Blackadder with Rowan Atkinson.

Rowan Atkinson as the Blackadder. I totally find him sexy in this series.

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Just the thought of writing this post about the Blackadder has me in stitches! :-). British people already know of this series, as it is one of the all time highly rated ones in British television. Americans for example might not have heard of it, but it is definitely a must see in my book.

Most people know Rowan Atkinson, one of my favorite comedians, only as Mr Bean, that silly man child. Before there was Mr Bean however, there was the evil, cunning Blackadder. The Blackadder series is the best ever!


Blackadder Series:

  • The Blackadder
  • Blackadder II
  • Blackadder The Third
  • Blackadder Goes Forth

Blackadder Cast:

There were a total of four in the series. Each one starred Rowan Atkinson as Edmund Blackadder, and Tony Robinson who played his dogsbody Baldrick. Each of the four series was set in a different time period, and occasionally, other actors would pop up as different characters.

Each subsequent Blackadder is a descendant of the original Edmund. As the series marches on, Blackadder becomes more intelligent, cunning, selfish and more cowardly.

His dogsbody Baldrick  and his descendants on the other hand, gets more stupid as time goes by. Hugh Laurie, known as “House” on the television show is  another wonderful comedian whose talents are showcased on this series.

There are  other  incredibly talented actors featured too, like Miranda Richardson, Stephen Fry, Robbie Coltrane and Rick Mayall, who plays one of the greatest roles ever, Lord Flashheart. He’s crude, he’s crass, and he’s very funny.

Rowan Atkinson Blackadder:

Blackadder Online:

Blackadder is on YouTube. I have watched the episodes so many times that l can recite just about every line because l purchased the DVS set. :-). It is available on Netflix and l think everyone should see it.  If you’ve seen it, it’s time to see it again. The first of the series aired in 1983, and the last one in 1989.

Blackadder favourite phrase:

In every series, you will hear a recurring phrase uttered by Blackadder and one that is recognized by all Blackadder fans.

“I have a cunning plan” 

It’s always a stupid, and yes..cunning plan that often blows up in his face. Brilliant stuff!


Why should l do that? you may ask. Because the last series is the best, and the funniest, that’s why. When you see it, you start to understand and see the brilliance of the work done by Atkinson and company, and the wonderful stories written by Richard Curtis (Four Weddings and a Funeral, Bridget Jone’s Diary, Notting Hill and Love Actually). So, here goes the order..

Blackadder goes forth – The last of the series

Blackadder the third

Blackadder the second

The Black Adder

Each series has 6 episodes, for a total of 24. There are complimentary specials of the series to be found, but these are the core episodes. Enjoy.

Blackadder Goes Forth YouTube:

Blackadder goes forth

The last in the series that is Blackadder. A somewhat sad and poignant end. You will love it!


Blackadder cast through the years

Crazy cast of characters. Some of the best and funniest British comedians gathered together in Blackadder


Blackadder 3 cast

Yes, that is Hugh Laurie, before he became Dr House

Blackadder Haircut: Probably the ugliest bowl cut you have ever seen

Blackadder 1 with bowl haircut.

Rowan Atkinson as the Blackadder which is a must-see as it is quite funny!


Have you seen Blackadder? What did you think? too British humor wise? or is it universally funny?