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museo automovilistico malaga

Oh Yeah! Classic red car at the car museum in Malaga.

The Museo Automovilistico (quite the mouthful, isn’t it? )is heaven on wheels. At least that is how l see it. As promised in my last post, l am going to share more pictures of our several hours spent at the museum.

I admit l was gobsmacked when l saw just how wonderfully kept all those cars were! The building itself is cool enough. It is humongous and is just architecturally beautiful, with it’s colorful Spanish tiles and fountain. Make sure to visit when in Malaga. It is definitely worth it and a nice way diversion from sun and sea and tapas, the other Malaga top things to do.

old tobacco factory malaga

The fashion + auto museum Malaga is located in an old tobacco factory, a very cool building by itself.

zippy car at auto museum malaga

zippy convertible car:-)

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classic cream colored buggy at auto museum malaga

The Malaga museum of automobiles and fashion has an incredible collection, including this beauty. Definitely a worthwhile place to visit in Malaga, along with the Nerja Caves.

Museo Automovilistico: (Automobile Museum of Malaga)

It used to be a working tobacco manufacturing plant called the Fabrica de Tabacos (the name is still on the gates as you enter). It was later converted into the Museo Automovilistico. It was opened in 2010, and it is the private collection of a rich Portuguese guy named Joao Magalhaes. A private collection!!!!!! Did l happen to mention that it also houses some of the most expensive and chic designer clothing, which l will cover in another post soon. I think that is so cool, because even if you’re not into cars, the clothing and designer hats will keep you enthralled just as much. Luckily, l like both.

museo automovilistico malaga techron 2 model car

There are only 2 of these ever produced. One is here at the classic car museum Malaga. The other one is in the museum of automobiles in Nashville. I think it’s called a Techron 2


A bit over the top me thinks! swarovski covered rolls royce at auto museum malaga #fashion #fashionmuseummalaga #museoautomovilistico

A bit over the top me thinks! This Rolls Royce covered in Swarovski crystals. How show-offy can you be to ride in this?

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The cars apparently can be rented as well. Can you imagine getting married, and arriving with one of these chauffered cars? A lot of these cars have history behind them. There was one that belonged to the Royal family of Monaco, and also belonged to the President of Portugal. One that was handpicked by Madonna for one of her recent tours. One owned by Arnold Schwarzenegger and so many other tidbits. I would be curious to find the value of the haute couture and box hats in the museo as well. The car collection is 25 million Euros, give or take a Euro!!! :-)

19HP classic cars at museo automovil malaga

This was heralded with great fanfare as finally the doctors could get to the patients at home faster than with a horse and carriage! I think it was 19 HP! (I could probably walk faster than

brwon and creme convertible at museo automovil malaga

Another classic car at the museo del automovil Malaga. Brown and creme colored convertible.

Looks very Batmanish to me..

 Madonna rented convertible at auto museum malag..

This is the one Madonna rented l think for one of her videos it says. The auto museum has plaques on each car with a history which makes it pretty handy. One of her Gaultier designed cone bra is in there as well.


The Arnuld! car at car museum malaga :-)

The Arnuld! :-) I can so picture him with a cigar in this! I can’t even begin to think how much he sold the car for. It sort of fits him doesn’t it?


You know the U.S has to be represented. American made cars at museo automovil Malaga

You know the U.S has to be represented. The Malaga museo automovil has some classic cars such as one Cadillac owned by Elvis.

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I wouldn't mind this one!

I wouldn’t mind this one! This looks very much like a classy lady’s car. I love the way they pair the dresses to the cars. You can actually picture it in your head of how it must have looked.

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classic blue car at museum automovilistico in Malaga Spain

He loved this one. His football team colors! t least the blue :-)

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A Swarovski crystal covered Rolls Royce at the Museum of Automobiles in Malaga, Spain. Part of a 25 million dollar collection.

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If you find yourself in Malaga City, l highly recommend visiting the Museo Automovilistico.  It has something for everyone. I would actually consider it a must visit on any Malaga vacation in addition to the beach.

Which one of these classic cars fit you to a T? Are you a car buff or would you prefer the fashion side of the automobile museum?