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Flashback trip to the birthplace of democracy. Athens that is!

My Athens trip was one of those things that just happen randomly. I had no intention of going there when l left Los Angeles for a vacation. London was actually my destination. As usual, l had my two week vacation and was perfectly happy to spend the whole time in the beloved city. Judging from the photos, l peg this as around 1997.

I am able to deduce this, thanks to the mini video camera l was holding. It was my latest electronic crap that l used maybe 4 times and promptly forgot about :-( . It cost me over 2 grand and they released a new version like 4 weeks later. What a wasteful idiot l was in those days. I won’t even tell you what l ended up doing… too shameful!


image of acropolis with female in foreground

At the Parthenon in Athens.

The Athens trip happened about 5 days into my London trip. I remember my friend M. and l walking down Clapham Junction area and seeing one of those holiday offers at a travel agent window. The price was really manageable and we impulsively went in and booked the holiday for 2 days later, and off we went.


Memories of the Athens trip include:

  • The awesome street food. My God, for  a lover of Gyros like myself, l couldn’t get enough of it from the stands that were all over the city. They also sold the best french fries l have ever had from those carts too. Thick and salted. All these years later, and l still crave them. Better than in Belgium! Yep..I said it :-) .
  • Shopping at the flea markets for souvenirs. The Monastiraki flea market especially. My friend went to Athens, and all l got was this lousy tee-shirt. Funny and new in those days. I bought the most awesome chess set there too. It weighed a ton and cost a mint, but l enjoyed playing it for years under the tutelage of my then boyfriend. I still suck at chess and wonder which one of my friends ended up with that set when they helped me clean out the house, readying it for sale. Lucky bastard :-)
  • Loving the motorcycle cops. Their uniform was head to toe black leather, of which l was a big fan :-) ! My friend was however, was immune to the allure of leather. Nonetheless, l found a coffeehouse that was a hangout for the cops close to our hotel and made sure we hung out there a lot so l could drool! She got hit on, so it was ultimately a good thing.
Athens trip flashback fab friday find image of patio of the maidens

Porch of the maidens at the Erechtheion in the background. Aaah..the days of film :-)

  • Visiting the landmarks in Athens, including the Parthenon in the Acropolis. They were of course under construction then, and I’m sure they are probably still under construction, pretty much like other ancient monuments. We did one of those guided tour deals, and it was a lot of fun as we got to interact with other tourists.
  • Ferry ride from Athens to Hydra. The day was sunny, clear and beautiful, just like the island.
  • Our last meal in Athens. We had the most amazing food at this restaurant that had a magnificent view of the Acropolis. Greek salad, Souvlaki and other Greek specialties were some of the things l remember consuming. We let the waiter bring us what he felt were the best. Pricey, but delicious. We also got an extraordinary amount of free Ouzo along with our wine. major headache the next day, and l still haven’t touched Ouzo since :-) .

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Athens trip flashback image of ferry ride to Hydra

On the ferry to Hydra, a beautiful place of which l have no pictures :-(

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Our trip to Athens was five days long. We really enjoyed ourselves. It gave me an overview of the city. I wouldn’t mind going back for another visit. I know they have a huge ongoing crisis and every tourist dollar helps. We don’t have it as a destination in the foreseeable future as there are so many other places we would like to see for the first time. Federico has also been there with his friends, so it is somewhere pretty low on the list. Santorini calls our name though, so you just never know. Neither one of us has been there :-) . There you have it, my Athens trip flashback. Boy! What l wouldn’t give to find more pictures of my past trips.

Athens trip flashback image of last dinner with losts of wine at table

Our last meal in Athens! What a wonderful getaway. I had a doozy of a hangover the next day :-)

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Have you been to Athens or anywhere in Greece? If so..did you have a good time? Would you recommend it as a must visit?