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experience djuronaset hotel

The Boat House at the Djuronaset where we had lunch. What a nice way to experience some of the Swedish Archipelagos.

The Djuronaset hotel (pronounce without the D) is located in the Stockholm archipelago, on Djuro island. It is a mere forty five minute drive from the city, making for a lovely getaway from the hustle and bustle. Our experience couldn’t have been better, starting from the very comfortable bus that picked us up from the conference hotel in Stockholm.

Djuronaset Hotel Review:

experience djuronaset hotel

Part of the reception area in the lobby. There are many little sections for privacy.


Folk dancing venue on the grounds.

Folk dancing venue on the grounds of the Djuronaset hotel. Fun thing to do on Swedish holidays :-).

Djuronaset Hotel:

Djuronaset Hotel is a 274 room, 4 star hotel spread over several acres. The exterior of the hotel lobby is quite plain, almost boring. The inside, however is done up in warm and inviting colors, quickly dispelling any disappointing thoughts.

Djuronaset hotel is definitely an outdoor lover’s paradise.  Sailing, golfing, canoeing are just some of the activities offered. There are also lovely hiking trails. The setting is idyllic. Even though it can accommodate up to four hundred fifty plus number of people, it doesn’t feel cramped or over crowded.

If you prefer the indoors, there are plenty of books to read, or you can even opt to play indoor games like billiards. Upon arrival and check-in by the very capable and friendly staff, we were led to one of the buildings that houses the rooms on the grounds by Pia, our designated handler.

I immediately thought our building perfect for a hen party or guys getaway. There was a kitchen and living room that was nicely decorated. The buildings were set a bit apart so the chances of being loud enough to disturb others are pretty minimal.

experience djuronaset hotel

Looking down to the living room from the hallway to our room. Visit one of the many Swedish islands, stay and enjoy Djuro.


Each house had a full equipped kitchen.

Each house at the Djuronaset Hotel had its own kitchen. Sweet!

Our room was very nice, as was the bathroom. The room felt bright and airy and we had a wonderful view of one of the hiking trails, with some of the sea peeking through. Very relaxing.

One of the things l found fascinating was the roof lines of the buildings (forgot to take a picture :-( ). They were somehow slanted and blended with the trees. We were informed that part of their deal in getting the hotel built was that the roof could not be seen from above (weird huh!).

There was a competition to design the grounds. The winning architects came up with this “Fresh Air” design. The rooms, housed in different buildings are set apart from the dining hall, forcing you to get fresh air as you make your way to the restaurant, like it or not. Very clever l think.

The bed was a tight fit for two l must admit, but l think they had us down as single, and l did not want to stay in a separate room :-)

The bed was a tight fit for two l must admit, but l think they had us down as single, and l did not want to stay in a separate room :-)

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Djuronaset Hotel Food experience:

Yummy bread.

Yummy bread served at the restaurant at Djuronaset hotel.

Since it was a lovely summer day, we had lunch at their  seasonal restaurant by the water. The menu was simple, choice of burger or salmon. I opted for the salmon and l can definitely say that it was the best salmon l have ever eaten. I don’t know if it was because it was cold poached, but it was absolutely delicious and still stands out as the best thing l ate the whole time l was in Stockholm ;-) .

Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

Makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Salmon at Djuronaset


The other option..Bacon burger. It was humongous. Even better washed down with beer.

The other option..Bacon burger. It was humongous. Even better washed down with beer.

Our dinner was also incredible. It was nice to bond with the other bloggers and trade stories. The staff was excellent and made sure we had everything we needed. Their bread was incredible, and baked in house. We loved it so much at our table, we actually asked for more and the kind waitress was able to accommodate us.

experience djuronaset hotel beef tartar

Beef tartar with fried capers. Djuronaset hotel.


Mouth watering dessert.

Mouth watering dessert at Djuronaset hotel, Stockholm


When in Sweden, do as the Swedes do. We had Fika :-) . One of the many pastries.

When in Sweden, do as the Swedes do. We had Fika :-) . One of the many pastries.

Djuronaset Hotel Spa Experience:

The hotel offers an outside as well as an inside sauna. We opted for the indoor one. After Fika, a Swedish version of a coffee break where you have sandwiches, baked fruit and sweets, we got a chance to try out the sauna and sweat it all out. That was a whole lot of fun, no hiking for me. I tried their 4 season water fall. We then retreated to the giant pool, me to the shallow end of course.

What a relaxing space with views of the forest and water.

Spa Stockholm. What a relaxing space with views of the forest and water from the spa area.


experience djuronaset hotel spa

There were several rooms to sweat in :-). This Stockholm Archipelago hotel is extremely nice.


Finished off by dipping in the pool.

Djuronaset Hotel Pool: Finished off by dipping in the pool.

Djuronaset Hotel Submarine Experience:

We were given an incredible opportunity to experience a submarine dive whilst there. Despite my apprehension, l agreed, along with two other girls to do just that the very next morning.

I am not quite claustrophobic, but the thought of being enclosed in a 4 person max submarine was a bit nerve jangling. Federico decided against doing it, and informed me that l could find him at the buffet table instead :-) .

experience djuronaset hotel submarine

Captain Lasse and the sub. Picture me trying to get in and especially out of that thing. Just walking on that narrow ledge to get to the opening made me nervous.

Only two of us showed up for the ride. I’ll tell you what, it was quite the sight getting me in, and especially out of that little round hole. I was positive l would get stuck, and actually on the way down, l missed one of the steps and had to delicately drop down without hitting any of the controls.

Picture me on the way back out and my leg refusing to clear the roughly 2 foot space. Thanks to the very capable captain Lasse who pulled me out, it was all good. Haha! I kind of wish l had a picture to show you :-) . However,  it was not funny at that moment ;-) .

Sort of felt like you were in for an MRI or something.

Sort of felt like you were in for an MRI or something. This is one of the Stockholm events available on the grounds during conferences.


We saw some fish and other marine life.

We saw some fish and other marine life on the Swedish archipelago Djuronaset.

The dive was fantastic. This particular submarine is only one of three in the whole world. It was sold to the company by the Swedish Navy and it still is being used with them for strategic exercise. Lasse gets to play war games with the Navy!!! How cool is that? We were hoping to see an actual ship wreck (a twin of the boat at the Vasa museum), but sadly ran out of time.

A definite once in a lifetime experience. He actually did a vertical shot to the surface which l thought was really cool. You had to hang on for dear life as that thing hurtled to the surface. I highly recommend this dive if you find yourself at Djuronaset Hotel. Totally worth it. Lasse is awesome and talked me through my anxiety. You couldn’t be in more capable hands. Their website is here (Swedish).

Check out my certificate :-)

Check out my certificate :-) . Now it is official!

After a quick breakfast (a buffet) post dive, it was sadly time to leave for Stockholm. The Djuronaset hotel is great for all sorts of vacationers, from couples to families and it is especially wonderful for conferences and weddings. You can  make your booking here for Djuronaset Hotel. 

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Would you like to experience a wonderful restful vacation like at the Djurönäset Hotel? What is your favorite part of the whole experience? Where could you magically getaway to right now? Would you get into a tiny submarine?