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If you’ve read my previous post about our cost of living, you know that l promised to write a second one with the prices of the most commonly purchased products, as l did in the apples to apples post, and l always keep my promises :-) . We use a combination of 2 grocery stores (Mercadona and Dia), vegetable store and the local butcher. It is not uncommon for these parts, and like most, we grocery shop daily.

Some of the things we buy often, like rosemary and parsley, we have to order from the veggie guy, who gets it from one of the farms for the next day. Does it get fresher than that? I think not! We have yet to be charged for the parsley, he just gives us a big bunch free of charge each time, so l have no clue how much it is :-)

The prices are in € ( currently €1 = $1.23)

1 kg = 2.2 lbs                                    In $

Tomatoes:   0.99/kilo –                 0.50c/lb

Potatoes:   0.33/kilo                       0.20/lb

Apples: 1.15/kilo                             0.71c/lb

Oranges:  0.99/kilo                         0.50/lb

Tangerines:   1.15/kilo (so delicious, and seedless!)           0.71c/lb

Eggs :  €2/dozen                              $2.45/dozen

Chicken breast:   €5.50/kilo            $3.25/lb

Chicken wings: €3.25/kilo               $2.85/lb

Buffalo mozzarella: €1.70/125gm     $2.08     (We used to pay $5.99 each at Kroger)

Regular mozzarella: €0.85/125gm     $1.04

Orange juice: €0.60/liter (have not seen fresh OJ)   0.18c/pint

Calamari: €6/kilo, often on sale for €4.50        $3.60/lb

Mussels:  €1.88/kilo                            $1.15/lb

Marmalade: €1.10/jar                          $1.35

Baguette:  0.39-.0.50 cents each         $0.47-0.65

Milk (fresh):   0.83c/liter                        $0.50/pint

Tinto de Verano (The natives DO NOT drink Sangria) ):   0.85-0.99 cents/1.5 liter      $1.50/2 liters!!!! for great sangria like wine!!

Spanish wine:     €2-3                         $2.50/bottle

Nice Italian wine:   €4                         $5/bottle

Better Italian wine:   €6                       $7.30/bottle (think like a $30 wine at the grocery store!)

Sparkling Water:   0.39c/1.5 liter (tap water is drinkable)          Spanish Evian for like $0.47/2 liters??? yep!

Coke: €1/2liters                  $1.22/2 liter

Beer: €1.31/ 1.1 liter             $1.60/liter

Beer: €2.15- 2.40/6 pack (anything from Spanish to German to French), usually lots on offer for €1.98/6 pack        $2.60-3/6 pack

Smoked Salmon: €7.75/385gm           $9.51/pkg (the same cost us $13.99 in Houston)

Fresh meat/Spinach/4 cheese/Prosciutto Ravioli: €1.35/250gm           $1.65/pkg

Hummus: €1.49/240gm              $1.82/pkg

Rib eye Steak:  €11.50/kilo            $6.50/lb

Spaghetti:  0.50c/500gm                 $0.61/box

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: €3.50/750ml              $4.29/bottle

Toilet Paper: €1.40 (9 in pkg)                            $1.70/9 rolls

Dog food: €15/20 kilo                                           $18.40/40 lbs!

Shower Gel: €1.45/750ml                                      $1.80

Liquid facial cleanser: €2.50/250ml                     $3.06

Nivea roll on: €1.85/50ml                                         $2.27

Colgate toothpaste: €1.25/100ml                             $1.53

Johnson’s baby oil: €2.50/500ml                             $3.06

If you choose to have foreign name brands, you would of course find them to be more expensive, like the Barilla spaghetti is €1.26 compared to the Spanish brand. We find the Spanish brands found in the grocery stores to be of great quality, so no problems there..even on the pasta!

grocery cost in spain post
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grocery cost in spain post
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Fresh ravioli with spicy smoked salmon

Medications are also cheaper. My blood pressure medication is €20 cheaper than in Malta, and €180 (if cash price, but only €40 less than my copay) cheaper than in Houston. Loving that as l pay cash now. I even tried to purchase it when l was back home in Nigeria thinking it might be cheaper. Alas, it wasn’t so. My sister’s pharmacy purchase price was €5 more than my purchase price here.

The one category that is for sure more expensive here are the over the counter medications. A 20 count package of Acetaminophen (Tylenol) costs about €12, my 30 count Vitamin D costs €9 as opposed to $3 :-) , but you can’t have it all.  So, when you visit Spain, bring your own Tylenol, Advil, cough syrup etc..

These 2 things cost €22 ($27!)...
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These 2 things cost €22 ($27!)...
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These 2 things cost €22 ($27!)… Have had the flu this past week, so not a happy camper!


How does this compare to your neck of the woods? Similar…or way out of the ballpark?