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metropol parasol seville night view

Metropol Parasol night view

Metropol Parasol Seville:

Metropol Parasol is billed as the “World’s Largest Wooden Structure“. I totally believe it. It should be on your things to see in Seville list! This thing is ginormous, in a good way of course.  It is located at the Plaza de la Encarnacion.

The plaza used to a market place until 1973. After the market closed, the square became abandoned, and that section of the city was a real eyesore that eventually became a parking lot.In the 90’s, the city council decided to reinvigorate the square. The plan was to build a new market hall, and move the parking underground. When construction started, remains of Roman houses were discovered, and the project was halted.

The plan evolved into being an archeological museum. German Designer Jurgen Mayer was the eventual winner of a competition that was launched to find a new design that would incorporate the museum and market place.

View from the parasol seville

What to see in Seville – View from the Metropol parasol plaza Sevilla

Parasol Meaning: (What is a parasol?)

A parasol is defined as a light umbrella to provide shade from the sun. It is also defined as a largely distrubed wide and large mushroom with a slender stalk. You can see why La Seta Sevilla got the nickname of mushroom then, since the shape is so similar. It has been providing shade in hot Sevilla since it was built. We definitely appreciate the Seville mushroom.

me at metropol parasol seville

What to do in Seville – get up to the top of “la seta”, metropol parasol at night

Parasol Wooden Structure: Metropol Parasol at night

metropole parasol seville

The view from the metrpsol parasol structure in Seville is awesome and not to be missed. You can really appreciate the parasol design. of the metropol Sevilla from this angle.

Parasol Seville:

Despite years of setback and technical difficulties, construction was finally completed, and the  Metropol Parasol officially opened in 2011. I can only imagine what an absolute horror it must have been for the few people that still lived in the area during construction, especially the old people. Our friends said most Sevillanas referred to the things as mushrooms, but to me, they look like giant waffles.

Quite a few of the local people still don’t like it, from what he says. It’s basically located at the end of the old Seville center. It is kind of unusual in that you are walking all through the windy little streets and all.

The buildings are all old, and quaint, and you feel nostalgic…then BOOM! you are at the end of the city and see this gigantic, very new structure. It hits you right in the face, and you know what? I love it. It’s a welcome jolt. The building area is 5000 square meters, and it is just over 28 meters tall. It is made of concrete, timber and steel, and cost roughly €90 million to build.

metropol parasol view seville with man standing

Parasol Sevilla view. A must see for tourists in Seville.

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metropol parasol night view

Love how the night sky is dotted with cathedral domes, the view from the metropol parasol mushroom Seville is one to behold

No matter how the haters feel, there is no denying that the Metropol Parasol has become one of Seville’s most visited destinations, along with the Cathedral and the Giralda etc.  It provides much needed shade, as the city gets a lot of sunshine.

There are bustling businesses all around the metropol. Apartments are hard to come by, as people have moved back in droves. It was interesting to see this short video about how the Metropol Parasol came to be.

You get the feeling that all the council members are very,very,very old, judging by the guy on camera :-). Kudos to them for having the vision to go bold, and new. They voted for the future instead of playing it safe. It certainly  has paid off in spades!

Everyone seems to have come around and now like the La Seta Sevilla or at least recognize that it’s a big draw for tourists in Seville. The el parasol gets really crowded at night because most Sevillanos stay home during the day to escape the brutal heat and come out at night to enjoy the cooler temperatures.

La Seta Sevilla: Stunning views

 parasol seville night views

The Seville mushroom – night views are stunning. Known as “La Seta Seville” which means mushroom :-)

metropol parasol seville architecture

Metropol parasol architecture is amazing. Amazing use of wood.

Metropol Parasol Entry fee:

We visited the Metropol Parasol at night to get a different view. It’s absolutely beautiful. Entry is €2.50 for visitors, but free for residents of Seville. Your admission comes with a free drink. The archeological museum was closed already when we visited, but hopefully, we will get to see it sometime.

The elevator takes you up to the fourth floor. You can then walk around the Sevilla metropol parasol and get really good views of Seville, which was awesome.You wind your way back down the wide steps. It is such a cool place to hang out in. There are lots of cafes and shops in the vicinity. We got ourselves some ice cream and sat on the steps, people watching.

Bonus sight:

For sure, the Parasol Sevilla a must see in Seville. Highly recommended :-). At the end of the street where the Metropol Parasol is located, there is a plaque on the building wall that our friends showed us. It was work done by some famous Spanish guy (sorry, the name escapes me :-) ).

There is a bird in the tile work, and legend says that if you find the bird, you will get married soon. We stared at it for like 5 minutes..but did not find the bird, perhaps because we were already married? Here is the tile work below. Can you find it? I know it’s hard to see :-)

bird tile close to the metropol parasol sevilla

Have you been to the Metropol Parasol? Do you think it looks more like mushrooms than waffles? Does it look too futuristic to you?

The bird is here..cheeky bastard used it as a signature! You spend so much time looking at the image itself..don’t you? so did l!!!

bird spotted in tilework of angels in seville spain

Where is the metropol parasol (la seta Sevilla) located?

Metropol Parasol is located in La Encarnation Square (plaza de la encarnation Sevilla) which is in the old quarter.

Opening hours of La Seta are 10AM-11PM Daily.

Friday and Saturday 10AM-11:30PM

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What do you think of La Seta? And the forward thinking of the local council? Kindly weigh in your view..