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palazzo doria pamphilli

The Palazzo Doria Pamphilj is absolutely beautiful! No matter how many times you visit Rome, there is always something new to see or experience. Such was the case with our recent visit. The Palazzo Doria Pamphilj was a place l had entertained visiting since l read about it a couple of years ago. I was aware of the humongous Doria Pamphili park and know it’s one of the nicest ones where the locals go to picnic and relax in. It should be on your list of best things to see in Rome for sure.

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Palazzo Doria Pamphilj:

doria pamphili palace entrance me

The entrance to Palazzo Doria Pamhili is nothing to write home about and we hesitated like most to actually pay to visit.

Palazzo Doria Pamphili is a private mansion located right in the heart of Rome, on what l can only assume is priceless land. This place is monstrous and takes up a whole city block not far away from the popular piazza Navona so you can just imagine. Very few of these palaces remain in private hands. Most are government offices or embassies. This one however remains so, and believe it or not, the family members still reside there.

The tour of the Palazzo Doria is a self guided one which was refreshing as that meant you could go at your own pace. Once you pay your entrance fee, you get your free audio guide and off you go, down a long corridor, then up the stairs. I was a little disappointed because it was unremarkable to say the least. Quite plain. I changed my mind as we came upon the first “room”, part of the royal apartments.

palazzo doria velvet room rome

The Sala de Veluti at Doria Pamphilj. Impressive landscape artwork on the wall. It was a thing back then to cover the room with paintings.

The Doria Pamphili family came to be as a result of intermarriage between the Aldobrandini and Pamphili, along with the Borghese and some other names that escape my mind. Just know they were super rich people marrying super rich people and one was made a Cardinal because he was a nephew of the Pope and that is where the word “Nepotism” comes from. The popes knew how to take care of their own.

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ballroom palazzo doria pamphili

The amazing ballroom inside the Roman Palace of Pamphili.

There are four wings to the villa with a central courtyard. The first peek inside the decadence is the Velvet room with its rich mixture of reds and gold. Stunning and impressive would describe it nicely. Several marble statues adorn the room, including one that was just amazing because of the intricate work done on the ruffles on the neck. It’s insane to think that such a hard substance as marble can be manipulated to look like a piece of cloth. I think we spent some time in front of that just ooohing and wanting to touch it (please don’t :-) ).

marble statue with ruffles palazzo dira pamphili

Check out the ruffles made of marble!!!

The apartments were lovely, the next one more impressive than the previous. The ballroom was my favorite in the wing. You could imagine wonderful parties taking place there. On one side were two maid statues wearing the colors of the Doria Pamphili family. Between them was a one of a kind harp. In those days, the palace was a hangout for the most major artists (painters, sculptors etc) of the time. I remember he said Handel composed one of his major works here.

There were several Bernini sculptures scattered around the rooms, including one of the Cardinal. Just like he did with Cardinal Borghese, the first statue was cracked and he whipped out a second one in a week. I keep wondering if the guy was actually a genius or he did 2 at the same time, with one cracked on purpose just so he could “make another in a week” to show off. It’s too coincidental to me. Either way, the talent is obviously there as both statues look identical, save for the cracks.

The painting in the same room by Diego Velasquez is considered to be his best work and supposedly doesn’t attempt to hide his “ugliness”. I take it he wasn’t a very nice person. On seeing it, the pope said “It is me”. What do you think? He does look like of mean there.


Doria Pamphilj Gallery Rome:

cardinal pamphili by bernini

Pope Innocent X statue by Bernini. There was a duplicate cracked one.


pope Innocent painiting by velasquez

In the same room as the bust is a painting by Diego Velasquez, the portrait of Innocent X. He reminds me of the Blackadder, calculating and slimy.

There was a whole hallway just for artwork. Some were numbered and you could punch in the number and listen to the history of the painting. A lot were not. You could easily spend 2-3 hours in that room alone if you were so inclined. These were all very important artists too, such as Bassano, Raffaello and Bernini and his number one student whose name escapes me.

palazzo doria pamphili art gallery

There were so many amazing pieces of art on both sides, hundreds!

My absolutely favorite room in the whole palace was the Gallery of Mirrors. It is simply breath-taking. Modeled after the namesake room in Versailles, but prettier in my opinion (missing the gaudy pink that l hated). It is just simply grand. The mirrors were imported from France and when the light comes through the windows from the outside, you really appreciate it. The statues in the enclosure are so fantastic. I could have stayed there longer for sure.

Doria Pamphilj Gallery Of Mirrors: Stunning!

gallery of mirrors palazzo dor

Gallery of Mirrors at the palazzo Doria Pamphilj Roma:  Modeled after the palace of Versaille.


ceiling gallery of mirrors doria pamphili

Tell me this frescoes at Palazzo Doria do not rival the best in the world, including the Vatican!.

There is a chapel located in the palazzo Doria, complete with someone in the crypt. It makes for a beautiful resting place. The crypt was roped off and so it was hard to get a good picture. It is of a certain Saint Theodora who was saved from flames via divine intervention when the flames parted. There is another saint buried there called the Centurion but l forget the story of that one :-).

golden room palazzo doria pamphili

You can see the crypt way back there on the way to the chapel, but once you entered the room, you couldn’t go further.

My favorite bust statue in the whole palace is one of a certain woman by the name of Olympia Maidalchini below. She was a rich widow (first husband was a nobleman from the Borghese family) and married Pamhilio Pamphili. Rumors were she was involved with not just her husband, but with her brother-in-law Giovan Battista and it was she who encouraged him to push ahead in his career until he became Pope Innocent X who reigned from 1644-1655.

I got a kick out of knowing that this woman Olympia was pulling strings from the back. The Church used to collect taxes from everyone then, and it was her who convinced Pope Innocent that it did not look right for the church to collect from the whore houses, so the family did, adding untold amounts to the family riches.


olympia Maidalchini statue palazzo doria

My favorite statue, a formidable woman. The bust is by Alessandro Algardi and product of two Italian noble families.


One of the last rooms we saw was the Aldobrandini room, a place that looked like a massive garage for some reason. Years ago, there had been a massive blizzard that crushed the roof of the room. The walls were then concreted and remain so. It’s unpainted and quite contrary to the rest of the palace. This room is filled with insane pieces of artwork and garden statues moved from their other palaces.

There are two! Michelangelo Merisi aka “Caravaggio” paintings on the wall. Two!!!! One is “Magdalene” and the other, Rest on the Flight into Egypt”. The audio mentioned that once again, he used the same “lady” to portray both Magdalene and the Virgin Mary. You can imagine that each one could easily sell for millions. The Cardinal acquired them when the artist was on a downward spiral so you can say he had a good eye.

horse statue palazzo doria rome

Doria Pamphilj gallery: This centaur was a restoration work after the blizzard destroyed the works in the room…look at the concrete walls in need of some serious attention.

big bus rome

This room was telling to me in a way. It became obvious to me that the family is cash poor. You see, despite all the wealth displayed, there is a stipulation in the original will of the Cardinal/Pope that none of the artwork must ever be sold. They all had to remain in the family. I don’t think back in the 16th century they ever envisioned life now. I think the upkeep of the palace is crushing, otherwise that room would have been fixed. Selling just one of the small pieces of lesser art would solve a lot of their problems l believe.

caravaggio palazzo doria phamphili

Caravaggio artwork on the bare walls, one of the best galleries in Rome

Is Palazzo Doria Pamphili worth visiting?

The Palazzo Doria Pamphili is most definitely worthy of a visit when in Rome. The artwork rivals what you see at the Vatican and other palaces. I’m not sure why it’s not as popular as the Borghese Palace for instance. It’s just as excellent, not to mention that it is right in the center of town. There are no lines to speak of and you can enjoy it at your own pace, like the gentlemen below who fell asleep while checking out the art. There you go, one more thing to do in Rome in addition to a walking food tour and checking out the Mouth of the Truth among others.

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2 men sleeping in front of caravaggio

They were so cute. We tried not to interrupt their sleep :-).

The Palazzo Doria Pamphili is located at:

Via del Corso, 305, Rome

Hours: 9AM till 7PM (last entry at 6PM)

Cost: €12 and €8 for under 26

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What do you think of the palazzo Doria Pamphili? Would you like to visit it or are you more likely to visit the more touristy places?