50 by 50

Some might call this the bucket list, but l don’t see it as things l want to do before l die. More like things l would like to do. It all started after college. I had a list of places l wanted to visit and things l wanted to learn or do (the usual suspects..London, Paris, etc). I must admit, l have been lucky, but it was planned luck. I was able to visit my favourite places after college. I was single, making good money and knew l wanted to be child free. It was by design you could say. Some of these things l have done, some l have not, but look forward to doing. Some l’m pretty sure are not going to happen (like swimming!). I will update the list as l think of more things l would like to do. Either way, it’s fun to look at my list and cross off the ones done! So here goes:

1) Be Jessie’s girl (told you it was old!)
2) Sing on stage with Billy Idol
3) Learn to ride a motorcycle – Done! It was a gift to myself for my 30th, and l rode for 10 years before selling my motorcycles
4) Go to France – Done, done, done and will do again
5) Visit Spain – Done, done, and doing it right now
6) Visit Portugal – Done
7) Move to Europe – Done
8) Visit Berlin – Done
9) Visit Prague
10) Write a book – Done
11) Learn Yoga
12) Learn to cook some Thai food (does watching Chasing the Yum count?)
13) Visit Japan – Done
14) Watch the Lakers play – Done!
15) Watch the Celtics play – Done!
16) See Paul Simon in concert – Done!
17) Visit Brussels – Done!
18) Visit Switzerland – I keep this one on here from a long time ago, but truthfully don’t care much now
19) Volunteer -I’ve done little things, but l mean major stuff like building a school for a village.
20) Learn Graphic Design – done!
21) Grow my hair – it ain’t gonna happen :o(( !!!
22) Crash a wedding – I crashed a party, close enough
23) Go on an African Safari – Done
24) Make unique beaded jewelry – Done
25) Write my Dad’s life story
26) Learn Italian – in progress
27) Learn Spanish – in progress
28) Learn HTML – in progress, going really reaalllly slow
29) Learn S.E.O – in progress
30) Learn to play the piano
31) Actually use kickboxing moves on a thief, knocking him out with a right hook, not just practicing on a bag
32) Visit London – Done,done,done,done,done,done,done..and too many more done to count, but l love it and l’m going to do it again..and again..
33) Visit Thailand – this keeps moving up and down…currently undecided. DONE!
34) Visit Taiwan
35) Visit Budapest – Done!
36) Visit the Great Wall of China – another one l’m ambivalent about..kinda over it.
37)Visit Amsterdam – Done
38)Learn to crochet – in progress
39)Visit Marrakesh – Done!
40)Visit the Maldives – Done!
41) Visit Poland – Done!
42) Visit Scotland – Done!
50) Retire early and take my nextbiteoflife – I’m doing it :-)