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Regular readers of the blog might have noticed the Groupon ad on the home page. Just in case you missed it, let me tell you that you need to check for online discounts on the site before purchasing anything. You might just save quite a bit of money. I think Groupon coupons might be my new best friend. It has recently saved us quite a bit of money… Yeah!!!! It’s a sponsored post but it’s awesome and useful information.

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Guess where we are right now? This should give you a clue. This is the authentic one! :-)

Previously, I’ve used Groupon for movie tickets, manicures and even massage discounts. I had no idea Groupon also had travel and hotel (just input what you want and boom!) ones until Federico’s sister requested a specific watch for her birthday. I ended up ordering it online and having it delivered directly to her. Of course l never told her how much we paid :-).  Easy peasy, and it was 70% off! Just the way l like it. I then noticed the online discounts for hotels like Hilton and travel sites like Hotwire. It is definitely going to play a part now in my planning for our trips this year. I just wish l had known this earlier.

You owe it to yourself to check out Groupon Coupons for great deals, and not just only for travel. There are discount codes for shoes like Clarks (Love my AirWalks and Desert Boots) that l spied with my little eye :-). Plenty of restaurants too! I even forwarded a 65% off Cancun deal to my friends who were looking to go. It’s free for everyone, no club membership or any of that twaddle, just straight up discount codes to apply at checkout.

Am l the last person in the world to know this or have you been using Groupon coupons?