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That was extremely quick! 2016 seems to have come and gone in a flash. It seems like just yesterday l was reflecting on 2015 and our plans for the new year. Here l am again with a wrap-up of our fun and travel filled year. We have enjoyed sharing the year with you and hope to keep on doing that in the new year. By my calculation, the longest we stayed at home in Seville at any one time was three weeks and our longest trip was 33 days! We couldn’t have done it without the absolutely wonderful pet sitters we found through my favorite company, Housesitmatch. I highly recommend them to any homeowner, and nope.. I am not being paid to say that, just a grateful client :-) .

That was quick. Looking back stockholm palace

Checking out the King’s palace in Stockholm

Discovering Bologna with Mama!

Countries Visited in 2016:

Can you believe 12 countries! We started out the year with a trip to the Maldives. A bucket list destination, especially for Federico. It was a honeymoon of sorts at the Villamendhoo Resort. Even though we didn’t do it on the cheap, I am still glad we did it. If you’re planning on visiting and want to save a few bucks, here’s how you can. We also visited:

Dominican Republic (via Fathom cruise)

United States (Miami)

Japan (Tokyo and Kyoto)

Denmark (Copenhagen)

Thailand (Bangkok)

South Africa (Johannesburg and Durban)

Portugal (Lisbon and Lagos)

Sweden (Stockholm)

Nigeria (Lagos and Ibadan).. have  yet to write about that.

Italy (Rome and Bologna)

Our Favorites:

That was quick! Looking back family picute

Kids number 3,2,4,8, my 1st cousin and me, kid #7 (the best one :-) )

that was quick looking back 2016

Federico and the youngest of the family..for now :-) Like she wouldn’t even let me hold her :-)

that was quick pic of mom and sons

A few guys..but we are mostly a family..

looking back on 2016

of women! Celebrating 90 years of life!

While we really enjoyed all the destinations, our most favorites were Italy and Nigeria with Johannesburg a close third. You can probably guess the reason why. We got to spend time with family. Spending time with his mom in Rome is one of the things l always look forward to. She is a warm, loving woman and we always seem to communicate one way or the other (Federico and Google Translate :-) ). She also spoils me rotten and l love it!!! This year, we also spent most of December in Nigeria celebrating my mother’s 90th birthday. It was an amazing time, and once again, l was spoiled rotten..and yep!!! Loved it. It was wonderful hanging out with my siblings, nephews, nieces and cousins.

It was a fantastic weekend celebration.

that was quick family in tee

This is what happens when you are the last to change. Federico got stuck with a girl’s tee-shirt, but he was game :-)

Our Miss:

We had two misses this year. We missed out and lost a crap load of money with our failed trip to Palma de Mallorca. It still stings enough that when Federico suggested attempting it again, I said no..for now. It was salvaged by our side trip to Cordoba, a place we really loved.

The other miss was our failed travel day to Sintra. We’re both still on the fence as to if we want to try it again. Our preference for now would be to skip it and visit Porto instead. We’ll see. The good thing is that Portugal isn’t so far that we can’t attempt it again.

that was quick meal wth bacon copenhagen

A mid day meal in Copenhagen

Our Travel Wish List Destinations for 2017:

Because we don’t care about counting new countries and would rather visit places we liked prior, there are some repeats on here, but c’est la vie!

South Africa. We fill we have so much to see and discover.

Namibia. We keep hearing really good things about it and want to experience it for ourselves.

Gambia. One of my cousins keeps raving about her visits. She loves the beach, but so does Federico so l could be persuaded.

Tanzania. A place l have always wanted to visit thanks to stories of my college classmates who were from there.

quick looking back terrific year fede jumping

Federico jumping for joy in Nigeria because he made it to the top of “the rock”! located in Abeokuta, the capital of the state l hail from.

Italy .. and .

Nigeria. Spend more time with family. At least one month in each place would be nice.

United Kingdom. We never get tired of visiting London, but now would like to add places like Glasgow.

Romania. I have a blogger friend there and l have long wanted to visit because a lot of my favorite B schlocky movies are filmed there :-) .

Czech Republic, Prague specifically just to see what all the fuss is about.

Croatia. I just keep hearing wonderful things about it from everybody, so l am curious.

You may notice that quite a few places are in Africa and Eastern Europe. These places have been calling out for us for a while, and now we hope to answer the calls so to speak. Reasons being that they are:

  • closer to us
  • cheaper for us

The other place we hope to experience more of is Spain! This was on the wish list for last year, but this year we really hope to work on it. We want to train travel around Spain! Our lease is up in March and we have been trying to decide where to head next. It’s not easy..feel free to throw out names.. in Spain..near the sea :-) . It totally sucks to be have all these beautiful places nearby and not at check them out! I see we didn’t quite make all the countries on our wish list for last year, but we did make a serious dent, so l am happy.

quick looking back terric year pic columbus

We want more Spain, just like Columbus..

Our ongoing wish for 2017 and beyond:

World Peace. A big wish l know. We wish it anyway.

In conclusion, I hope you all have a wonderful, healthy and travel filled year ahead. We can’t thank you enough for choosing to read our little ole blog. We hope to keep entertaining you with the trials and tribulations of our travels.