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postcard from stockholm

Norrbro bridge by the palace in Stockholm

Greetings from Stockholm, the capital of Scandinavia! We have been enjoying ourselves in this absolutely beautiful city for the past week or so. I have so much to tell you in the next few posts, but for now, this lovely postcard from Stockholm will have to do :-). We left Seville about 10 days ago. Our first stop was to Madrid, one of our favorite cities ever. Our visit was only for one day, but we managed to cram lots of sightseeing into that day.

This fellow is helping me navigate Gamla Stan, the old city. What a great place!

This fellow is helping me navigate Gamla Stan, the old city. What a great place!

I for one had no idea what to expect of Stockholm. It has totally blown me away. I expected it to be like Copenhagen, but nope..a whole different enchilada. Fourteen different islands make up this immense city, and while there are similarities, the Baltic sea makes this city humongous compared to Copenhagen, at least to me. We have had a chance to enjoy some of the local food such as Swedish meatballs with lingonberry sauce (delicious!) and a variety of fish. I was also delighted to see that this city is chock full of sushi joints. We have been gorging ourselves on sushi, so much so..l think l could live here (another place!).

In the next few posts, l will share:

  • How to spend a day in Madrid
  • A lovely stay at the Djuronaset Hotel in the Stockholm archipelago. You can search hotel information here.
  • My ride in a tiny Submarine (a working 4 person max vessel)
  • Our first ever stay in a hostel and of course my thoughts on that
  • Our visit to the amazing Stockholm City Hall. This is where they hold the Nobel Prize dinner yearly by the way. The space is stunning to put it mildly.
  • The food of course. I definitely can’t forget that :-). I know there are a ton of foodies out there. We are hoping to do a food tour and if it happens, l will feature it.

We will be in Stockholm for a few more days, then it’s on to Rome to visit Federico’s family. Lots of good food and drink for sure. Federico has not stopped planning his menu for the days there.. Every day, l have to listen to talk of pizza, cornetti, Buffalo mozzarella and gnocchi. To make matters worse, or better depending on what side you’re on, we will also visit Bologna, a city famous for its cuisine. It will be a first for me in Bologna and l am definitely looking forward to the food, especially spaghetti bolognese. We’ll see if it matches the Ragu in the jar :-) :-).

postcard from stockholm

Postcard from Stockholm. City Hall is in the background. Wait till you see the inside ;-).

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One fun fact about the city hall tower. Thanks to the rivalry with Copenhagen whose city hall tower stands at 105 meters, the architect built Stockholm’s tower to be 106 meters! I find that funny :-). Childish, but funny!!! I know this has turned out to be “postcards” instead of postcard from Stockholm, but l could not resist adding a couple more images to the post. This city is just so photogenic. I can definitely understand the affinity that people have for it. I feel the love myself.

How has your summer been so far? Is there lots of food involved with the holidays? Are you a big fan of Italian food? If yes, what food would you like me to eat on your behalf in Rome or Bologna? (If you prefer, l can make it Swedish food). I will do and report back, as long as it’s not gnocchi. I hate that with a passion! and you couldn’t pay me to eat it! :-)