September 9, 2019


Spanish steps in Rome with people

Hello from Rome!. It’s a perfect Fall day. Sunny and warm, a change from what the weather channel had predicted, which was rain. It did actually rain just a bit during our walk in the centre yesterday, the clouds hung on stubbornly, but they miraculously cleared by noon, so we were happy it didn’t ruin our terrific tour.

Rome in the Fall travel:

piazza colonna Rome

It looked like it was going to pour most of the time, but we had faith :-). This is Piazza Colonna, one of our stops and just a couple of minutes walk to the amazing Palazzo Doria Pamphilj.

The streets are still very packed, but not as much as in the thick of summer. The last of the school children will start school mid September so they are making use of their last few free days.

Fall weather in Rome:

We were here last in February, on our way to Verona and there is quite the difference, weather wise. l can tell you that Rome is better visited in the Fall :-). No need for the winter coats yet. September is still t-shirt and shorts time for most people.

The temperature has been in the mid 70’s with dry heat. Such a change from Valencia weather which has the same temperature but is insanely humid. Here, you need to lather on the body hydrating creams.

We have been here for the past two days and we have two weeks to go. This trip was put together somewhat haphazardly. Some friends are visiting from Los Angeles and we decided to meet up with them on the Rome leg of their Italy itinerary. Another friend is visiting from Copenhagen so it felt like it was meant to be.

Us at the Trevi fountain

The Trevi fountain. Even though it was crowded, we were still able to get down a step to take a selfie. No, I did not throw a coin in the fountain. How nice to see it super clean.

We have no specific plans to speak of apart from lots of Italian food and lots of gelato. Our walking tour of Rome yesterday concluded with a pasta making lesson which was a whole lot of fun as we lucked into four young and very fun people visiting from the States.

The lesson took place at a wonderful little restaurant right by the world famous, refurbished and therefore sparkling clean Trevi fountain called Agrodulce. I can’t wait to tell you all about this wonderful tour that we took with The Tour Guy.

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Our Rome itinerary:

Part of our time in Rome will be spent hanging around with his family. The other part? We will hopefully be discovering lesser known parts of the city. We also plan to spend a couple of days visiting Perugia and maybe Assisi in the Umbria region.

fountain below the Spanish steps Rome in the fall is fabulous

Fall in Rome is still warm. The fountain below the Spanish steps. It’s kind of nice that people are no longer allowed to sit on the steps. It was impossible to try and get up them or even get a clear view of the top and appreciate the beauty as seen in the top image. We had stopped venturing by there before .

If we feel like it, we might spend a day or two in Siena and, or Florence, before coming  back to Rome for the last few days. Basically, we are winging it!. The beauty of not having a set schedule :-). Plans can change on the whim.

It’s amazing how easy it’s been for me to slip into the lazy mode since we arrived. As l have mentioned previously, my Mother-in-law spoils me rotten and l barely have to lift a finger. I fight her half heartedly of course to make it look good, but l am enjoying the attention.

tray of pastries for breakfast - Rome in the fall

Some of the tasty treats that awaited us on arrival made fresh by a friend of his mom. I had the one with pistachio. It was fabulous!

His sister has really been taking advantage of us being here and has found every opportunity to drop off her nine and four year old kids. The four year old has the loudest voice ever for a kid. Ever! Oh Joy. It’s okay though, it’s only for a short time, school starts very very soon!  so … yeah! :-).

Hope you are slowly easing into the Fall season. I know there are parts of the world still in the path of hurricane Dorian and we have seen the devastation it’s already caused in the Bahamas. Let’s hope that we’ve seen the worst of it.

So there you have it, a quick update and postcard from beautiful Rome. In the meantime, we will eat a lot of this:

Roman pizza with zucchini

Not mine. Too healthy :-). White pizza with zucchini slices. It wasn’t too bad.

And drink lots of this:

2 male friends posing with mugs of beer. Rome in the fall enjoyment

Salute! Boyhood friends enjoying some Italian beer!

Have you ever visited Rome in the Fall? Do you agree it’s probably the best time to visit the eternal city?