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palazzo parisio ballroom

The grand ballroom, when stripped bare. When there’s a wedding, it is transformed!

Palazzo Parisio is situated in the town of Naxxar and l consider it a must-see in Malta. Located   right in the middle of the island,  it is yet another lovely place to check out if you visit Malta. Palazzo Parisio an 18th century palace.

Palazzo Parisio Malta:

Palazzo Parisio was originally built as a private residence for a Marquis named Scicluna. I found out that Napoleon actually slept in Palazzo Parisio on his short visit to  the island nation..pun intended :-) . It definitely reminds you of the palace in Versailles as you can see from the above picture.

I loved roaming around the gardens as it was just bursting with colour, and l can assure you that you will too. There is unfortunately not really a whole lot of greenery in Malta itself, so it was nice to see this palazzo gardens right in the middle of everything.

The gardens are walled. It is the only private palaces in Malta that is open to the public. There is also a lovely large fountain at the end of the gardens. If memory serves me right, the admission price to Palazzo Parisio Malta was about €6. They can also accommodate group tours. More information can be found here.

I named it Leo! Don't forget to say hello!

I named it Leo! Don’t forget to say hello!


palazzo parisio chair and poster

Fashion shows are held here on a regular basis. Foreign dignitaries are also hosted here.

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palazzo parisio piano

A piano to serenade the crowd at Palazzo Parisio Naxxar Malta.

Visit Palazzo Parisio in Malta:

Upon entry, there is a lovely carriage (without the horse of course!) , just before you climb the stairs. I could picture myself arriving to my wedding in that carriage, wearing my princess style wedding dress. I’m not even a romantic person!  Unfortunately, l can’t find some of my pictures from the visit (remember my computer mishap :-( ). The stairs alone is worth the price of entry, with it’s golden checker pattern.

You can just imagine royalty ascending. It brings you to the hallway, with it’s guards in armour standing at attention. There were no people when we saw it, but its not hard to believe that there once were. If you are getting married, you should definitely consider Palazzo Parisio.

palazzo parisio ballroom

The grand ballroom at the palazzo hotel Malta, when stripped bare. When there’s a wedding, it is transformed!

Palazzo Parisio: Rooms

palazzo parisio room

A Palazzo wedding changing room.


gold colored room at palazzo parse malta

One of the many magnificent rooms at Parisio palazzo Naxxar. These rooms geared towards the bride are so soothing, delicate and have a calming effect which is just the right mood needed for a nervous and stressed bride.

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I loved this particular room!! Can you imagine a small intimate wedding reception here?

I loved this particular room!! Can you imagine a small intimate wedding reception here?

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There are various rooms for you to explore, including the grand ballroom with it’s chandeliers. This is a very popular room for weddings. It is enough to fulfill any girl’s princess dream. The adjoining rooms are used as bridal preparation rooms and they are full of Victorian furniture that took my breath away, as l love antique furniture. There were dainty fainting couches and huge drapes and tons of mirrors. Yes indeed, I can safely say they definitely got their inspiration from Versailles  :-)

palazzo parse gardens malta

Your Malta holidays plan should include a visit to Palazzo Parisio in Naxxar.

blooming flowers at Pariso palazzo Malta

Palazzo Parisio gardens – the flowers were blooming. It is one of the top Naxxar wedding venue.

The view of the garden from the top of the palace is awesome. They can be rented for wedding receptions and large parties. If you don’t feel like taking the tour, there is an attached cafe, where you can have afternoon tea. Very posh! We chose not to, as we found it quite pricey! On the whole, its a nice way to spend a few hours in the lovely country of Malta!

menu on table at palazzo parse cafe

Parisio Malta – You can grab a coffee or food at one of Naxxar restaurants – Cafe Palazzo at the Parisio.


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Across the street from the palazzo is a very grand church. Often, a lot of brides have the church ceremony here and then the people only have to walk across the street to the reception. On weekends, it is not unusual to see brides on horse drawn carriages leading to the venue. It is a real treat and lends a fairy tale atmosphere to the event.

naxxar church close to palazzo parisio

A church right across the street from the Parisio Palazzo in Naxxar! How convenient!!! You can have the wedding and just pop right across the street for the reception.

I really enjoyed our visit to the Palazzo. It’s not often one gets to visit a real life palace with history. The ballroom is so elegant and simply gorgeous and l picture any bride would love it for their reception. The cafe is also nice for a drink or coffee and to enjoy the palace grounds. It’s a nice place to visit when you want a little calmness on your holiday.

Palazzo Parisio opening hours:

8am – 8pm daily.

How about you? Have you been to a real life palace? would you consider a wedding in such a grand place?