Under the Tuscan Sky

Under the Tuscan Sky

It’s been almost a year since our last trip to Florence. We went there last November with some friends who were visiting from the U.S. They spent their Thanksgiving vacation in Rome, Florence and Venice.

We met up with them their last day in Rome, and together we took the train from the Termini station to Florence. We spent 3 days with them, and they continued on to Venice while we went back to Rome. It was a nice way to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary.

florence hotel room

Lobby of their four figure/night hotel! We stayed at a crappy  airbnb rental

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plaza de la signora Florence Italy Neptune fountain

It was 3 days of good food, good wine and good friends. They had a great time as well. So much so, that they decided to do it again this year! We are trying to decide whether to join them or not.

On one hand, it would be marvelous to see them and catch up. On the other hand, l don’t really feel like going to Florence again. It would be my third time, and his fifth! I love Florence, and the whole of Tuscany, but truth be told, l think l would rather save money and go to a different place. One that l’ve never been before, like Prague. After all, l have to keep working on my 50 by 50 list!

Rooftop view of Florence with the Duomo in the background

Rooftop view of Florence with the Duomo in the background


The Duomo Florence. #duomo #florence #italy #visitflorence

How many millions have passed through its doors l wonder.

florence duomo

The Duomo in Florence in all its glory.


floor of the duomo

Duomo flooring


Incredible workmanship Duomo Florence ceiling..

Incredible workmanship in the Duomo interior like the ceiling fresco seen here…


Loved all the statues at the Plaza de la Senorina

Loved all the statues at the Plaza de la Senorina. So much history.

I know l sound like a whiny brat, one with first world problems! Imagine- Oh, poor me.. The horror, having to go to Florence again :-( . A place where some people would give their right arm to visit. We are very lucky indeed, and l know that. Being here in Europe especially, where the round trip tickets would cost roughly $50 each with careful planning on the cheapo airlines like Ryanair , AND the train.

That combined with an airbnb rental would make it very economical. Another option might be to take the opportunity to visit the hubby’s family and just meet them in Rome instead. That way, we will just have the flight cost since we would be staying with my MIL. Something to think about for sure. I think we are going to sit this one out though, unless he can convince me otherwise. For some reason, l am just not feeling it.

I have a sneaky suspicion that it has to do with this. Once l saw that picture on Oneika’s blog, l can not stop thinking about the Maldives. I want to go there! :-) :-) :-) . That is the view from their balcony. I never allowed myself to think of going there as the prices are just insanely high. She however, has managed to do it the frugal way, so l hope we can do the same.

woman in black coat in San Gimignano Italy

Me in San Gimignano.. what a wonderful place it is.. The highlight was the meal we had there, Wild boar, a specialty of the region and utterly delicious.


Browsing at Ponte Vecchio

Browsing at Ponte Vecchio

posing couple in front of green door Duomo Florence

Striking a pose at one of the gigantic doors at the Duomo in Florence.

How about you? Have you ever been to Florence? Would you like to go? Do you think l’m being an idiot for passing up the chance to go or do you think l should save my pennies, and answer the call of the Maldives instead?