Alcazaba And Teatro Romano, Malaga Spain

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[the_ad id=”13767″] Alcazaba and Teatro Romano in Malaga Visit: Alcazaba Malaga: FIND THE BEST MALAGA HOTELS FOR YOUR STAY What is Alcazaba?: Alcazaba means Moorish fortification, specifically in Portugal and Spain. The word is derived from the Arabic word Al-Qasba, a walled fortification within a city. The Alcazaba of Malaga is the most well preserved …

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Nerja Caves Of Malaga Spain

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  Last Updated: Nerja Caves of Malaga: The Nerja Caves are located in the province of Malaga called Nerja. The distance from Malaga to Nerja is about 40 miles East of Malaga City where we live. It sits up high above the town of Nerja, one of those idyllic resort beach towns with white houses …

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Fashion Museum in Malaga, Spain

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Last Updated: [the_ad id=”13767″] Fashion Museum Malaga:   RESERVE YOUR HOTEL IN MALAGA HERE  Malaga Fashion Museum: (Things to do in Malaga) A while back, Federico and l had visited the Auto museum here in the city of Malaga, which l wrote about here. It is actually a car and fashion museum. The owner, that …

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Steak in Malaga – at “The Grill Club”

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  [the_ad id=”13767″] If you ever desire a great steak while  in Malaga, l can definitely recommend one. It’s called “The Grill Club”. This wonderful eatery is located in the Centro district of Malaga. The centro is full of little narrow streets packed with shops, tapas places, outdoor cafes and hawkers selling roasted chestnuts. It …

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