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a day in new delhi india

Our day in New Delhi with a native included seeing India Gate in New Delhi.

How to spend a day in New Delhi with a local: We decided to do some sightseeing during our visit to India as it provided some welcome relief from the hospital appointment filled days. I was definitely not interested in living like a local by taking a bus or one of those death on 3 wheels tuk-tuks to get around (apart form clinic appointment runs). No thank you. Perfectly happy to ride in a very new, air-conditioned SUV driven by a competent driver :-).

We had no idea what we wanted to see or eat.  It just had to be Indian cuisine. We therefore chose to let the driver decided on our New Delhi day itinerary. As we had already visited Humayun’s tomb, that was off the table. Here are the places he chose to show us to on our day in New Delhi.

How to spend a day in New Delhi (best things to see in Delhi)

samrat yantra2 new delhi

Delhi tourism : The Ram Mantra at the Jantar Mantar Observatory.

Janta Mantar Observatory is one of the best Delhi attractions:

This is located right in the heart of New Delhi, and one of the places to enjoy in Delhi.  A lot of trading and shopping markets, making for a very busy spot, and a great place to haggle and get some trinkets and other souvenir items. We shopped a bit at the market and left our goods with him in the car before going to the observatory.

I was fascinated by the vibrant red colour of the structure. It took getting up close to find out what it was. A gigantic sun dial!. It was really great to see how smart people were, even way back then. This is one of the five masterpieces of  the Maharaja Jai Singh. The biggest one is located in Jaipur. I can’t even imagine how much bigger it could be as this was pretty impressive ;-).

The Misra Yantra at the Jantar Mantar Observatory in New Delhi, India.

Tourist places in Dehli: The Misra Yantra at the Jantar Mantar Observatory in New Delhi, India.

This observatory was constructed in 1724. There are 13 architectural astronomy instruments. There are 4 of those in this observatory namely:

  • Samrat Yantra
  • Ram Yantra
  • The Jayaprakash
  • Misra Yantra

The Samrat Yantra  known as  the “king of instruments” is the largest and most imposing one of the Yantras. and stands at 20.73 meters high. It measures the apparent solar time or local time of a place using the sun. There was a whole lot more mumbo jumbo. I remember hearing the Yantra had an incline wall that was parallel to the earth’s axis and is flanked by the two semicircular quadrants with scales. I have put a little diagram in here to hopefully explain it ;-). I usually just check my wrist for the time :-), so he lost me totally. All l know is that it was very pretty to see, and l am glad it had a function as well :-).


One of the quadrants.

Delhi sightseeing: One of the quadrants.


samrat yantra copy

New Delhi India – Our day in Delhi tour with a native gave us a chance to see things we normally wouldn’t have and he was a delight to be with too. You could see how much he loved his country.

It used to be super accurate, l believe just with an error of 2 seconds. Sadly, that is no longer true. There are so many tall buildings surounding the area that accuracy can no longer be guaranteed. This makes me sad… :-(.

samrat yamran4

Tourist places in Delhi includes the Samrat Yamran. You could climb to the top, and get a great view, but that gate was locked. Some people still jumped it though, as there were no guards.


The entry fee was 100 rupees for tourists (roughly $1.50) and 5 rupees for Indians. It is located in Connaught Place on Parliament Road.

A day in New Delhi visiting India Gate, one of the best things in Delhi

a day in delhi india gate

Must see in New Delhi: India Gate is impressive. The flowers were bursting with color.

Tours and travel in Delhi: We recommend the folks at GetYourGuide which we use in our travels:

Did you know that the India Gate was the last one added, and that it is just one of the many gates spread around the city? The others include:
  • Lahori Gate
  • Ajmeri Gate
  • Turkman Gate
  • Sher Shah Gate
  • Kashmiri Gate (this one we also visited)

This is a  memorial that reminds you of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. As well it should as this is also a war memorial. It is located smack dab in the middle of a crossroad and it is just immense. It was built to commemorate the lives of the 70,000 Indian soldiers that lost their lives during World War 1 fighting the British. The foundation stone was laid by HRH, the Duke of Connaught in 1921. The monument was dedicated to the nation ten years later.

A huge fountain on either side of india gate delhi india

Tourist places in Delhi city: A huge fountain on either side of India Gate, one of the top attractions in Delhi.

A second memorial called Amar Jawan Jyoti was added later, after India got its independence. The eternal flame is kept burning all day and night to honor the fallen solders during the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971. It is 42 meters high. The whole area was so clean, and filled with thousands of people in the parks. Lots of families were having picnics.

There were huge fountains and kids were having fun getting wet and playing. It was all very nice, and quite a contrast to the other parts of Delhi that we saw. The one thing that struck me was that there were hundreds and hundreds of school kids in school uniforms everywhere in the city and it was a Sunday! It was surreal. I totally forgot to ask him why that was.

Lush green fields in india gate delhi.

Lush green fields. View from India Gate New Delhi, one of the best places to visit in New Delhi.

One thing to watch out for is that even though entry is free, there are usually a group of women sitting behind a make shift “gate” and demand an entry fee from the tourists. Ingenious! I just laughed and side stepped them. Do the same if you go, as they are quite insistent. It made me laugh..them trying to bullshit a bullshitter (me!).

day in delhi.

Delhi India is a fascinating place. This section of the city is so clean. There were loads of people out and about, but it didn’t feel crowded, except in the parking lots and streets.

Havemore Restaurant: (Recommended place to eat in New Delhi)

Foodie experience in Delhi: Local food in Delhi
havemore restaurant Delhi

Our day in New Delhi included awesome food from Havemore restaurant. Vegetarian of course! I didn’t mind this time though :-)



Our driver and guide for our day in New Delhi.

Our handsome driver and guide for our day in New Delhi. He chose well!

How to spend a day in New Delhi foodie experience:

Our driver drove us to a mini mall which had a few restaurants and he said they were all pretty good. I looked around and chose this particular one as l wanted an authentic Indian meal and saw a lot of locals heading in. The place looked inviting from the outside. It was an excellent choice. We invited the driver to join us, and also to pick the dishes.

The food was the best we had the whole three weeks we were in New Delhi. It was so fresh and delicious. It was also the first time l ate Dal Makhani. Oh, it was incredible. It was absolutely the most delicious lentil based dish l have ever had. This is saying a lot coming from me. Federico makes the best lentils ever. Ever! I have had Dal in restaurants before, but this Makhani one, which is quite popular in both North and South India, was a first. It was absolutely lip smacking good.

lime bowl

Foodie experiences in Delhi .. everything was hot, hot, hot! Fantastic. We all enjoyed our huge meal.


Sprinkle with salt and pepper and squeeze lime on top.

New Delhi India Havemore restaurant visit: Sprinkle this with salt and pepper and squeeze lime on top is how the locals do it.

Everything was awesome. He showed us a couple of things. For instance, when they bring you the veggie plate (instead of the bread ), you sprinkle it with pepper, salt and squeeze the lime on it, then eat it. Gave it an interesting kick.

The Navratra platter. I liked everything but wasn't overly fond of the tofu thing in the upper left.

Food in Delhi: The Navratra platter. I liked everything but wasn’t overly fond of the tofu thing in the upper left.


 Navratra Thali platter - part of how spent a day in New Delhi eating part.

Eating like a local in Delhi: The Thali platter. It was all good. We had two portions of this. My brother loved one of the sauces so much that the waiter gave him a bowl to go gratis.


The infamous Dal Nakhani, Nan and basmatti rice.. oh yeah!

Food in new Delhi India: The infamous Dal Nakhani, Nan and basmatti rice.. oh yeah! I could eat just this as a meal.

At the end of the meal, you get sugar and some minced green thing. I can’t remember if it’s mint or not. You put one, then the other in the palm of your hand, mix it..and then chew it. Presto, after dinner mint :-).

condiment in new delhi after dinner minty herbs

These condiments are commonly served with food in New Delhi . Our guide showed us just what to do with it.


Sugar in the palm on how to spend a day in New Delhi..

Sugar in the palm first..


sugar and mint in palm in new delhi

Mix with the green herb stuff..


Down the hatch..eatind during out day in New Delhi guide

Down the hatch.. how to eat like a local in New Delhi :-)

How to spend a day in New Delhi itinerary roundup: (places to visit in Delhi)

  • Visit Janta Mantar
  • See Samrat Yamrat
  • Have a wonderful lunch at Havemore restaurant
  • See India Gate and Kashmir Gate, walk around the beautiful area and people watch
  • Visit one of the local markets and bargain for goods or be entranced by a snake charmer
  • Humayun Tomb (assuming you still have the energy)
snake charmer in new delhi india

City tour Delhi: A snake charmer working for a few coins at a local market we went to. (I don’t remember the market name)

All in all, our day in New Delhi was a very enjoyable one. Our local guide for a day was fantastic as he took us to great Delhi attractions that are slightly off the beaten path . It was very nice not to even think about what to do, and just relegate all to him. The warmth of the locals is indeed something that we kept experiencing during our stay.

My brother stayed at a guest house that was full of people from all over the world, most of them patients in the hospital and their family members. We would all sit in the living room with the host and his workers chatting ( a lot of miming and translations since the workers knew just a few English words). They were always friendly, and accommodating. You can read about our roundup opinion of New Delhi here.

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Would you ever leave your vacation day in the hands of someone else like we did for our day in Day in New Delhi? Or are you a control freak that has to plan everything yourself and tick it off? What about Indian food? Are you a fan or not?