlds.


black bride and groom at wedding

Loved the look on her face! the priest said he hoped they would have 10 kids! The older people cheered, the younger ones groaned!!!

London Wedding church groom looking at bride

black wedding couple holding hands

It surprised me that during the whole London wedding ceremony, the priest never said “you may kiss the bride”. Not sure if it’s a catholic thing or shyness!

church bridesmaids hands holding leaflets and flowers

Our recent London trip wasn’t just for fun and games, though there was plenty of that. It was also for our first London Wedding coverage. What a lot of fun it was. The wedding occurred on the weekend .

Where to get married in London?  – This Catholic wedding service was held at the Sacred Heart Church in Wimbledon. This is another place we had never visited, we’d only seen it on TV for those great tennis matches.

london wedding bride and groom

Doing a London Wedding the right way!

It turned out to be a great day after all, after starting out a bit rainy in the morning. By noon, the skies had opened up to become a breezy sunny day. The bride was lovely in her custom wedding gown and the groom was beaming from ear to ear the whole day.

black bride being hugged by african attired mother

One of my favorite shots- me shooting the hubby shooting the bride.. He enjoys being a destination wedding photographer.

London wedding bridal party

Trying to get everyone off their cell phones etc to take the picture..what a chore..:o))

bridesmaids outside wedding church London


Groomsmen outside the church at the London wedding.

The parents were pretty excited as well, being the first marriage on both sides. The guests numbered about 600 from what l could gather, so the church was quite crowded. Considering that this was an African wedding in London, it was a big crowd. Flying in relatives must have cost a bunch, but if you’re going to do it, best to go all in, get the best wedding venue in London (or at least one of them. It was very impressive). It was quite the chore trying to get the photography done as so many relatives had their own little cameras and were constantly taking the bride’s attention away, but we had warned her of this.

black bride and groom dancing

The look of love..

 copy dancing line entrance at wedding reception

Leading up to the bride’s entrance at the large capacity wedding venues in London.

drummers london wedding

One of the few wedding venues for 500 or more guests in London. There was plenty of space for a band even with all those people and could have fit many more tables in.

London bride and dad dancing

Smiling bride dancing with her father at the luxury London hotel wedding venue

Wedding Reception Venue London:

The London wedding reception was held at the amazing and luxurious Park Plaza Hotel, Westminster Bridge.  This is one of the best wedding halls in London. The whole bottom floor was taken over for this extravagant wedding. No expense was spared  from the looks of it. The tables were so beautifully done and there was a soft purple light enveloping the whole ballroom. The food was very very good, from the appetizers down to the main courses of leg of lamb and salmon. We didn’t get to try the cake as we had to keep moving, but it sure did look good. The service by the staff was impeccable. Everything ran like clockwork. There is nothing more annoying than half the table with food, while the other half are looking on hungrily!!! They had a band playing and the dance floor was filled to the brim. It seemed everyone was enjoying themselves. We loved it. Nothing like a happy occasion  to bring out the joy in all. I certainly wouldn’t mind a London wedding of my own! I would definitely say it was a luxury wedding venue in London.

wedding reception glasses

bride dancing London weddingblack couple cutting wedding cakecouple laughing at wedding receptionwedding couple kissing

I spent the next few days after our trip editing the images and composing the album. I then uploaded the edited images to Dropbox. Thank God l did. Our computer had been making funny noises, and it died roughly two hours after my upload. I was pissed and relieved at the same time. Pissed because l hadn’t even had a chance to make a DVD backup. Relieved because the edited images were on Dropbox and l didn’t have to do it all over again and that the original files were still on the cards.

The computer was at the shop for a few days. We had to get a new hard drive and nothing was savable from the old one. We have lost quite a bit of data unfortunately. We had what is referred to as a “vintage model” iMac.  These are the ones made in mid 2007. We never upgraded since it worked just fine, until now. I have the files on the time machine, but l can’t access most as the operating systems has changed over the years and there are newer versions which are not compatible with my old ones. I will not spend more money to get newer versions either.  l will do what l usually do – Nothing!!! I will try and access the files if and when needed. It has been a pain trying to find serial numbers for things like Photoshop, but find them l did, so l feel better as most needed things have been restored. Now, we have a clean slate, so let’s see how long this sucker lasts!

Moral of the story??? Back up, back up and back up some more. You never know when the computer grim reaper will visit you!

How about you? any computer related tales of woe to share?