As l was writing my recent post about the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, l thought back to the attached bazaar at the back of the mosque. It differs from the world famous Grand Bazaar in that it is much, much smaller.

louis vuitton knockoff

Louis Vuitton handbag



Louis Vuitton tag

Louis Vuitton. The grand bazaar was just a bit overwhelming when we visited. It is a gigantic structure, almost like a little city, with never ending streets and shops, mostly selling the cheaper knock off brand of handbags, watches, clothing etc. Most are the “Made in China” ones, very obviously fake looking items.





The smaller bazaar at the Blue Mosque, has a fewer selection of stores, but better quality fakes so to speak. The ones that are “Made in Turkey”. Before before you pooh pooh the whole fake thing, take a look at your expensive piece of clothing and check out where it is made. Turkey is most likely one of the places. Anyway, the shops here look just like regular boutiques. Only difference would be that inside, they would carry different brands under the same roof. We walked into a few to admire the handiwork. I am not a big label fan, save for Ralph Lauren.


The last store we walked into had a really nice guy working there. He did not try to sell us anything. There was a second person seated who was taking in a new consignment of goods. We were fascinated with the way he was checking out the handbags etc. He had a magnifying glass with him, and was checking out the stitching, the engraving, every detail of the handbags. One of the Louis Vuitton bags caught my eye. I did what he did, checked it out thoroughly, and decided to buy one. I also bought a wallet. I had intended on keeping it for myself, and did actually use it twice. It’s a little too fancy for me, so l decided to give it to one of my sisters, who love the labels, but is not willing to pay the outrageous prices. The bag has real leather trimming, just like the real one. I even wet it a bit to make sure it changed color, unlike fake leather. He gave me the dust bags, and the long strap, everything complete with the logo.




louis vuitton wallet

Louis Vuitton wallet

Came with the box, bag and everything :-)

Came with the box, bag and everything :-)


I have checked the L.V website, and to the naked eye, the bag and wallet is identical to the ones online. There may be something missing, but l’m not sure what. Anyway, my sister is thrilled with the bag, and has received tons of compliments on it. People assume it’s the real thing. I don’t think she bothers to correct them :-) Oh..I kept the wallet for myself. I know l could  afford the real one, but l could never bring myself to pay $1500 for a bag or $795 for a walle!!!. Certainly not when l could get both for $165!!! For those of you with a little extra cash, you’ll be happy to know there is a Karl Lagerfeld designed L.V  punching bag that is now available and priced at a mere $175,000. Better get yours before they run out!


Now my brother wants a genuine, fake Rolex! The cheapskate :-) :-) :-) . There was also a Gucci scarf l am kicking myself for not buying! That l would wear. See why l need to go back???

What do you think of my bag and wallet? Does it fool you? Am l a horrible person for buying a knock off Louis Vuitton? Would you purchase a knock off anything?