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Food In Budapest. This short and sweet post is all about food in this awesome capital city. Most people know that one of our priorities when we travel is to search out and consume good food and wine. Our Budapest visit was no different. We were able to enjoy some of the best Hungarian food. Traditional Hungarian food tends to be hearty, with a lot of meat and potatoes which is just fine by us. Here are some of the amazing food we had during our visits to Budapest.

As you know, our first visit to Budapest when we spent 4 days were not enough! This time, we were able to visit for ten days. We absolutely loved it. I definitely would go back to this fabulous city. It has something for everyone. You can really see how it has come out successfully from the really bad times during the last world war. Some of the atrocities l have written about on the House of Terror  post.


Food in Budapest: Awesome All Around

How expensive is Budapest?

Budapest on the whole is a cheap city to visit. One of the reasons being that there are a lot of young people in Universities so it has to be affordable. The other reason is because of the past history. I think the more people discover the city, the higher the prices will be, but it still remains a city that gives you a bang for your buck.

Some of the best food we had contained steak and duck as the main course. For some reason l had never imagined duck as part of their diet, and l was pleasantly surprised.

Food Budapest

Duck breast and the most awesome potatoes ever!

This food above was from a restaurant that was very close to where we stayed, actually , it was right across the street. It worked out well. Can l just say the restaurant was run by the owner. A staff of one! Just one, he took the order, cooked the food,  and brought it to you. Everything was absolutely delicious, everything. We watched him cook it all, and make the drinks too. Oh..did l mention that he also had 500cc sized Mojitos?

Yes.. I indulged, after all , l only had to stagger across the street :-) . One thing l wondered about in Budapest was how Mojitos became so popular? I mean every place served them! They were cheap too, just like the food. The above half gallon Mojito mentioned was €2.50! Can you blame me for being a temporary alcoholic on this trip? I didn’t think so :-) .

If you want to discover some of the best food in Budapest where locals go, then consider a private culinary tour of Budapest.

Best steak ever, Hungarian style. The parsley salad was fantastic. We went back twice more, and had it again and again!

Best steak ever, Hungarian style. The parsley salad was fantastic. We went back twice more, and had it again and again! The steak is hidden under the salad!


Duck breast salad. We totally indulged in all things duck!!!

Duck breast salad. We totally indulged in all things duck!!!


Goulash..of course!

Goulash..of course! Possibly the best Goulash in Budapest in my opinion.


soup with bread on the side

All sort of soup was consumed by us, this is vegetable soup , sort of like minestrone and absolutely delicious.

a plate of food in Budapest - rice topped with lettuce,chicken, white and red sauce and tomatoes

Doesn’t this plate look ridiculous in size. We managed to eat it all as it was delicious. The red sauce added an extra kick. It’s like a salad mixed with your main food.

Don’t forget dessert in Budapest:

Hungarian pancake dessert

Delicious pancake dessert.

Best food In Budapest To Try Include:

  • Goulash
  • Chicken paprika
  • Langos (deep fried dough topped with cream)
  • Stuffed Cabbage
  • Fisherman’s Soup (Halazle)

For street food, the Langos is a good one to try. I wasn’t a huge fan, but Federico liked it well enough to down it before l could even take a picture. You can visit the Simpla Kertz morning market for brunch on Sundays to try delicious home grown food food from about 30 local vendors. The brunch price is roughly $17 per person converted. Children agesd 6 and under eat for free and ages 6-12 eat for half price, so a good deal indeed.


Superior room Corinthia Budapes

A superior room at the Budapest travellers choice hotel

Overall thoughts on Budapest food:

We ddi not eat a bad meal throughout our stay. The only restaurant l remember and highly recommend is Kheiron. We had an amazing meal there, one that brings back great memories. The reason l don’t remember other names is because they were in Hungarian.

Staying on the Pest side really close to the Oktogon in a local neighbourhood meant we were able to have the best of both worlds. We ate at close by local places as well as definitely touristy places like Hooters when we wanted. The food is hearty and good, especially the various types of soups.

My best tip? Walk just one street over from the main tourist streets and you will see a big price drop and locals eating at their favourite joints. A good meal can be had for as low as $5 and a good glass of Hungarian wine for about $2.50 at most small places and the food will be authentic.

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Who shares my love for food? Any kinds of food you are partial to? I love all food, especially Mexican food, which l miss so much and have yet to find one place that comes even close to the Tex-Mex or food that my friends parents used to make from scratch.