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What To Bring With You To Spain: Electronics

The 2021 Year In Review Report Card

building in Valencia cross street with people walking in our end of year review

Here is our 2021 year in review report card as we prepare to bid adieu to the year, I am reflecting back on what was at best, a very lukewarm year. Needless to say, 2021 when compared to 2020 was fantastic, so we can be thankful for that. Who would have thought covid would still be …

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Bordeaux In The Fall Is Fabulous


Bordeaux in the Fall is absolutely magical for lack of a better word. Growing up in Boston, Autumn was always my favorite time of the year. Living in Spain has meant that l hardly get to experience that really special weather. Get ready for a long, and picture-heavy post. Visting Bordeaux and seeing all the fall …

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Postcard From Beautiful Bordeaux France

Postcard from beautiful Bordeaux France gate with city view

Hello from Bordeaux! Happy to say we are both having a great time. The weather has gone from great to not so good as the days progress. We had rain off and on for one day, but apart from that, it has been thankfully dry. A postcard from beautiful Bordeaux France: This has involved a …

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Love On The Run. Running For Health

love on the run

As l grow older, health, specifically good health becomes more of a priority, I am fascinated by how people face challenges that are thrown in their path on their way to old age. My recent chat with Anthony about his partner’s early-onset diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease and how they do their love on the run, …

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