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postcard from vienna austria

This could easily have been titled “What to do when you’re not feeling Prague!”. As you know from the last postcard, I wasn’t enjoying Prague as much as l thought l would. I didn’t hate it, I just didn’t love it. I’m not sure why l thought we were in Prague for just 2 weeks, but it’s actually just a shade under 3 weeks :-). Luckily, I had booked our accommodation for just one week with the intention of trying out a different area of town so we could get a good feeling for the city. The thought of staying on didn’t exactly light my fire, so l did what l do best… cut the losses and move on to greener pastures. Since we were so close to Austria, we decided spur of the moment to add a new country and head to Vienna. The awesome freedom to do what you want, when you want!. What a lovely surprise Vienna has turned out to be. We are both sure we could live here. We’re also sure that we probably couldn’t afford to, but what a lovely place. So many reasons to love it, I keep humming all these happy songs. The above image is from the Belvedere Place complex…stunning place!

flowers blooming vienna

Blumen fur die damen – I’ve been singing Nina Hagen’s song since we got here. Flowers are in bloom and l don’t even mind sneezing my way through. We sat for a while here listening to an Arnuld lookalike sing opera songs :-).

Vienna is grand! As the train rolled in from Prague, I was at first a bit disappointed because it didn’t look like l expected (it looked “new”). Once we moved away from the train station though and went into the core of the city, I was wowed. It reminds me of Paris mixed with yeah.. Prague, Budapest and a cleaner London (my precious!). This is a great time to visit too. The weather has been awesome the past 3 days that we’ve been here. There are loads of tourists, but once again, like in Prague, not overwhelming yet. I wonder if it gets super crowded in the summertime? Everyone has this vision of Vienna as a very expensive city, but it’s actually not as bad as l thought. Now, I wish l had taken my aunt up on her offer to visit while she was posted at the embassy here.

me with aida menu vienna

We love this cafe Aida and have been a couple of times already. Great desserts and coffee.

From our usual poking around at the supermarkets and eating out, we both are positive that Stockholm and Copenhagen were more expensive for us, which l find surprising. I am also surprised at how many Asian restaurants there seems to be. We haven’t tried any yet, we’ve been busy with the schnitzels :-). Federico’s are just as good by the way, if not better, so …yeah!!! winning! The rental prices are not as horrible as l thought they would be either. Looking through realtor windows, we are seeing 550 – 650 square feet apartments for like 600-700 euros. Of course, they give you an empty shell it seems, you have to bring your own everything..including maybe not so cheap after all. It is also very impressive how workers switch from German to English so effortlessly. You’ll be happy to know that Uber works here, and is not so pricy either, we always seem to get upgraded to the next level.  Nothing is cooler that when your Uber ride is an M5 series BMW, a Jaguar Pace or a snazzy Benz. I groan when l see Skoda on the app because l became an entitled twat really quickly! :-) :-). In addition, we have been walking for miles daily, it’s that pretty.

sacher torte and coffee at aida cafe vienna

We have been sampling loads of desserts, including the famous Viennese Sacher Torte. Fed loves it, but l don’t. Not a big fan of chocolate upon chocolate covered with chocolate. Not unless it’s milk chocolate. Loving the different coffee concoctions though, lots of whipped cream.

The plan was to stay a couple more days here, then onto Salzburg for 2 nights, then back to Prague for the last 3-4 nights. Instead we are skipping Salzburg and staying in Vienna for 4 more nights, then back to Prague. The need for me to walk in the footsteps of Maria Von Trapp, while strong, doesn’t justify the costs of the 2 nights. The prices are way higher than we are willing to pay. Besides, Federico has never heard of the movie and doesn’t care to either..haha! We are going to chill in Vienna, we might visit one museum (impressionists). Even though we happened to be here the first Sunday of the month when 3 museums are free entry, they looked absolutely and positively boring. I was even bored reading what they were about! l think l’d rather sit in front of a mirror and watch my hair try to grow :-) for 12 hours than visit them. More  palace grounds, eating and people watching, maybe some wine tasting. That is the leisure game plan. I really need to start naming these postcards from.. since it’s never just a picture. That’s it for now from Vienna. So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen.. Goodbye! :-).


strudel plate vienna austria

Much more to my liking. Strudel!

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Contrary to what you might have heard, Vienna is not very expensive. First impressions of a vibrant city. #vienna #austria #sachertorte #strudel #viennamusteat #travel

Have you been to Vienna? If yes, did you find it very expensive? Have you ever heard of the Family Von Trapp?