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Barcelona plaza catalunya

The Barcelona El Born Barrio was a fantastic find! Our  visit to Barcelona was awesome on the whole.  Everything from the sights, to the shops, the hotel and the food…the glorious food! Our hotel was very central and had lots of restaurants and cafés close by.  We ended up eating a lot of tapas at places that were a little off the beaten path. Most were very reasonably priced too.  More often than not, we finished eating before thinking about photographs of the food.

We ended up discovering the El Born neighborhood. It was quite the accidental discovery as there were so many tourists around the Barcelona Gothic Quarter, that we kept taking different turns, until we wound up there. El Born is definitely one of the best places to visit in Barcelona.

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Barcelona El Born CC – Roman Ruins and more discovery:

Barcelona El Born CC Roman ruins

El Born CC in Barcelona- interesting ruins are contained here

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It was great as it was not as suffocating as Las Ramblas. There were lots of funky cafes and shops. The streets were narrow and inviting. There were a lot of locals sitting at the cafes whiling away time, and we joined them some! Inside of this building are old ruins like this:

el Born Ruins

Barcelona El Born barrio – Recently discovered Roman Ruins..

and this..

ruins at el born cc barcelona

El Born Barcelona – an artsy neighborhood in the vibrant city.

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The ruins  l understand are from the Spanish Succession from 1701-1714, a painful period in Barcelona Catalan history. It effectively put an end to Catalonia’s independence. Independence that is still on their mind till today, as Catalonia wants to split off from the rest of Spain once again.

The El Born used to be the Mercat del Born, but is now a cultural center. It was interesting to see, and it was free. The building itself is quite impressive, with it’s huge cast iron and glass. It is often the site of protests and calls for independence. They also put on concerts and plays there. I definitely recommend a visit. The whole La Ribera Born neighborhood is quite cool in my honest opinion.

Born Barcelona street #elborn #barcelona #hipsterelborn #spain #catalunya

The El Born area has an old, yet quirky feel to it. You get the sense of it being a hip area without trying too hard.

El Born Barcelona street #elborn #barcelona #catalunya #spain #barriobarcelona

Born Barcelona narrow streets inviting you to discover what’s around the corner. Heed the call as it is a nice part of Barcelona.



el born neighborhood outdoor flamenco venue

A flamenco show takes place here nightly. Isn’t it quaint? It was such a pleasant surprise. The El Born Barcelona nightlife seems to be thriving.


el born barcelona restaurant outdoor seating

One of the many El Born Barcelona restaurants. So many outdoor restaurants to sample tapas and grab a beer and do one of my favorite activities. People watching :-)

From there, it was about a 10 minute walk to Parc Ciutadella which is just beautiful. There is nothing quite like getting lost in a big city. The flowers were blooming and families were out enjoying the lovely sunshine.

el born barcelona building terracota color

Don’t you just love the color of the building. Reminds me of ancient Egypt.


glass building in el born barcelona

The El Born barrio is adjacent to the Gothic Quarter and maybe a 10-15 minute walk from La Rambla.


el born park with game setups

The park in El Born was full. A lot of companies had their gear on display for people to try out.

 barcelona el born barrio

Not sure where this was. We just wandered upon it. It’s so much fun getting lost in unknown places and discovering new things.


born barcelona arc de triomf

The Barcelona Arc de Triomf, bet you didn’t know they had one!!! We certainly did not.

Places of interest in El Born Barcelona:

  • Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar. Right by the Passeig del Born. We skipped it because we had just visited the most famous church of all, the Sagrada.
  • Santa Caterina market. One of the first covered markets.
  • Born Cultural Center for a glimpse of the ancient ruins. Free to enter.
  • The Park – always a good idea to see locals enjoying themselves.
  • Picasso Museum – It was such a long line, we skipped it. We had happened there on the one day with free entry. Did you know that Picasso moved to El Born at the age of 15?.

Now for the food in Barcelona:

Where to eat in Barcelona:

There are two special places l would like to tell you about . One, we discovered while walking down Avenue Diagonal. We went off on one of the side streets and spotted this little Tapas place called Trotamundo. It looked so inviting, we decided to quench our thirst. The tapas were very good, really fresh and tasty.

*Updated: Permanently closed* What a shame!

Barcelona food

El Born neighborhood tapas bar


image of calamari in el born barcelona

Eating calamari never gets old :-) . There are lots of tapas bars in El Born. The beauty of eating in Spain is that you can literally go tapas crawling. Having one at each bar, along with a cana (small beer..usually less than a euro) and then moving on to the next one.

Caprese salad plan in Barcelona bistro

A caprese salad at a tapas bar in El Born barrio of Barcelona.


image of hummus and mussels- what to eat in Barcelona

Seriously, l think this was the freshest hummus ever! Having tapas in Barcelona is always a good idea.


image of calamari rings

Our tapas crawl in El Born barrio included this wonderful plate of calamari rings.


image of cana beer mug

Eating in Barcelona: This is called a “cana” in Spanish. A small beer, usually 225ml and sells for about 70 cents on average. Wonderful thirst quenchers. Go for this or a “Tinto” which is their local Sangria. In Valencia, it might be called a “Latino”.

The hummus at Trotamundo was the best l have had in a very long time, period. It’s a shame they are gone forever, unfortunately one of the risks you take opening tapas places in Spain.

There are so many that it’s hard to stand out.  l love hummus, going back to my days in college, some of my friends were middle eastern and made the best hummus and Falafel. We made sure to try many places as we walked along, a different tapas at each stop.

The mussels we had at another place whose name eludes me now was excellent and drenched in marinara sauce. The only thing that was annoying was that neither one came with bread!!! You had to order that separately, which l think is taking the tapas thing too far. I mean how can you give someone marinara sauce, and no bread? What are you supposed to lap up the sauce with? And hummus without pita bread? My husband made his feelings known in no uncertain terms. Other than that, we loved it.

Our favorite restaurant was “Buenos Aires Grill“. We chose it based on reviews on TripAdvisor, my favorite go to. I spotted a signed Barca jersey in one of the photos posted by a previous reviewer. It is located in the L’example neighborhood, where we stayed. From the minute we walked in, to when we left, we were given excellent service.

Buenos Aires Grill

Buenos Aires grill bar is a great place in Barcelona, and don’t be surprised if you run into footballers :-).

The food was absolutely delicious. We shared the shrimp in garlic starter. It was so freaking good, much better than the one we had in Madrid, and that was great..


Buenos Aires grill Barcelona place setting


Barcelona buenos aires grill plate of shrimp

Nice big yummy shrimp. You will find this tapa in most Barcelona bars and restaurants.

I had a medium rare Rib Eye steak as my main course, and it was done to perfection. He had the grilled Ribs and they were succulent. We chose fries as our side.


Steak plate at Buenos Aires grill Barcelona


plate of ribs buenos aires grill barcelona

Grilled ribs at Buenos Aires Grill Barcelona, so delicious and highly recommended.

We shared a dessert of pancake with strawberries and vanilla ice cream. It was heavenly!

dessert at buenos aires grill barcelona

Where to eat in Barcelona? Buenos Aires Grill in l’Example barrio. You will not be disappointed.

All this was polished off with a lovely bottle of Spanish wine.

wine at buenos aires grill Barcelona

Wine in Barcelona is always great. Make sure to try locally produced wine, or in our case here an Argentinian wine. Yummy!

and this refreshing lemon sorbet.

lemon sorbet dessert

Okay…so we made a mess of the table.. :o) A sign of enjoyment!

The owner came by to say hello. Turned out he spoke Italian, and loved football. So began a lengthy conversation.. :o) We had missed Messi’s visit by two nights it turned out, and the signed jersey belonged to Yniesta. He showed us his personal cell phone pictures of Messi and some other players at a BBQ he had in his house! He had known them for a while as this grill was a recent addition to his original grill in Argentina! I highly recommend this restaurant. It was €80 for our dinner, but it was worth it to us. We like to eat cheaply when we travel, but we always make sure to have a splurge dinner.

Barcelona El Born district #elborn #barcelona #barcelonaguide #europe #barcelonaitinerary

The El Born area of Barcelona is wonderful. In the old days, this was where the noblemen stayed and had seaside properties. It is still a wonderful, artistic area with quirky and stylish boutiques, not to mention the wonderful cafes and restaurants. I think it is one of the best places to stay in Barcelona.

The thing to remember is that Barcelona city is more than the usual suspects. It’s nice to visit the touristy areas such as the  Ramblas and Sagrada Familia, but part of traveling is discovering how the locals really live by visiting the normal barrios such as El Born.

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The very lively Plaza Catalunya in Barcelona.

The very lively Plaza Catalunya in Barcelona.

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We Loved the Barcelona El Born barrio! Have l convinced you to go there? Is it going on the bucket list, or are you scratching it off the list, thanks to me???