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Paella originated in Valencia and to say the locals are proud of that fact would be an understatement. Any visitor to the city must enjoy this Spanish staple and it is near impossible not to love it if you are a big fan of rice like we are. You already know who has excellent paella in Sevilla. It was a pleasure to have paella Valencia style cooked for us by a born and bred native of Valencia. Here is an authentic paella recipe Valenciana from our host.

how to make authentic paella valenciana - man with chicken pieces uncooked

Our host ready to cook an authentic paella!

We stayed with our hosts for a few days while apartment hunting. They have been incredible. They live off the grid in a rural town  just outside the city of Valencia and grow their own vegetables.  There are horses, geese, duck, rabbits and chickens to bother as well as the owners very sweet dog. They have two kids who also love the company of the dogs and it’s a relief to be able to leave them for long periods.

They offered to make us authentic Spanish paella and we gratefully accepted. I am going to share the paella recipe with all of you because it was absolutely delicious and fresh. We have since had the chance to eat some Spanish paella at different places since we got here. This has been the very best, because really..there’s nothing like a home cooked meal.  It takes a bit of time to prepare, but I assure you that it’s time well spent. Cooked over an open fire, paella doesn’t get more authentic than this!

 authentic paella recipe valenciana ingredients

Some of the ingredients for making authentic paella Valenciana

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Pimenton de l avera and colorante are two of the ingredients needed for paella Valenciana

Authentic Paella Recipe:

Ingredients for an authentic Spanish paella Valenciana:

Artichokes soaked in lemon and water

Flat green beans

Pureed tomato and chopped garlic (1 1/2 tomatoes per person)

Vegetable oil

Paella Rice

Sweet ground pepper

Garlic, chopped


Chicken and rabbit cut in pieces

Butter beans (1/2 cup for 2)


Paella Pan (no made in China because you get what you pay for he said :-) )

Authentic Spanish Paella Recipe (Valenciana) Steps:

authentic paella pan heating up spanish paella recipe

Heating the oil.. Make sure you have an authentic paella pan.  That is important.

  • Put oil in the pan. Fry the chicken and rabbit over medium fire till crispy brown, salt as needed
chicken cooking on open fire in paella pans in a quest to make real paella from Valencia Spain

The smell of the chicken cooking already makes you drool.

  • Push them to the side and add your green beans in the center. Let it simmer for about 15 minutes so the beans get the full flavor. Add more salt to taste

mixing veggies with the chicken to make paella

  • Part the center, add the tomato and garlic to the middle. Salt and simmer
cooking authentic valenciana paella

Everything cooked gets pushed to the side to make room for the new

  • Add 2 teaspoonfuls of the sweet pepper (1 tsp. per person)
  • Now, mix everything together

mixing paella valencian ingredients

  • Add water up to the handles of the paella pan (should cover everything)
  • Turn up the heat and cook for about 20 minutes so the water gets the flavor of all
  • Add a dash of colorant and more salt if needed
  • Add the artichokes and butter beans
adding rice to paella mixture

no measuring cup needed..just down the line :-)

  • Add the rice by making a stripe down the middle of the pan
  • Turn down the heat. Let it simmer for about 15-20 minutes to taste
  • You can add rosemary if desired.
couple holding paella valenciana

The finished labor of love- Authentic Paella Valenciana

  • Let it sit for about 5 minutes. You can squeeze lemon on top if you desire.

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  • Enjoy!

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Eating paella Valenciana:

Paella goes very well with some red wine. Try and find some Pata Negra wine if you can. We were so stuffed, we didn’t have any dinner. The paella was accompanied with some tuna salad and finished off with Horchata  and strawberries which we finished before l could take a picture :-). Feel free to substitute seafood for rabbit and chicken to get an authentic seafood paella recipe. Just know it’s not the original from Valencia :-). There you have it.

Authentic Spanish Paella Valencia style to be enjoyed over and over again. We can’t wait to make this for ourselves now that we have a great an easy to do recipe. On a stove of course, I doubt we’ll have an outside grill like they do. We have of course seen those pre packed paella mixes and have often thought of just buying those, but we love eating freshly made things, especially pasta sauces.

What do you think of this authentic paella recipe? Have you ever had Spanish paella? If yes, do you like it? If not, are you going to try this at home?