cost of living in seville spain 2016 edition

Plaza de Espana, Seville.

*Updated to reflect current 2019 prices*

Our cost of living in Spain, Seville specifically is here, and updated for 2019. I’m not sure if it’s because Summer is here and more people are thinking about moving to Spain or if it’s just to compare between Spain and their current country. I have been getting quite a few emails from readers wanting to find out just how accurate the prices listed on our 2015 cost of living article is.

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The number of search engine referrals to find the article has been on the rise as well. Now that we have found ourselves retired to the Spanish lifestyle, l will take the opportunity to update the prices. This will hopefully save time for everyone as l sometimes have trouble keeping up with the emails. The aim with this blog is not only to share our destinations with you, it is also to help people who are in need of useful information.

I know that before we made the decision to leave the U.S, there were many, many, many  hours spent in front of the computer in search of information about life in Malta, as that was our first destination. Forgive me if you were looking for another destination article. Put that thought aside this week. Instead, enjoy the ever so exciting cost of toothpaste and tomatoes :-) .

Update: Make sure to check the 2019  cost of living in Valencia since we moved cities to compare costs.

Living Cost in Seville 2019 Update:

Enjoying the sun in the old center of Seville.

Enjoying the sun in the old center of Seville.

Cost of Rent in Seville:

An average Sevilla apartment in the city center: 1 bedroom, 1 bath will run you anywhere from €500 to €800 and up, the lower side being unfurnished. As expected, the further you get away from the center, the lesser it is. The neighborhoods to stay in Seville close to the center that are worth looking at include :




These three would be some of the best neighborhoods to stay in Seville for expats close to all the action.

On the outskirts, l would recommend neighborhoods along the single Metro line that Seville currently has. This would make it easy to get in and out of the city center. Areas include:

San Juan Bajo or Alto


Furnished 2 br/1 bath for €425 close to Cavaleri station  and

A quick search on idealista produced a 3 bedroom/2bath bedroom apartment with terrace for €750 in Mairena del Aljarafe with community pool. So you see, there are still good deals to be had.

Life in Seville:

You long time readers know that we lived outside of the city center, 16 kilometers to be exact and paid €600 for our 3 bedroom, 1 bath house with pool. A good deal indeed and one that can still be had for approximately the same price.

Our rental house.

Our rental house in a Seville surburb.

Seville Cost of Living Utilities breakdown

We get our electric bill here in Spain every 2 months and we pay approximately €80 per month. In the winter, we have paid as high €133/month because l tend to leave the portable heater on a lot :-) . The houses are not built with insulation , so it is often colder inside. In the summer, we mostly use fans and keep the front and back doors open for ventilation. Our trash is picked up daily and we pay €13 monthly.

Our water bill amounts to €21 per month. The house has a well which supplies the water for the sprinklers and the pool. One more reason we decided to stay here for a second year :-) . You can’t beat that price. Our cooking and shower is powered by gas canisters. Each canister cost is €13.17 as of 2019. They last on average 30 days (bath) and 55 days (cooking, and we use that sucker morning, noon and night).

Our morning cappuccino makes us health ;-) .

Our morning cappuccino makes us healthy ;-) .

 Seville Health Care Cost:

Compared to what we were paying in the U.S, we are getting a really good deal as far as health insurance. We pay €142 monthly for both of us (currently €157). This covers eyes, teeth and medical at no copay. Federico has had to use it twice now for hospital visits, including a PET scan with no copay. It’s easier to get a prior authorization than it is to find parking at the hospital :-) . I haven’t had to use it and l resent paying that l might look to getting one with a copay for cheaper.

Cash prices are also very reasonable, not like Malta of course where my trip to the E.R, a private hospital no less, cost less than $35! Insane..right? The cost that we pay is average cost for private healthcare in Spain. It would vary slightly based on the age, cheaper if younger and a tad more if older. Teeth cleaning for instance runs average €25 cash price.

 Internet and Cable:

We pay €35 monthly for our internet, land line and 2 cell phones. We get 100 minutes and 200 MB of data monthly each (up from 100 now that we have been with them a year). We rarely run over as we tend to use free wifi a lot when we go out and of course at home. Our cable bill was €67/month because we had the top of the line package so that Federico could watch his Italian league soccer. Since our cable company lost that coverage deal as of last October, we dropped to a middle of the line lower tier one that costs €36.

Finally on Spanish plates :-)

Finally on Spanish plates :-), a small price to pay as part of our Seville cost of living prices.

Transportation Costs in Seville:

We have finally registered our car here after six plus months. What an ordeal!. I will write a separate post on how to register your E.U car in Spain. Looking back, it is not as complicated as we originally thought. The process though, is very time consuming,  quite the undertaking if you don’t know the steps. We saved over €1600 by doing it ourselves. Searching online gives you pointers and then has you hand it off to a Gestoria, who is like a middle man for all things complicated ;-) .

I want to save others the heartache! Petrol is €1.13 per liter and we spend roughly €40 per month. Our road tax per year is €55. The full coverage insurance with no copay, roadside assistance, coverage across all E.U, even windscreen replacement is a whopping €281 (2019) for a whole year!!!! He kept  asking the lady if she meant per month! She must have thought he was crazy. If you remember how much we were paying in the U.S, you would know why we’re ecstatic :-) . The car is an 9 year old Fiat Punto with low mileage, but l doubt it would be much higher for newer cars.

Cost of living Seville fede-in-pool

Seville monthly expense – Garden and Pool maintenance:

In the summer time,pool maintenance costs €80 per month. We usually just have the grass cut when it needs it, usually once a month and he charges €25 each time.



Since l am follicle deprived :-) , l just use Federico’s shaver. I wish it weren’t so, but c’est la vie. I do my manicure/pedicure myself and splurge on spa visits when we go away. A manicure at the mall is €12 and l think that is average in Spain. If there is a Chinatown, then its a bit cheaper.

Doing what they do best :-)

Doing what they do best :-)

Pet care Cost of Living in Seville, Spain :

We get the dogs groomed once a month at a cost of €45 for both. We have had to get the smaller dog’s teeth cleaned twice as she had a massive infection that has been ongoing since we rescued her. It goes away for a while and comes back. The cost has been €210 for both visits. It’s great, the vet’s assistant picks them up, and drops them back. We also pay her to keep them when we go on short trips for a fee. In between grooming, we brush them with a doggie brush.

Seville monthly expense breakdown

That’s $1.71/lb!


cost of living in seville spain 2016 edition shrimp

Huge meaty shrimp for $5.10/lb :-)


tomatoes mercadona

Tomatoes at the grocery store Mercadona Seville

Tomatoes from 0.40 – $1.10 per pound. They are super fresh too. I pop the cherry tomatoes in my mouth like candy.

Seville Costs – Groceries:

I will list the current prices (as in May 2019 when l had friends send prices) for the items that we buy often. We shop mostly at  Mercadona. The prices are definitely lower than in the U.S. We just had friends visit from Berlin recently who confirmed that prices were less here. That’s saying a lot, as Berlin is one of the cheaper places in the E.U. Our last house sitters from Australia were also very happy with the cheaper costs of everything, especially seafood. We mostly buy Spanish brands, not U.S brands save for Philly cream cheese and Hellman’s Mayo. Compared to the Malta grocery list cost , it’s not bad at all.

Fresh Milk, 1 liter – 0.89 cents

Bread – 3 big baguettes €1 ( we rarely get sliced bread)

Toothpaste – 100ml Colgate €1.20

Toilet Paper – 12 rolls – €3.25

Spaghetti 2kg store brand €1.50

  • Barilla brand 1/2 kilo €1.50

Cherry tomatoes €1.05 cents/package

Prawns: €9.95/kilo

Calamari: €8.50/kilo

Mussels: €2.10/kilo

Chicken Breast: €5.95/kilo whole

  • €7.95/kilo (clean and sliced)

Chicken Wings: €1.99/kilo

Dog Food: €9.95 for 10 kilos

Butter: €1.15/package (250gm)

Sugar: 0.89 cents/kilo white

  • Brown: €1.44/kilo

Tuna in Olive Oil: €3.55/pack of 6x80gm

Water: €1.50/6 bottles of 2L = 0.25 cents each

Coke 2L – €1

Steak: €12.50/kilo

Potatoes: €1 for 5 kilos on sale which is often.

Coffee ground: €2.95/package (250gm)

Eggs: €1.30/dozen

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: €3.75/750ml

Rice: €1.30/2kilos

Shower gel: €1.30/1 liter

Beer: €1/1.1 liter local

€3.70/6x8oz Heineken

Cold Cuts: 0.90 – €1 for 100 gm (enough to make like 3 sandwiches). Insanely cheap!..

Buffalo Mozzarella: €1.70/125gm

  • Cow: 0.85 cents/125gm

Oxtail: €8.95/kilo

Wine: €3-3.50 for a bottle of good Rioja

  • Lambrusco: €1.95/bottle

Breakfast Oats: 0.90/lb

We spend on average €320/month. When we add household stuff like deodorant etc, it can be up to €360 on a heavy month. We eat lots of seafood :-) and steak like twice a month, so no skimping.

Lovely tapas average $3.50 each.

Lovely tapas average $3.50 each.


Bacalao, another favorite.

Bacalao, another favorite tapas of Spain.

Federico actually said the burger here was thanks. I won't try it anymore.

Federico actually said the burger here was good…no thanks. I won’t try it anymore.


A nice dinner out for 2 with wine will cost around €35-40

Tapas for 2 with beer: €17

Movies: €10

Gym: €30/month . This hurts, we were paying just €10/month each in Malaga. My only form of exercise is a 2 mile walk in the morning. Only Federico goes to the gym here.

Living in Seville, Spain Recap:

Rent: €600

Utilities (water, electricity,trash,gas): €130 – €180 (winter)

Telephone: €35

Internet: €36

Pets: €45

Pool/Gardener  €40 in winter to €120 summer

Health: €157

Transportation (gas,ins,road tax): €67

Entertainment: €110 (we mostly go for tapas or Chinese)

Groceries: €350

Total is €1570- €1795 with summer pool care and winter heating. At today’s exchange rate (July 2019) of €1 = $1.13,  the total is $1770 -$2024.

So, Is it expensive to live in Spain? It depends.

This is about €180 more than last year, thanks to the car and higher premiums for health insurance,  but it is still a very good deal in my eyes.

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I think you can begin to see why a lot of British people and other expats from all over find Spain so appealing. It is hard to beat this cost of living. Spain still seems to be in the grips of the recession that took hold years ago, this might be part of the reason why. There is still high unemployment here, especially in Andalusia.

I would not encourage anyone in need of a job to move to Spain. It can be quite nice, however for early retirees, people with independent means and digital nomads who don’t rely on a real life, regular world job to survive. M.J, F, T, D, M, A, Da, and others who have written, l hope this helps with your decision, one way or the other. There you have it, the cost of living in Seville, Spain. :-). I think this would probably apply to the whole Andalusia region. If anything, it might be lower in other regions from what l have seen.

If you’re thinking about an expat life in Spain, you can purchase our eBook on Amazon with details on how to make it a reality.

How does this cost of living in Spain (Seville) compare to where you are? Are we getting a deal here, or can you beat this? I am very curious to know.