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Lagos Portugal view with boats.

You knew it was just a matter of time before l had another rant. I have been stewing over two of the three trends l am going to talk about for at least 2-3 months when l found out. The first makes me almost apoplectic and l want to reach out and hand some of these people a nice back handed slap like mummy used to give me :-). I just never cease to be amazed at the lack of class and grace that some travellers possess. They give everyone else a bad name indeed. Here are 3 of the travel trends that really anger me.

3 Travel trends that make me angry:

Social media and instant gratification is all that matters. We get it!  Everyone wants to become an instant sensation, get their 15 minutes of fame. In this quest, it seems a lot of (young) people are taking it two steps further in quests for recognition. Once again, I question if my age has to do with my limited amount of tolerance, but l doubt it. It seems like basic shame and decency is lacking. I don’t know when society devolved to this level of near zero self respect. It saddens me also that most of the culprits are young women :-(. If you remember one of the previous rants on beg packing,


I have some good news. It seems at least a few Asian countries including Thailand have decided to  crack down on beg packers. Some tourists are being asked for return tickets and a minimum of $750 to fund their trip and some have been prevented from entry without it. Hear! Hear!

 Bad travel trends:

  • Baring your butt in holy or outdoor places
  • Arms outstretched, back turned to the camera
  • Choosing a destination based on Instagram
  • Littering

Baring your butt in beautiful landscapes for Instagram:



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The latest rage don’t you know?. I’m not even sure what the motivation is. Is it that they are proud of their rear ends and feel everyone must see it? Is it because they think the beauty of their butt matches the beauty of the landscape or do they think their butts enhance the beauty? Whatever their reasoning, I find it rude and disrespectful. I hope these people are on drugs as l hesitate to think that someone of sound mind would choose to do something so stupid.

I read some idiot girl’s reasoning and wish l could remember where. She said it was something she could look back on when she got old and be proud. What??? Proud of what exactly? That she defaced a beautiful place? Nice thing to show your kids and grand kids. I guess it’s not enough anymore to just travel and enjoy amazing places, your experience is not complete until you bare your butt cheeks.


There’s even a whole account dedicated to it with over a quarter million followers. Check out some of the “artistic” butt baring shots on the feed. The touristy areas of Spain are getting very fed up with the horrible behavior of tourists and you are now seeing “tourists not welcome” graffiti in places like Barcelona.

You can read about some of the latest actions actions, like Rome banning public drinking and forbidding tourists to go sightseeing in bikinis.It seems to have been something started by American tourists (surprise..surprise!) on trips abroad and has caught on with others. Imagine a family with young children coming upon one of these twats? I’m wondering how they will top this one? Full frontal? Sexual intercourse?

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roman forum cordoba spain

What’s missing in this picture? Oh.. I know! A nice butt shot would have totally complemented it!


Picking your destination based on its Instagramability:

3 travel trends that make me angry nextbiteoflife

W Hotel Barcelona Pool. Instagram worthy. Must go there then :-)

I think l just made that word up, but you get what I’m trying to say. How dumb are you to pick a place to travel based on how it will look on your feed? According to an insurance survey, 40% of millennials chose their holiday destination based on how photogenic the place is. The opportunity to sight see and discover the place came in at a lowly 3.9%. Even discovering local cuisine came in at 9%.  I’ll just leave it right there as l don’t even know what to say.

This sort of reminds me of the travellers who rush through countries in a quest to rack up the numbers. It’s kind of sad that they don’t consider really getting to experience places. They have no idea what they are missing out on, which is a shame. The urge to show off to your friends, or at least perceived friends is just too strong. Getting those “likes” and affirmation  is addictive. It seems to me they would be better off just hiring a talented person who is good at Photoshop and be done with it, they wouldn’t even need to leave the house :-).

The back turned to the camera, arms outstretched pose:

travel trends that make me angry

This is as close you l can get :-)

JUST STOP IT ALREADY!!!! To say l am sick and tired of seeing this completely overused, jaded and non-imaginative pose would be putting it mildly. It might have been cute a year or so ago, but now, every Tom, Dick and Harry is doing it. I’m not even sure what it’s supposed to signify and l have asked a couple of bloggers why they do it. Because everyone does it is not a good answer. Please, for the love of god, stop it.

Federico loves this arm outstretched pose, but he faces the camera (the original was actually grabbing his junk, but l put an end to that! :-) ). I urge travelers to be a little more imaginative, and no..no picture of your feet and the beach either. How about this? Show us a picture of where you are..the building, the landscape, the museum, the pool even and leave yourself out. It is not artistic, it is not new, it’s just old.

Bonus travel trend that sucks:

Disrespectul Tourists:

Rubbish! Why do people travel and think the world is their trash can? It’s annoying to see how much litter travelers leave behind! I just simply don’t understand why you can’t hold on to your trash till you reach a bin and then chuck it! Please stop it!.

Aaaahh.. I feel better now that I’ve gotten those travel trends off my chest. I certainly wouldn’t be sad if they all went away tomorrow. My advice to young people? Think about what you’re showing the world. Have some respect for yourself. Don’t be a sheep that just follows. Be the sheep dog that leads. Think about the sort of example you’re setting. What looks like fun at the time might just come back and bite you in the butt so to speak. That “friend” that took the picture might have snapped some more and sooner or later use it against you.

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Bad travel trends that need to die! #badtourists #traveltrends #badtravellers #touristsbehavingbadly #cheekytravellers #travel

Tourists behaving badly: My thoughts

I would like to appeal to other travellers and have them think about the impact they are having on other travellers. We don’t want to be painted by the same brush and be considered all bad. Already you can see it happening. Places that have mass tourism with unruly drunken asshats for example have turned locals against any form of tourism.

Locals are being priced out of the cities and the noise level is insane, not to mention the rubbish travellers leave behind. Can you blame the locals for being angry? Please think and respect where you travel. All these bad tourist behaviour serves no good for any of us.

Would you ever bare your butt in public? Do you see any other travel trends that make you furious? Let’s have it.