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greetings from Rome Italy on a beautiful fall day

Greetings from beautiful Rome! I am so happy that fall has finally arrived and the weather has been just wonderful. I was a bit apprehensive as it had been raining hard for a few days before our arrival and there was flooding in the Tuscany area. This put a damper on my plans as l had planned a weekend getaway for us in wine country. Then l realized how fortunate we were to be able to travel and not have the headaches and misfortune and loss of life that seems to be happening on a daily basis all over the world. From earthquakes to fires to hurricanes, it certainly seems the earth is trying to tell us something. I hope we listen. It did stop my whinging and shut me the heck up. Nobody likes a whiner, including me :-).

We are winding up our two week visit over here. I am as usual sad to see it ending so soon. I always love the attention heaped upon me by my mother-in-law. I try (not really :-) ) to stop her from spoiling me, then l succumb and thoroughly enjoy it. It’s always hard to adjust after going back home. We have had lovely pet sitters looking after our dogs in Valencia. They came from New Orleans and the dogs took to them instantly. We have had the best luck with Housesitmatch and will continue to use them to find sitters. The best part is they will be coming back to sit for us some more after going on to Crete and Lisbon. Yeah!!!!

mama with gelato in Rome

Mama ready to do battle with her gelato. They usually top it with whipped cream too!

Our two weeks have been spent eating, sight seeing and eating some more, not to mention gelatoing (a word l have just made up). We spent an amazing evening doing a food tour with theromanguys and saw a couple of new palaces that were simply stupefying. We also made a return visit to the Vatican. I can’t wait to share them with you upon our return which might be a couple of weeks as we are only back for a day in Valencia before taking off again (my stupid planning once again!).

big bus rome

The first picture is of Vittoriano, also known as the Altar of the Fatherland. It is a monument that honors Victor Emmanuel, the king that unified Italy. The monument is the largest in Rome, and that’s saying a lot. It is slightly controversial still because a neighborhood was destroyed so it could be built. Local unflattering nicknames for it includes “la dentiera” (the set of false teeth) and “la torta nuziela” which means the wedding cake. Tourists love it though, and l certainly do. I love spying it from different points in the city. It houses the tomb of the unknown soldier and has an elevator that will take you to the top for the most awesome views l’ve heard even though l have yet to do it. It was such a beautiful day that we walked to the Colosseum from there to hit up my favorite pizza joint :-). Glad to say it’s still fantastic and remains my favorite. Despite the fact that the main tourist season is over, there are still insane crowds in and around Rome. It is pretty pleasant though, not frenzied, actually very pleasurable with the right mix of locals and tourists.

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How is fall over your way? Has it arrived or are you still in the dog days of summer?