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A man sneaking from Easte Berlin graffiti


The East Side Gallery in Berlin is well worth a visit. During our most recent Berlin visit, it was impossible to ignore seeing remains of the Berlin Wall. You would never guess from looking at the city, with the life that pulses through it at all hours, that  so much pain and misery was suffered before the enjoyment.

Visiting the East Side Gallery to see remains of the Berlin Wall and read about the atrocities that happened to so many thousands of people at Checkpoint Charlie really gives you an in-depth history lesson. Nothing compared to hearing it in the classroom.

East Side Gallery: Berlin’s outdoor gallery

I won’t bore you with the history. I’m sure everybody in the world has read, seen, or heard of the evil that was Hitler. His ambition to rule the world had extremely grave consequences for the people that lived in Germany. I always find it fascinating that all these dictators live a life of luxury while squeezing the life out of the every day people.

It was sad to read the  stories of attempted escapes from the East to the West. Some were successful, most were not. If you ever get a chance to visit Berlin, l would suggest visiting the old Checkpoint Charlie and doing some reading of the walls just in front of it.

Checkpoint Charlie Berlin:

checkpoint charley

Checkpoint Charlie. You can pose with the lads, but you need to tip them. Hard to imagine that just a few years ago, it was all but impossible to get anywhere near this place that is now full of Western shops, notice the McDonalds on your right.

Across from Checkpoint Charlie, you can find the history of the wall summarised below at the Outdoor Photo Gallery which is free. It is worth checking out if you’re interested in the stories of some of the brave souls who dared to question authority and those who tried escaping, some where caught and killed while few were able to cross successfully A very interesting lesson in history.

Can you get your passport stamped at Checkpoint Charlie?:

Yes, you can. Please be aware though that these stamps are “unofficial stamps” and only for nostalgia purposes. They are not real and you should not have your actual passport stamped there. I would suggest perhaps using an expired passport for the stamping as a souvenir of your visit to the notorious check point.

Outdoor Photo Gallery:

We really enjoyed reading about the attempted escapes and the showdown between the U.S and Soviet forces in October of 1961. There are giant photograph displays here and we did not visit the Checkpoint Charlie museum because we felt this had more concise information that told the stories just as well and for free!

If you prefer a more guided tour, you can take a walking tour of Berlin which includes a visit here as well as to other iconic places in the city. The tours are also available on bikes if you are wary of walking.

East Side Gallery: Map Showing Division

See how part of the city was walled in back then.

The red shows how part of Berlin was walled in back then. Trying to get to the other side meant risking your life.


berlin posters when divided

How Berlin looked in the past. How many lives were torn apart by these insane men and their actions? One can only imagine.

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The remains of the wall was turned into the East Side Gallery, and we went to see it in the afternoon after seeing the wall at Checkpoint Charlie. There are odd pieces of the wall in different parts of town, but this has the most. We walked the entire length. It’s pretty cool to see. I highly recommend doing it. There are a lot of talented people in Berlin.

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Here are some of our favourite images from  the East Side Gallery, a treasure trove of cool urban graffiti. I would also suggest going by the Brandenburg Gate and checking out the memorial to the war victims. It is a very moving experience. It’s great that these things are out there and not swept under the rug. As the saying goes, “those who don’t learn from past mistakes, are doomed to repeat them”, or something pretty close to that.

Freedom, is indeed a precious thing. So many lost their lives for it. I wish we had gone to see Hitler’s bunker. I would have loved to see where he spent his last miserable days living like a cockroach. Perhaps next time.

berlin wall germany gate with iron slats showing the other side #berlinwall #visitberlin #eastsidegallery #remainsberlinwall #berlin #germany

How horrible it must have felt to be able to look through this wall door and see how free the people were literally on the other side?

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war victims memorial berlin

The memorial to the war victims as part of the East Side gallery and Berlin wall

Remains of the Berlin Wall: Murals

Mural of the Berlin wall remains showing graffiti writing in Spanish in red and black

This is one of my favorites murals at the Berlin Wall East side gallery, as it is so colorful.. I love the writing to the lest about painting over the wall of shame.


east side gallery berlin wall jewish star

Subtle, but powerful remains of the Berlin Wall repurposed. Religious persecution, a really shameful and ugly part of man.


jodie foster mural east side gallery berlin

Check out Jodie Foster in her “Taxi Driver” role

East Side Gallery Berlin Art


berlin wall art

So much talent at the East Side Gallery. Not sure what this is supposed to mean, but l would like to think it’s artistic freedom as far as music goes, or maybe a superhero.

East Side Gallery Kiss: Iconic Kiss at the Berlin Wall:

This is arguably the most well known part of the Berlin Wall remains. It shows what appears to be a passionate kiss between the then General Secretary of the the Soviet Republic Leonid Brezhnev and the General Secretary of the Socialist Unity Party of the GDR, sort of like a kiss and make up scenario.

mural of Breshnev and Honecker at Berlin wall

East Side Gallery Berlin Kiss. Perhaps the most famous mural of all? I remember seeing this everywhere after the fall of the wall. I remember the celebration was infectious.


Russian writing on the Berlin wall showing a man with thumbs up and chain tied to thumb from wrist

This was done by a Russian guy going by the signature at the Berlin wall. I guess it was based on talent, not origin of the people.

man posing at Berlin wall chain wire mural


berlin wall doves east side gallery

Peace. Long may it reign..


Graffiti on the remains of the east side gallery berlin walls

It’s funny that even the graffiti has graffiti :-)


berlin wall drunk guy

Some of the murals are just funny, a depiction of everyday life now, Like this drunk fellow enjoying dipping his toes in the water.


east side gallery berlin wall mural prisoner making peace sign from a jail cell

They all convey a message. A prisoner makes a peace sign from inside a jail cell.


The rush to get to the other side and taste freedom. A swarm of people rushing through a parted wall

The mass rush to get to the other side and taste freedom.


East side gallery the berlin wall

Berlin Wall remains – You could spend a few hours walking and seeing amazing artistic talent from the contributors to the gallery. A must do on any Berlin visit.

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berlin wall gate dividing east and west

View of the West side to the East side of Berlin, part of the Berlin wall.

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Have you been to Berlin? Did you get a chance to see this bit of their gory history? If not, is it something that you would like to see?