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As always, we welcome any constructive feedback on our episodes. Along with the sites that we visit and talk about, we also have our Podcast with Expats series. In these shows, l will be interviewing nomads engaging in all kinds of travel. Might be people who have moved permanently like us, or  slow travellers who stay put for a while, backpackers, hit and run (layovers), you name it. We will get a glimpse of their lives at various stages and what ultimately led to the decision to sell up and move. This will hopefully help others who are contemplating the same route, helping them come to a conclusion, one way or the other.

Season 2 Episodes:

Spain second wave and getting tired of taking precautions

Beach living in Ecuador

Another lockdown for Spain?

Flip Flops Travel Stories:

Expat in Spain: Kemkem

Brown Skin Girl Mytrae

The resilient ex=pat Jeanette

Savvy Traveler Danielle


Ten years of ex-pat life with Caneisha

Caroline in Lyon France

Karl Pierre on ENTP Life:

Anita in Portugal

Debbie and Shannon talk about retirement

Expat Life In China

Life In Lisbon Portugal with Cinnamon

Baby Boomer Exodus To Mexico with Travis

Life In Canada with Cheryl

Travel in Asia with Gilda

Expat in Bermuda with Glenda

Lockdown in Atlanta with Dr. White

Lockdown in Romania – Digital Nomad Calin

Glenn Lamb – Lockdown in Australia

Gabriela Encina: Expat Psychologist Interview


Eden Rudin: Nomad world traveler in lockdown (Las Vegas)


Jane: Expat in Spain


Season 1 Episodes:

MACBA – Museum of Contemporary Art, Barcelona

Alcazar Palace of Seville, Spain

Santiponce and the Italica Ruins.

Ghent, Belgium

Lloret de Mar, Spain

Barcelona, Spain. A different side

Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakesh, in Italian, with Federico

Why we are staying in Seville for one more year

La Mezquita in Cordoba, Spain

The Alcazar of Cordoba

Podcast with Expats 1 : Jenny in Thailand

Podcast with Expats 2 : Anita and Richard in Portugal

Podcast with Expats 3 : Frank and Lissette in Europe

Podcast with Expats 4 : Allison Jones in Japan

Podcast with Expats 5 : Nicole Brewer in Oman