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The front of the house

The front of the house

We came. We saw. We loved. We moved. To Seville! I am sure it might not be a big surprise to many of you :-). Our visit to Seville was quite a revelation to us. We didn’t expect to love it on sight, but love it we did. Our love of slow travel has now brought us to this marvelous city. As mentioned before in prior posts, we were moving from our previous apartment in Malaga. We had rented that place because we were pressed for accommodation. We moved to Malaga at the height of the Feria festivities, and we could not find a dog friendly place. Over the six months that we lived there, we grew to hate the building. We already hated the area. Not Malaga, but the barrio that we lived in.  Living among locals is sometimes not all it’s cracked up to be :-(.  I totally hate apartment living, the paper-thin walls, people dropping their crap from above in to the shared courtyard. We had to clean it up of course as we were on the bottom. I readily admit that l am spoiled. Old Abuelas (grandmas) hanging out the windows yelling at the top of their lungs, the constant noise from the street.



I love the fireplace, and we have used it already.

I love the fireplace, and we have used it already. Loved the old furniture too, we don’t have to worry about the dogs ruining it!


The rooms are not too big...

The rooms are not too big…

Simple bathroom

Simple bathroom


We started out looking for flats in the center of Malaga. Once again, once people heard the word “dogs”, it was impossible to find a decent place, so we moved our search to the suburbs. We just couldn’t find anything we liked. Federico then asked me a question. Was l happy in Malaga? My answer was “I wasn’t unhappy”. Perhaps if there had been no stress involved to begin with, and we had found a great place, the answer might have been different.



We added the walkway path

We added the walkway path.

There is a half bathroom in the laundry area outside, so you don't have to muck up the house.

There is a half bathroom in the laundry area outside, so you don’t have to muck up the house.

Anyhow, our visit to Seville sealed the fact that here was where we were going to take our next bite of life. We both felt it. I started checking out places online. I knew we did not want to live in the center. We started off looking at the closest Pueblo (town) to the city center. Most of the places were Adosadas (row) houses. It would be a little different than before, but with no grassy yard, and super close neighbors still. Nah.. I saw this house, and had our friend call the realtor. He came to check it out for us the same night. We wired the deposit, and came back into town for the day to sign the papers and see it for ourselves. We found a mover, and days later, we moved. The price was great. It is also completely fenced in, so we don’t have to worry about the dogs when they go out.

Lovely shade.. We got the pool table so l can kick his ass whenever :-)

Lovely shade.. We got the ping pong table so l can kick his ass whenever :-)

We have been here about 3 weeks now. We both love it. The Pueblo is about 12 miles away from the center, but l think it’s because we haven’t found the shortest way. It reminds me of our old house in Houston, with plenty of space for the dogs. There are 3 bedrooms and a bathroom in the house. It has a nice shady area which will come in handy for the hot Sevilla days where the temperature l am told gets to the high 90’s or more, but it’s dry heat. I’ll take that over the high 80’s humid heat of Houston. We’ll be chilling by the pool ;-). It’s nice to wake up to the sounds of birds chirping and not cars honking.

Using the 3rd bedroom as an office...

Using the 3rd bedroom as an office…Love the view

We did, however, had to get a car. Federico’s mom gave us hers. She hates to drive, and rarely does ever since her husband passed away three years ago. We had someone ship/drive it down for us from Rome. We have a six year old car with 12,000 miles on it! Yeah! I will do a new cost of living post down the line, after we have received utility bills. The food is just a tad less expensive than in Malaga, so that is an added bonus. They have the same supermarkets, so we can still have our seafood :-). I was worried about that since Seville was inland.


Sunday Lunch

I am incredibly grateful that we can make our dreams come true. We are lucky, yes, but we also worked hard for it. I never take anything for granted. We’ll see what Seville has in store for us. The Feria de Abril starts today, and goes on all week. What a difference from the last one. Now, we can just sit back and enjoy the festivities, and when we get tired, we leave the center and come back to the quiet of the Pueblo! €600 for all this? Yep! The frugal side of me loves a good deal. From what l have seen, the houses around here rent for average €850. They are huge! This house is about 1400 sq ft. Perfect for us.

This is what l like to see..

This is what l like to see..

Are you a city person? or is the suburbs more to your liking? Do you think we got a good deal?