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Drottingholm palace in Stockholm is the official private residence of the Swedish royal family. This stunning beauty is located on an island called Lovon. Prior to 1981, it was only used as the royal summer residence. We saw the other palace in Stockholm and that was already impressive. That is now being used for official government business. It is also a popular tourist destination.

The Drottingholm palace surely offers more privacy. The fact that the grounds are massive and utterly gorgeous would be appealing to me. We decided to visit the palace on the last of ten days spent in Stockholm. I am so glad we did as it was worth every penny.

To get to Drottingholm Palace from Stockholm, we took one of the Stockholm Boat Tour water cruises operated by Stromma from city hall. An hour of picture perfect views, cool breeze and some cold water and we were in Drottingholm. Here is our recap of our wonderful day trip from Stockholm, one that’s highly recommended.

Drottingholm Palace in Stockholm Day Trip:

stockholm beach

One of the many islands we saw along the way to Drottingholm Palace. People enjoying a beach day. Visit Stockholm Sweden in the summer and you too can enjoy the beach. It was pretty cold to me coming from Spain, but the locals didn’t seem to mind.

Drottingholm Palace History:

Come into my palace :-)

Come into my palace :-)

Stockholm Palace:

The palace was designed by an architect by the name of  Nicodemus Tessin the Elder. The original facade was pink plaster (yuck!). Thankfully, his son Nicodemus the Younger, who took over in 1681, toned down the loud color. In 1744, Queen Louisa Ulrika,  mother of King Gustav III was given the palace as a wedding gift.

She further incorporated some rococo elements to the baroque style of the palace. The grounds consist of the palace, church and the oldest theater in the world that’s still in use. It is a UNESCO world heritage site. Over the years, the palace went through many changes including a white exterior.

drottingholm palace must do in stockholm stairs

Drottingholm Palace interior: Pretty cool statues and stairs in a warm hue that l actually liked.

While Charles XIV John of Sweden’s ruled from 1818-1844, the palace was abandoned. In the king’s mind, it was part of an old history. As have happened to just about every royal residence we visited, the palace fell into ruins from abandonment.

The furnishings were taken away and auctioned off. In 1846, King Oscar 1 started repairs when he became king, and it was later  finished by Oscar II.  They were criticized for making the palace contemporary rather than restoring it. It was King Gustav V, who had been born in the palace that eventually restored it to its former glory over four years, ending in 1911.

drottingholm palace must do in stockholm front view

Drottingholm Palace Gardens: The front view from the Stockholm palace towards the sea

Drottingholm Palace Interior:

One of the various rooms we saw. Memory fails me though as to the names.

One of the various rooms we saw at the Swedish royal palace.. Memory fails me though as to the names.

Drottingholm Palace Tour: An English speakers tour had just started when we arrived. We did a naughty thing ;-) . As soon as we paid and got our tickets, we hurried on till we caught up with the group and sort of followed them for the tour.

I felt a bit bad cheating, but it was nice to get the lovely tidbits about the palace. We learned about the various ladies of the palace, a young one in particular who reminded me of Jane Austen. She had a diary and documented life in the palace. One of the funny things:

The king was the one who determined whether it was summer or winter. On a whim, he would change his mind, meaning all the people had to change to the appropriate clothing. That might mean for the ladies, having to remove their garments that took hours to change into winter clothing, only for the temperamental king to change his mind again and  say it was summer after all ;-)  :-) . I would have committed murder!!!

Imagine having to change in and out of this torturous dress.

Imagine having to change in and out of this torturous dress, gorgeous as it is. This is the Conversation Room inside Drottingholm Palace Stockholm.

The one thing that struck me as we wandered through the rooms was that this was the very first palace I’ve been in that was actually tasteful. I have toured palaces in VersaillesIstanbul, and Marrakesh among others.

The one theme they all have in common (at least the Christian ones) is the color pink. Every room is some sort of god awful pink shade and lots of gilded gold. The rooms in Drottingholm palace actually look homey and royal. The queen had good taste, a lot of blues and gold which blend harmoniously. Understated elegance. My kind of style :-) .

Drottingholm Palace Library:

Nice! My dream library swedish palace drottingholm

Nice! My dream library at the Swedish Palace.

I would love a room like this. I could spend all day. The views are of the garden and it is so peaceful.

The Drottingholm Palace Chinese Pavilion Room:

 tapestry in royal palace sweden.

I just love the colors, right down to the tapestry. One of my favorite rooms. The blues were so royal and deep.

The “Chinese” stove was a gift from Catherine II of Russia. It was quite the attraction in those days, thanks to the sculptors and painted tiles. History has however proven that this depiction was strictly from imagination. Nothing on the stove represented China, not the tiles, the paint or even the looks of the sculptures :-).

drottingholm stockholm chinese stove

The Chinese stove in the Drottingholm Palace interior

Swedish Palace Drottingholm Ball Room:

I can just imagine the sort of parties that went on here over the years.

I can just imagine the sort of parties that went on here over the years. The palace visit is one of the excellent day trips from Stockholm available.

There were so many more rooms that we saw. I just can’t remember all their names. Suffice to say they were all pretty interesting. I just loved the rich mahogany that was everywhere and the intricate patterns of flooring.

I think she said this was the Blue Room. You can see why.

I think she said this was the Blue Room. You can see why. Quite over the top, but when you’re the Swedish royal family, you can do whatever you want.

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Drottingholm Palace Exterior:

drottingholm palace garden

What a view! The Drottingholm Palace gardens are excellent, absolutely.

An awe-inspiring garden landscape. Looking out from the library or just about any room down to the grounds was just wow!. The baroque style garden was modeled after the palace of Versailles according to the guide. It reminds me more of the Champs-Elysee garden myself.

Federico was ahead of me and ran into a young newlywed couple who had been asking people to take their photos. They were dressed in white and had a simple point and shoot. Lucky for them, his wedding photographer side kicked in and they had an impromptu wedding shoot. They were so grateful, the girl was in tears when she saw the pictures. I was happy for them and didn’t mind sweltering in the sun :-) .

swedish palace gardens drottingholm

Can you see me on my way to catch up? It was hot and  few ventured to the garden which was great for photos.

The front of the palace is just as beautiful. There are several Italian statues as you walk along the wide path of the park which had young lovers and families alike enjoying the sun. More statues are scattered all over the park and are meant to surprise the visitor. Unexpected in such a green area.

The courtyard that holds the church and theater

The Drottingholm royal courtyard that holds the church and theater.


One of the statues on the grounds.

One of the statues on the grounds at Drottingholm.


drottingholm palace in stockholm landscape

Drottingholm is beautiful and a perfect setting for the Swedish royal family digs. One of the fountains in the garden. How awesome is this?



The guard house at the Drottingholm Royal Palace Stockholm, one of the many castles in Stockholm.

I would  recommend a visit to the Drottingholm Palace as one of the top things to do in Stockholm. It was a fantastic way to end our wonderful time in the city. We did not get a chance to explore the Chinese Pavilion as we had to catch the last boat back to the Stockholm.

How long to explore the Stockholm Palace:

I would recommend allowing at least five hours to fully enjoy and explore everything. This whole place reminded me so much of the British series Blackadder :-) . You can find out more on the palace at their website.

ferry arriving in stockholm drottingholm palace

All too soon, it was time to say goodbye. Our Stockholm boat tour boat arrives to take us away from the Drottingholm castle.

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What do you think about Drottingholm Palace in Stockholm? How would you like this as your residence and wake up to these views on a daily basis? I still say “It’s good to be the King” (if you get this, you rock! :-) )