arena de verona at night

Happy New Year everyone! We are currently in Verona, home to the forever romantic couple of young lovers Romeo and Juliet. Prior to Verona, we were enjoying Rome with Federico’s family. Just like in Spain, the holiday celebration is on January 6 (along with Christmas Eve) and it was fun being with the kids, but l have to admit, I am happy to be away from them.

4 friends at dinner

The four amigos having dinner in Verona

Verona is absolutely lovely. I like it more than l thought l would. It has been cold, which has actually been welcomed by us because it gave us a chance to suit up. The weather has been perfect in my opinion, not a drop of rain. Lots of sun and very little fellow tourists. I can’t wait to come back and tell you all about this wonderful little place. We even went on a day trip to Garda which was very nice too, complete with missteps, the norm for me in my quest to be frugal but which sometimes end up costing way more than the original. This time, we had friends with us too, so they got to enjoy some of our tomfoolery! :-)

cold cuts plate

Yummy cold cuts, some of the lovely food we have been indulging in.

One thing l definitely noticed was the different accent of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. It sounds so much more sophisticated in my opinion. I had always thought that the accents sounded the same, but l am beginning to notice the little things. It also seems to be a more relaxed, richer area. I can see why George Clooney decided to buy and live in Lake Como. There’s a lot of money around these parts.

castle in verona italy

The castle lit up at night. Beautiful and reminded me of the Alcazar in Cordoba but without the Spanish Inquisition.

Our friends visiting from Houston decided on Verona and it has been great seeing them again. Our first overseas meeting was in Rome a few years ago, then on to Florence, the last time we saw them was on our visit to Houston and Los Angeles. Now, we are in Verona together! Who know where we will meet up next?

We hope 2019 has been good to you so far, and we will “see” you soon! Have your 2019 travel plans kick off yet?