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Museo Automovilistico de Malaga, Spain (Automobile Museum) Is Fantastic!

gullwing benz old, british

Last Updated: The Museo Automovilistico (quite the mouthful, isn’t it? ) is heaven on wheels. At least that’s how l see it. This post is photo-heavy as we spent several hours in this museum and l can’t resist showing off some of my favorites. There are about 90 amazing classic cars in this museum, so … Read more

Alcazaba And Teatro Romano, Malaga Spain

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[the_ad id=”13767″] Alcazaba and Teatro Romano in Malaga Visit: Alcazaba Malaga: FIND THE BEST MALAGA HOTELS FOR YOUR STAY What is Alcazaba?: Alcazaba means Moorish fortification, specifically in Portugal and Spain. The word is derived from the Arabic word Al-Qasba, a walled fortification within a city. The Alcazaba of Malaga is the most well preserved … Read more

Nerja Caves Of Malaga Spain

BRL 4794 copy

  Last Updated: Nerja Caves of Malaga: The Nerja Caves are located in the province of Malaga called Nerja. The distance from Malaga to Nerja is about 40 miles East of Malaga City where we live. It sits up high above the town of Nerja, one of those idyllic resort beach towns with white houses … Read more

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