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The Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok is pretty sensational. I’ll tell you that right off the bat. The last part of our much too short vacation  week was spent at the absolutely amazing grounds of the five star Chatrium Hotel Riverside (a mouthful to say, but since they have several hotels in the Bangkok, one must differentiate) with its jaw dropping views of the Chao Phraya river.

Our original plan had been to spend a couple of days in Bangkok, then a day and half in Chiang Mai to visit some friends who had recently moved there, and then back to Bangkok for the remaining days. Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans :-) .

sensational chatrium hotel riverside bangkok

There are 3 towers to the Hotel Chatrium in total, visible from afar.

The airline changed moved up our departure time leaving us in a time crunch. We ended up eliminating the Chiang Mai visit and stayed the entire time  in Bangkok. The Chatrium Hotel graciously offered us two out of the remaining nights on a complimentary basis. I couldn’t have chosen a better way to end our holiday. The hotel is located about seven kilometers from the Grand Palace. Let me show you some of the reasons why l think this hotel is absolutely sensational.

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Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok Review:

  • Check In
  • Accommodation
  • Views
  • Gym
  • Pool
  • Restaurant
  • Water Taxi

Check-In at Chatrium Riverside Bangkok was smooth and easy:

sensational chatrium riverside employee

Jackie, our very efficient staff member. What a pleasure to deal with.

The check-in to the Chatrium Hotels and Residences was quick and efficient. As soon as the car pulled up, two valets were there to get our luggage and quickly led us to the lobby where we were assisted by a lovely man by the name of Jackie. His smile was infectious. As soon as he checked us  in, he followed us to our suite on the 28th floor.

Upon entering the room, he drew back the curtains and we caught our first glimpse of Bangkok and the Chao Phraya river. It was insane :-). Federico and l both went on the balcony first to marvel at the sights of boats cruising down the river and skyscrapers glistening in the sun. Jackie showed us all the amenities in the room and then left us to ourselves.

Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok: Room

chatrium hotel riverside room with view

Where to stay in Bangkok? Chatrium Riverside Hotel. Right after jumping on, and redoing the bed :-)


The living room area chatrium hotel riverside

The living room area of one of the best hotels in Bangkok – Chatrium Riverside.


chatrium hotel riverside bangkok kitchen

Even a full size fridge in the suite at Chatrium Riverside Bangkok..

chatrium hotel riverside view of the river

The views! The views! The views of the Chao Phraya river and beyond! :-). Definitely one of the top hotels in Bangkok to stay.

Chatrium Suites Bangkok:

The first thing you notice right away is the floor to ceiling windows giving you a stunning view of Bangkok. We slept with the drapes open because we loved the night views just as much as the day views. We didn’t want to miss a thing. Another favorite part for me was the glass enclosed shower. It had a window shade that was pulled all the way down. If you notice, l pulled it all the way up so l could have the same awesome view while showering. The tub was big and l used it a couple of times during our stay.

chatrium hotel riverside shower

See thru views at the Chatrium Bangkok. Shower with a view!



Well appointed spaces at the Chatrium Hotel Bangkok.

The bed was big and comfortable with luxurious sheets. We really enjoyed sitting out on the balcony in the evenings looking at the lights and night boats. Very calming and romantic even :-). Truthfully, l couldn’t think of anything else one could need. There was even a bathroom scale! Yikes!!! I definitely didn’t need that. ;-)

The Restaurant at Chatrium Hotel Riverside:

chatrium hotel riverside restaurant

The main restaurant downstairs at Chatrium Bangkok Riverside hotel.

We ate at the main restaurant in the lobby area. It was done in blue hues and blended quite nicely with the gold touches. The first meal we had there was a buffet which had so many different kinds of food including sushi and an amazing seafood soup. Along with all that, you still get a choice of main dish (we chose grilled prawns) and dessert.

Very tasty shrimp..

Very tasty food in the in house restaurant at Chatrium Bangkok hotel.


chatrium hotel riverside bangkok dessert

Federico’s dessert. He loved it of course.


chatrium hotel riverside sticky mango dessert

I love mango. I love rice. I love coconut. That being said, l hated the taste of all of them put together. I ate them separately and loved it. Strange uh?

It was $20 per person for a meal that would have easily been at least quadruple that in the States for the quality and amount. Over the stay, we also got to sample some of the cocktails from the various bars and restaurants and found them very good. I’m always on the hunt for a good margarita and l was not disappointed with theirs. There are 5 other restaurant and bars on the grounds.

The Gym at the Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok:

chatrium hotel riverside reception gym

The reception desk at the Chatrium Hotel Bangkok gym.


chatrium hotel riverside gym

Full size gym is available at the Chatrium Riverside Bangkok Hotel, Thailand.

Along with the conference rooms and grand ballroom, there is also a full size gym for guests who were so inclined. We didn’t use the gym, but it’s nice to know it’s available. You can see from the first picture above that the infinity pool which was located on the 6th floor is quite impressive. Plenty of changing rooms, showers etc.

One of the extras that they provide for the hotel guests that have late airline departure times could not only leave their luggage for safekeeping, but they could use the facilities to change and refresh themselves before heading out. There is also a Spa attached to the hotel. This time, l did not indulge in any spa experiences. We just couldn’t find the time. Will have to save it for the next time.

The Boat: (Free water taxi at the Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok):

riverside Bangkok Chatrium hotel

Boat dock. You can see one to the side.

Due to it’s location on the river, The Chatrium Hotel provides a free shuttle boat that five minutes later will drop you at the nearby Sathorn pier where you can catch the mass transit train or take one of the many tourist boats to see sights such as the floating market or Wat Pho temple. There are a lot of cafes and bars around there so you can wander about. We took one of those tuktuks and saw some of the local sights and smaller temples. Nothing beats the grandeur of Wat Pho temple, but they were nice.

sensational riverside chatrium hotel

Stay at Riverside Chatrium Bangkok hotel. Is that a sensational view or what?

chatrium hotel riverside bangkok

Just wow views of Thailand from the Chatrium Riverside Bangkok Hotel!

Thailand, and Bangkok especially is a hip and happening place. There is a lot of nightlife, especially for the young. For people like us who are past clubbing and night crawling, it was a pleasure to hang around the Chatrium Hotel Riverside. We were quite happy to sit by the water and sip our drinks along the other guests or sit in the lobby and watch soccer on the dedicated screen which brought us a lot of joy.

chatrium hotel riverside tv screen

We loved watching soccer games on the big screen of the Chatrium hotel lobby.

Reasons why you should stay at the Chatrium Riverside Hotel in Bangkok include:

  • Superior accommodation
  • Luxury amenities including gym, spa, and beauty shop
  • Amazing restaurant and rooftop bar
  • Incredible views of the Praya river
  • Attentive staff
  • Free water taxi
  • Close proximity to attractions in Bangkok

We have actually talked about our next visit to Bangkok and how much we are looking forward to spending more time here. Once again, thanks to the favorable exchange rate which hovers at $1 to 35 Baht, 5 star luxury doesn’t have to break the bank at all!  :-) .

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Is Bangkok on your radar anytime soon? What do you think of the Chatrium Riverside Hotel  Bangkok? Would you shower in a glass enclosure with absolutely gorgeous views or would you pull the shade down?