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budapest 4 days were not enough

Night view looking from the Pest to the Buda side and Buda Castle. Your Budapest 4 day itinerary should include this view.

Budapest in one word? Incredible! I wasn’t sure what to expect from the city, but l’d heard good things so l was excited. I’m happy to say that we were not disappointed. It definitely deserves all the accolades. The city is gigantic and offers plenty to do. There are about two million people in the city. Here is your ultimate 4 days Budapest guide.

4 Days In Budapest:

I think it is incredibly hard to take a bad picture and you find yourself oohing and aahing at every turn. . If you plan on visiting this amazing city, here is a guide to enjoying Budapest. We’ve now done two trips and love it totally. Here is what we suggest doing with only four days in Budapest.

Where to stay in Budapest:

The best place to stay in Budapest that will give you a bang for your buck is definitely the Pest side. Budapest is a city with 2 sides, namely Buda and Pest. The two sides are divided by the river Danube. The Buda side is older, more residential, hilly with narrower streets. It makes it a little a little harder to get to Pest where much of the restaurants and nightlife happens. To save yourself time on the metro or bus, I would recommend staying in Pest.

We stayed at an AirBnB accommodation. At a very affordable €30/night, we were pleasantly surprised to see that it had all the comforts of home and it was in an excellent location in District 5, very close to the Hungarian Parliament building (less than 5 minute walk) and the Chain Bridge. We couldn’t have asked for a better apartment, and that was for the whole unit, not a room. Budapest is affordable for sure. If you are new to AirBnB, feel free to use our link to get $31 off your first stay.

airbnb room budapest

Budapest where to stay? AirBnB is an option. Our amazing digs in Budapest. The hostess was just great and it went so smoothly. I highly recommend her place.

If you would prefer hotels in Budapest, here is a suggestion of a budget hotel in Budapest:

Aventura Boutique Hostel has an ideal location, close to the metro station. It also offers great amenities including:

boutique hotel room

Budapest itinerary 4 days – best place to stay- budget. One of the rooms at Aventura hostel, a great option for budget travel accommodation in Budapest. Image from hotel site.

  • Free WiFi
  • Guest kitchen
  • Laundry service
  • Breakfast option
  • Themed rooms
  • Family friendly accommodation
Where to stay in Budapest – Luxury Hotel

If budget travel is not your style, there are of course many options for lodging in Budapest. Here is Boscolo Budapest, a well rated luxury hotel in Budapest at a surprisingly reasonable cost. Parking, pool, WiFi, and breakfast buffet, it’s easy to see why it’s a fantastic place to stay in Budapest.


boscolo budapest hotel

Exterior of the Boscolo Budapest hotel, one of the many luxury hotels to stay in Budapest. Hotels website image.

room at boscolo hotel budapest

One of the top hotels in Budapest center. Indulge if you want during your Budapest 4 day trip.

Getting Around Budapest: (Budapest Travel)

Budapest has so much history and we had a great time wandering. The first couple of days, we did the tourist bus tour which was well worth it for us. It is just too big a place to navigate on your own, at least in the beginning. it was a good overview of everything. The rest of the time, we walked, took the metro and walked some more. The metro is quite easy to use in Budapest. One tip is to make sure you keep your ticket because the police do make spot checks and if you’re caught without it, there is a steep fine. You can of course take cabs, but it’s really not needed.

metro station budapest

How to get around in Budapest? – Use the metro! Since the streets are wide too, they have underground passage from one side to the other.

What to see in Budapest in 4 days: Some of the best Budapest attractions

  • Hungarian Parliament
  • Szechenyi Chain Bridge
  • Buda Castle
  • Shoes on the Danube monument
  • Central Market Hall
  • Heroes Square
  • Museum of Terror
  • Opera House
  • Margaret Island
  • Fishermans Bastion
  • Ruin Pubs
  • Andrassy Avenue

It’s impossible to see it all due to the size of the city, but here are some of the suggestions of the best sights that l think should be included in your Budapest itinerary (that we saw on our 4 day Budapest trip).

Hungarian Parliament:

budapest 4 days were not enough parliament house

The front of the Parliament. The architecture is simply stunning. It is massive and makes you wish for a wide angle lens :-). Definitely one of what to see in Budapest.

The building is also known as the Parliament of Budapest. It is a top attraction and definitely one of the top things to see in Budapest. It is massive landmark and has stunning views of the Danube and Buda. Did you know that over 80 pounds of gold and half a million precious stones were used in the construction? Who says all that glitters is not gold? There is a central dome and the architectural style is classified as  Gothic Revival. I consider it one of the best places in Budapest. If you have time, you can take a tour of the building. You can purchase your tickets here.

back of guard standing at hungarian parliament

Best of Budapest. The guards march up and down and do a change over too which we were happy to watch.

Szechenyi Chain Bridge:

Another very popular tourist attraction in Budapest. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can join the holiday crowd on the suspension bridge that crosses the Danube river, walk from Pest to Buda or vice versa, something that we did a couple of times. It is an absolutely beautiful bridge. On the Pest side at the end stands a little lopsided church that had to be moved because of the bridge construction, one of the little tidbits we learned on our tour.

View from pest side chain bridge budapest

One of our Budapest highlights. Chain Bridge view from Pest side. I love the lion statues. This bridge is iconic and a definite must as part of your four days in Budapest.

Shoes On The Danube Bank:

Another one of the places to see in Budapest. A moving memorial to the victims who lost their lives during the war. This is a must-see sight in Budapest. It features bronze shoes to depict the poor people who suffered at the hands of fascist militia. The victims were ordered to take off their shoes, they would then be shot, so that their bodies would fall into the water and float away so they wouldn’t have to be buried. How cruel are men? It is within walking distance from the Hungarian parliament.

Budapest 1 - monument dedication to the fallen Danube

What to do on your 4 days Budapest visit should include a trip to see the memorial plaque to lost victims of the war in Budapest.


memorial shoes in Budapest something to see on a 4 days Budapest visit.

What to see in Budapest – Memorial to those who lost their lives.

Buda Castle:

This is the palace complex of the Hungarian kings. This baroque palace is humongous and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is on top of Castle Hill and can be seen from afar. It is especially beautiful at night. We didn’t tour the palace, but did walk up the steep hill to get a closer look. It is definitely a must see in Budapest, and gives you a glimpse at how the powerful people lived.

Budapest 4 days were not enough buda castle

Night view of the Buda castle is one among some of the activities to do in Budapest. One of the things to do in Budapest is to get out at nighttime for a different view of the stunning city.

Andrassy Avenue Budapest is gorgeous and a must visit:

Home to all the exclusive retail shops such as Tiffany and Louis Vuitton among others. This is where the money is. Lots of exotic cars zooming up and down the avenue. It’s a great place to people watch and window shop.

black sports car Budapest Andrassy ave.

One of the exotic cars we spotted in. Andrassy Avenue is definitely one of the places to visit in Budapest, even if you only have 4 days.

Central market Hall: (Great Market Hall)


great market hall Budapest

Wikipedia image of the Great Market Hall. Definitely one of the must visit in Budapest recommendation.

Largest and oldest indoor market in Budapest. You really get a glimpse of everyday Hungarian life as locals shop for fresh produce. Join them and try some Hungarian specialties such as their cold cuts and pate, or grab a drink. Upstairs, you can find shops selling souvenirs. It’s a nice way to spend time in Budapest.

Heroes Square in Budapest:

What to see in Budapest should include a visit to Heroes Square. Located at the end of Andrassy Avenue, it is another of popular places to see in Budapest. This is where you will find the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, as well as the iconic statue complex called Seven Chieftains of the Magyars. This is another UNESCO World Heritage Site that is one of the top tourist attractions in Budapest. Despite the large size, it can get crowded with tourists. The Museum of Fine Arts is also located by there.

heroes square budapest

One of the few times it wasn’t crowded at one of the top sights in Budapest. 4 days in Budapest is enough to see the absolutely top sites, but we would love a return visit to this vibrant city.

One thing for sure, the Hungarians of past really had a lot of time to think up creative punishments. People were shot, an Italian priest placed in a barrel of thorns and pushed down a hill, a Turk was killed by placing a burning crown on his head and burned. Really creative no? A lot of things were also “blown up”, bridges, caves etc. I swear it seems like they said it at least 10 times!!! Yeah.. I enjoyed the bus tour :-).

statue on hill priest budapest

This poor Italian priest was killed by being placed in a barrel of thorns and rolled down this very hill! One of Budapest points of interest.


war memorial stautes Budapest

One of our top things to do in Budapest was just walking down the grand avenues and checking out past history. We spotted this one off Andrassy Avenue. Very intense.

Museum of Terror:

Located on Andrassy Avenue, it was indeed a terror for the many victims who were imprisoned there, falsely accused for the most part in an effort to seize their houses and wealth.

budapest 4 days were not enough house of terror

Budapest – House of Terror museum where unspeakable things were done to innocent victims

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The Opera House:

Amazing and elegant building. Neo-Renaissance in style and Baroque architectural design, it is the 2nd largest opera house in Hungary. Otto Klemperer was a music director there for 3 years ( I only know that because l was a big fan of Hogan’s Heroes which starred his son Werner) :-) . It is gorgeous inside with marble stairs and lots of red.

Opera house budapest front view

The Opera house in Budapest – Spectacular interior, lots of gold and red velvet. Check it out if you have time. A must do in Budapest. It’s awesome inside.

Budapest Ruin Pubs:

Ruin pub Budapest with hanging pigs

One of the best ruin pubs in Budapest is Instant. It was a really big space on two floors. The bathrooms are something to behold :-). A ruin pub crawl is a popular thing to do in Budapest.

No visit to Budapest is complete without checking out one of the famous ruin pubs. These are basically abandoned buildings taken over by young hipsters. Full of psychedelic ambience and mismatched crappy furniture, it started as a place for young people to hang out and drink for cheap, but has evolved into a must do thing in Budapest, even the locals hang out there. Worth checking out one or two. There are several located in the 6th District.

As you can see, there are so many points of interest in Budapest, definitely enough things to hold your interest over a 4 day Budapest holiday. Best to narrow down what interest you most and then work out a schedule that will accommodate them.


budapest skyline

Your Budapest itinerary should include getting lost and discovering new places in the city. You won’t be disappointed.

If you prefer to do Budapest tours, we recommend using this tour company, one we have used personally often during our travels. We find their prices competitive and their customer service and guides excellent.


Best time to visit Budapest:

Weather wise, the best time of year to visit Budapest is March, April, May, September, October and November. Not only is Budapest less crowded at these times of the year, kids are back in school :-),  but the weather is milder and idyllic to go adventuring.

Gothic building Budapest 4 day itinerary

A very goth building on the Buda side of Budapest. Amazing architecture.


views from the Danube river in Budapest in 4 days Budapest itinerary

View from the Danube. A definitely can’t miss in Budapest. There are so many cool things to do in Budapest so you won’t get bored.


Cannon on the hill fort in Budapest Hungary

One of the top ten things to do in Budapest include a tour to learn about the history and see such historic sights like this old war tank sitting on the Citadel.


View of Budapest from the Citadel showing Buda and Pest sides in 4 days Budapest itinerary

View of Budapest from the Citadel showing Buda on the left and Pest on the right. Visit Budapest  and be blown away. It is simply beautiful.


ultimate 4 day budapest itinerary chain bridge night view

Night view of the Chain bridge in Budapest. Definitely one of the prettiest sights in the city.


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What to eat in Budapest: Some of the yummy food we had

Budapest prices for food and drink are very reasonable, so have no fear. The cost of eating out in Budapest can be as low as $7 or less per person if you go to where the locals eat. This means getting off the main avenues and venturing just one or 2 streets over.

You can also cut costs by shopping for sandwiches at convenience stores that are spread all over the city. What to eat in Budapest includes local Hungarian dishes, and of course Hungarian goulash soup. I think we had that almost every night, and we were not disappointed. I had no idea that Turkey ruled for 150 years, meaning at least 4 generations of Turks and therefore great food!. We also had the famous Hungarian pancake dessert.


budapest restaurant menu in hungarian 4 days Budapest itinerary

This is one of the best traditional Hungarian restaurant Budapest has. The food and especially Hungarian goulash stew was amazing, and was reasonably priced. It had an unpronounceable name but quite close to the Parliament. A lot of locals and no English.


pate trio with cold cut Budapest

Food to try in Budapest should include pate of all kinds. They were so delicious, especially the one with the duck. l could have that for dinner all by itself.


hungarian goulash in budapest restaurant

You can never have enough of Hungarian Goulash :-) . No visit is complete unless you eat Hungarian goulash in Budapest. Cost of a meal in Budapest can be as little as $4 (Gyros sandwich, fries and drink)


image of duck and mushroom dish in Budapest

I had the duck plate. It was fabulous, absolutely freaking fabulous. This was at Kheiron restaurant. You should go if you are in the fifth district. The food and ambience are awesome, definitely one of the best Hungarian food in Budapest.


Hungarian dish in Budapest

We were so adventurous, we tried every Hungarian dish we could find, like this one made with onions and chicken.


4 days Budapest itinerary

Pancake dessert is something to eat in Budapest, it’s stuffed with some sort of walnut paste then a flambe with rum


duck with mashed poptato side plate budapest

We had plenty of duck dishes during our visit. Fantastic!


image of flaming dessert at Kheiron Budapest

My dessert was flaming! This was at restaurant Kheiron, one of the most romantic restaurants in Budapest


A castle that we spotted while sailing down the Danube. Only accessible by all those stairs from what l could understand.

Budapest sightseeing. A castle that we spotted while sailing down the Danube. Only accessible by all those stairs from what l could understand.

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4 days in Budapest. How much does it cost?

4 Days in Budapest Budget:

Here is the breakdown of our visit to wonderful Budapest. I loved the fact that prices were reasonable enough.  I am breaking down our costs here so you can use it as a gauge if you find yourself on a Budapest trip :-) .

Our bus ride from the airport was €5 each, then a short walk to the flat. You might want to get a door to door shuttle from the airport. In hindsight, we should have done that. The AirBnB flat was €30/night. We ate a lot of gyros and kebabs, because we love them and they cost €2 each for the most part. Our most extravagant dinner was €70, at Restaurant Kherion which included:

Bottle of great Hungarian red wine
2 starters, (Hungarian sampler plate & goulash soup)
2 main courses (roasted duck breast & Game stew with dumplings)
2 desserts (flambé pancake and white chocolate mousse)
I highly recommend it as a great restaurant to eat in Budapest. The atmosphere was romantic and classy and they had live music which added to the experience.

Breakdown cost for 4 full days:

Return flight for 2  €220
Airbnb         €90
Food            €210
Big Bus Tour  €30

Transport   €38
Souvenirs and postcards €8
Total: €596

For even more ideas on how to spend time in Budapest, check out this awesome list of things to do. The city, despite its cruel or perhaps because of its past is extremely photogenic. It is extremely hard to take a bad picture. I know for sure we can’t wait to re-visit. It is definitely one of our favourite cities to date. After having visited, I can say “I get it now”. I had always thought people were exaggerating just a bit about its beauty and affordability. No, they were not.

Budapest 4 day itinerary. #budapest #hungary #budapestitinerary #4daysinBudapest #budapestguide

Budapest 4 day guide #Budapest #Hungary #visitbudapest #budapestguide #budapestwhattosee

So.. how many days in Budapest to stay? We recommend a minimum of 4 days to fully appreciate most of what  it has to offer. Slow travellers like us might benefit from a longer stay, but not everyone has that luxury. The point is that you don’t want to feel rushed through your Budapest vacation.

Have you been to Budapest? If not, is it on your radar? What do you think of city as presented and do you think it’s affordable? Would you care to spend some time there?