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wynwood walls miami

Wynwood walls Miami – one of our top highlights on our Miami visit.

A dedicated post to the amazing Wynwood District graffiti artwork. I’ve always wanted to share some more pictures from Miami, Florida. Get ready for an image heavy post of really awesome urban graffiti in the hip and colourful area known as the Wynwood District.

Graffiti Miami:

We had a chance to visit last year after our cruise to the Dominican Republic. We spent a few hours in the neighborhood walking around and taking pictures of the amazing body or work by artists from all over the world. A former warehouse district, the late Tony Goldman conceived the idea of revitalising the neighbourhood by transforming the buildings into “giant canvases and bring the greatest street art ever seen in one place”.

The intention was to make Wynwood become a place that people would gravitate to and therefore develop the pedestrian potential. I would say mission accomplished as the Wynwood Walls, and in fact the district has now become one of the must see places on any visit to Miami. We certainly enjoyed our time there. Here are some of our favourite murals from this colorful section of Miami.

Awesome Urban Graffiti Wynwood District:

adam and eve uban art

Our Wynwood art walk was very enjoyable. A twist on Adam and Eve at Wynwood districts.

There are more than 50 artists and 16 countries represented at Wynwood. The art covers over 80,000 square feet of walls.

Wynwood Graffiti:

awesome urban graffiti in wynwood district miami

Wynwood Florida – a must visit in Miami! This mural is so cool and gives you a 3D effect, like you could be right in the street.


awesome urban graffiti in colorful wynwood district of miami

You never feel crowded in as everything is outside at Wynwood walls


atomic green guy wynwood walls

Green Atomic Guy..looks like an angry elf to me :-)

 colorful graffiti basquait Miami

Basquiatt would be proud to be represented here.


wynwood mural hands

I really like this one. Hands of the world, Come to think of it, I think it is in the top 3 favorites at Wynwood walls for me.


man baby mural wynwood walls miami

Wynwood walls urban graffiti – I call this one man baby..not even sure what the meaning behind this could be :-)


kids building elephant mural wynwood

Kids building an elephant? The whole of Wynwood district has an amazing array of street art. Give yourself several hours to discover them.


mural of boy with glasses wynwood

I like this one a lot too. It reminds me of someone l know that l called the big kid.

Stop Wars Wynwood:

stop wars mural wynwood

Urban art at its best. Love it. Stop Wars instead of Star Wars!


couple mural girl looking away wynwood

Wynwood walls art that makes you ponder. This guy reminds me of Johnny Depp for some reason.Maybe Benny and Joon?


i remember paradise mural wynwood

Amazing Wynwood art district. I remember Paradise too :-)


wynwood wall mural miami

Another one of my favorites. There is so much being said in this mural in Wynwood district art.

BrickHouse Wynwood:

brick house mural wynwood miami

This joint was jumping that day. We didn’t go inside, but l think if you visit Wynwood district, you should make an effort to visit the Brick House. The music was really cool, and the clientele didn’t look snobbish.


murals at wynwood with recycled tire seats

Wynwood district art: Love the seats too made of recycled tires. Those 3 somehow remind me of the 3 witches in Macbeth ;-)


x rated mural wynwood

This mural has so many, many things happening, all sex related. I don’t think l would want a young kid looking at it too closely. Definitely X rated! :-). Maybe l am just a prude, Ha ha!!!

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birdman mural wynwood walls miami

Wynwood art gallery I absolutely love this one! Love it.

Toxicomano: Graffiti art or Vandalism?

art or vandalism mural

One more favorite of the Wynwood wall art. I still can’t decide sometimes ;-)


wynwood walls mural-big eyes

Wynwood art district Miami – Tribute to Margaret Keane, the artist of the Big Eyes art? Definitely reminds me of that.



wynwood wall mural zen hand

Wynwood Miami art – I love everything about this mural, very zen. It’s also the one we’ve had the most questions about. Alas..we have no name for you on the artist.

Best bars in Wynwood:

  • Veza Sur
  • Gramps
  • Barter

Best Wynwood restaurants:

  • KYU for grilled food
  • Coyo Taco
  • Le Chick

Is Wynwood Walls worth visiting?

Yes! You will have a blast checking out these amazing works by world renowned urban artists collections. Once done, and strolling around the Wynwood district, you can find craft breweries and other cool art galleries that will take up your day. If you’re interested in the nightlife, there are also plenty of clubs A visit to Wynwood is definitely worth it.

Make sure to check their website for events taking place in the district. It is commendable how the city has transformed what was once an ugly area into a much desired and hip destination.

For the best experience in Miami, check out Big Bus Tours.

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Wynwood District Graffiti Street Art. #wynwood #wynwoodwalls #wynwooddistrict #graffiti #streetart #urbanart #miami #florida #urbangraffiti

Needless to say, I highly recommend visiting Wynwood Walls in addition to the beaches etc. if you ever visit Miami. Something for everyone and there are nice little cafes and bars to hang out.

Wynwood Walls Location:

2520 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami FL 33127

Entry to Wynwood Wall is Free!

Have you ever been to Miami? If so, did you visit the Wynwood District ? What do you think of the awesome urban graffiti in colourful Wynwood? Do you agree this is art or do you think it’s vandalism?