Piazza del Campo Italy in 12 reasons to visit Siena

Siena is another one of the underrated places in Italy. It should definitely be considered when planning your Italy itinerary. It makes for a great day trip from Florence for example if you’re short on time, so very little excuse not to seek it out. This Tuscan hill town is worthy and is for sure one of the best medieval cities in the Tuscan region. Here are 12 reasons to visit Siena, especially in the fall. It has a lot in common with Perugia, another lovely city we liked a whole lot.

12 Reason To Visit Siena In The Fall:

Man posing in jeans shirt and pants in front of fountain in Siena piazza del campo

The Fonta Gaia, The work of a local artist. Amazing that this small structure used to supply all the water for the center and came from 25 kilometres away. Gorgeous though, and the weather helped!

1) Weather is awesome

Siena weather in the fall is fabulous. We visited at the end of September and wore tee-shirts during the day as you can see in the first picture. The temperature was a pleasant 74 degrees on average during the day. At night, it dipped to the high 50’s so a light jacket is recommended. October weather is still nice with a slight drop to mid 60’s. November, it dips even lower to mid 50’s but there is usually some rain, so keep that in mind. You miss the intense heat of summer, and that is always a god thing.

2) Crowds are less

Yeah! Traveling to Siena off season means less crowds and for me, screaming kids because they are back in school. The lines for restaurants, museums etc. are much shorter. After our fiasco with Sintra, Portugal, I have vowed not to visit places at the height of tourist season, and certainly not in Italy.

3) Museums are plentiful 

piazza del campo siena

Palazzo Publico, the city hall. The Museo Civico is on the first floor. Plenty of restaurants at the piazza where you can eat and watch till late in the night.

For such a small compact city, Siena has quite a few excellent museums. Some of the most famous ones include Complesso Museale Santa Maria della Scala, Palazzo Public and Museo Civico, Pinacoteca Nazionale and the curious Museo della Tortura which has an interesting array of torture devices. Not for the faint of heart l’ve heard.

4) The Siena Cathedral (Duomo)

Duomo Siena Italy side view. One of the 12 reasons to visit Siena

The Duomo is stunning and l can honestly say l am sorry we didn’t visit the interior.

The word that comes to mind is stunning when you see this cathedral. Despite being a bit jaded, I was still wowed by the looks of this Duomo that reminds me so much of the ones in Florence and Milan. A skip the line tour is highly recommended if you want to discover this Gothic medieval church because there were still long lines. I’m sorry we skipped this and hope to rectify on our next visit. We met a couple on their way out who told us that the Piccolomini Library alone was worth the entry price. They were duly impressed.

5) Siena Wednesday Market 

market stall in siena italy

Fresh food and veggies market stall

Also called the Mercato dela Lizza (for the area), this Wednesday morning market is a great place to catch a glimpse of life in Siena as the locals go about their day, shopping for fresh fruit and vegetables. Other things to buy include fish, meat, kitchen supplies, antiques and vintage clothes. It reminds me of the Campo di Fiori market in Rome.

6) Piazza del Campo

piazza del campo siena view from one of the corners showing tower. 12 reasons to visit Siena

The piazza del Campo is the center of it all. You can see the Torre del Mangia and the palazzo on your right.

The piazza del Campo is the place to be in the historic centre of Siena. Considered to be one of the very best squares in Europe, not to mention one of the most beautiful. Did you know the historic centre of Siena is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as of 1995, and deservedly so.

Shaped like a shell, the piazza contains architectural gems like the Torre del Mangia tower from which you can get a spectacular view of Siena, the Fonte Gaia (Fountain of the World) which was previously used to bring water into the city centre and Palazzo Public, a former palace transformed into the seat of government.

You might recognise the piazza from the James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace which featured a Palio race. The Palio de Siena is a horse race where ten riders riding bareback and representing ten of the 17 wards in Siena vie for the drappellone (banner), which the locals call “the rag”. Amazing that this very popular race which takes place in the summer on July 2 and August 16th yearly only lasts about 75 seconds! But hey.. .bragging rights for a year.

7) Truffles are in season

The Tuscan region is known for truffles as they grow in abundance in the area. Fall is truffle season as these fungi grow underground in hills covered with pine nuts, hazelnuts, oak trees and the like. There are pricey but fantastic truffle hunting tours that one can take to understand more if you really like truffle. 

We settled for visiting a store called Siena Tartufi  very close to the piazza del Campo in lieu of the hunt. A small store that sells a huge variety of truffle infused goodies such as olive oil, potato chips, dips and what seemed like a hundred different food items. It was a very popular destination as they had samples out and people were gorging :-).

plate of fetuccini with black truffle

Federico made this and it was delicious! We left the rest for his mum.

We did buy a small jar of truffle cheese spread (that we finished even before getting back to Rome), some white truffle spray as well as a jar of black truffle that we made some pasta with upon our return to Rome. Delicious! I wish l could have tasted the chips..but l couldn’t get anywhere near the sample dish! People!!! :-)

8) Wine is always good

Wine in Tuscany is a given. Chianti Classico is probably the most well known wine variety from the region. It is a young wine that is excellent with just about every dish and very tasty and reasonably priced. There are so many varieties of wine from the Tuscan region, including the Brunelli di Montalcino and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.

chianti wine in jar and 2 glasses of the wine on table

Some of the local wine consumed by us, this one at the Bar.

A wine tasting experience should be considered as part of your Tuscan trip. We made do with a nice bottle of Chianti from the Il Battistero to take back with us one of several wine shops in the centre (and attached to the hotel) who were eager to share their knowledge of wine with us. They also offer wine tasting in the cave.

9) Tuscan Cuisine is top notch

Tuscan cuisine is hearty and utterly delicious. Some of the best food to try in Siena are:

  • Pappardelle sulla lepre (pasta with hare sauce)

Neither one of us can remember what game this is.. He thinks it was wild boar but l think it was rabbit. Delicious, whatever it was.

  • Ribollitta – Tuscan vegetable and bread soup. I saw the waiter taking this to a table and asked wha it was and he explained it was a Tuscan food that takes three days to make. Meaning leftover, it is made from minestrone that is made and eaten as is on the first day. The next day, the leftover soup is covered with plain or garlic bread layers, kind of like a lasagna, and then baked with red onions. The last (3rd) day the, leftovers is boiled again to make the hearty soup. It sounded so good, I demanded one, only to be told that was the last serving :-(.
  • Fagipoli all’uccelletto 
plate of beans and sausage in Siena. Food is one of the many reasons to visit Siena in the fall

Healthy and delicious. I could honestly eat this on a daily basis. I wish l could remember the name of the restaurant, but l’m sure you can find it anywhere there.

I love this! This beans and sausage dish is usually a side order, but l am not ashamed to say l had it as my main meal and have since had Fede make it for me at home since we got back. It is so delicious.

Pasta of any kind with sauces

ravioli with lamb ragu

Ravioli with lamb Ragu.

Try it with lamb, wild boar..whatever. Just try it. They are all good! Some Siena restaurants we recommend are Bar Nannini Posta (for light sandwiches and gelato), and the family owned Bar Osteria II Bargello  which was my absolute favourite.

10) Hand Crafted Leather Goods 

woman in red t-shirt and jeans holding blue paper bag in Siena - one of the many reasons to visit siena- handcrafted leather

Check out my pleasure with new purchase. I was happy! Fede laughed because he said it looks to be the same size and colouring as the one l’m carrying. Not even close! :-) Don’t forget to wear comfy shoes. A lot of walking in Siena.

Leather is another thing that Tuscany and Siena is known for. You can purchase amazing handcrafted leather goods at any of the stores in the centre. The prices are pretty reasonable too and be like me, and haggle a bit. They will knock off some $$ off. I’ve been using my new handbag on a daily basis and it’s starting to get that special feel that l love so much. For sure it would cost at least three times as much of what l paid in the U.S. I know handbags, they are my Kryptonite. Victory dance.

11) Medieval Siena Cityscape

view from the bridge towards basilica san domenico in the rear, one of 12 reasons to visit siena in the fall

How gorgeous is this? You feel like you are looking at postcards all day long. The Basilica San Domenico is in the rear.

Small tiny streets that beckon you to discover them, pedestrian only zone that makes walking very lovely, gorgeous views everywhere. What’s not to like? We didn’t mind getting lost when searching for a pizzeria that every local kept saying was just a “five minute walk” that was more like 30! and people watching.

She-wolf, symbol of Siena high on pole

The She-Wolf is the symbol of the city as it is believed that Siena was founded by Senius, who was the nephew of Romulus and the son of Remus. She is breastfeeding Romulus and Remus.


Pedestrian street in Siena Italy

It was great getting lost on the small side streets, so romantic at night, and safe.

12) Gelato

Gelato flavors in display glass - reasons to visit siena italy

Thee was one with salted caramel that was the bomb! Pistachio is a close second for me.

Must eat in all of Italy, and definitely in Siena. Homemade gelato is a nice way to finish off the day… Everyday!

Where to stay in Siena?

We can highly recommend the residence attached to the above mentioned wine shop at the base of the Duomo :-). Historic and has plenty of stories to tell. Price was about $120 per night converted.

room at il battistero

Room at the Il Battistero. Small number of rooms, but superb.

Is Siena worth visiting?

Yes. It most definitely is. An absolutely gorgeous and compact city that deserves its UNESCO designation. I would visit again for sure.

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Have you been to Italy? If so, was Siena one of your destinations? Did you like it? can you think of any more reasons to visit Siena? If not, would you like to visit Siena?