Falling In Love With Rome All Over Again


Ah, Rome, the eternal city that never fails to captivate us with its beauty and charm. We certainly found ourselves falling in love again on our recent visit because the magic was still very much alive. Falling in love with Rome all over again: All roads lead to Rome I guess. Our original plan had …

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5 Fantastic Reasons To Visit Torino

torino italy square

Here are my 5 fantastic reasons to visit Torino and it will wrap up our recent Italian trip. Torino was the first stop but since l did the recap of our mangiapalooza trip backward, here we are. There is a direct flight from Valencia to Torino which made things easy. In quite a few ways, Torino reminded …

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Visiting Pizzo Calabria In Italy. Superb!

pizzo calabria from the top with beach

The idea of visiting Pizzo Calabria wasn’t on my radar initially. I wanted to add another destination to our three-week visit to Italy, and Fede’s desire to visit a seaside place for his birthday was what sealed that. Of course, l quickly ruled out expensive places like Capri and the rest of the Amalfi Coast. Calabria sounded interesting, and …

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