What To Bring With You To Spain: Electronics

Museo Automovilistico de Malaga, Spain (Automobile Museum) Is Fantastic!

gullwing benz old, british

Last Updated: The Museo Automovilistico (quite the mouthful, isn’t it? ) is heaven on wheels. At least that’s how l see it. This post is photo-heavy as we spent several hours in this museum and l can’t resist showing off some of my favorites. There are about 90 amazing classic cars in this museum, so … Read more

How To Visit Amazing Luxor Egypt The Right Way ( Luxor From Hurghada Two Day Guide)

alley of the ram-headed sphiinges in Luxor Karnak temple

alley of the ram-headed sphiinges in Luxor Karnak temple

Updated 11/1/2021

There are some places you visit in real life and when it comes to describing them to others, words fail you. This post is full of images that attempt to describe to you the truly magnificent temples that we saw in Egypt on our Luxor trip. I’m just sorry that it took this long for us to visit.

The trip just hadn’t panned out until recently and of course one tries to pay attention, maybe too much attention to the Egypt travel advisory. This is how we advise you to visit the amazing Luxor in Egypt.

While it is prudent to be aware of the happenings in the world, no place is truly safe as l have stated many times before and I feel now is the best time to travel to Egypt, thanks to the thin crowds. We felt both safe and welcome. Here is a recap of our Hurghada to Luxor trip with one of the best transfer companies we have used to date. Egypt truly impresses and we visited Luxor the right way… stress-free.

Read more

Frugal London – Doing London Cheaper Tips

piccadilly circus at night

Last Updated: A Frugal London Trip: Best London Travel Tips Frugal London???! Yes, yes, yes..l know.  Those two words do not belong together. However, it is still possible not to break the bank when you visit this wonderful place. Here are some tips on making it budget-friendly. While it would be impossible to spend nothing … Read more

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