ponta de piedade is the most beautiful spot

Ponta de Piedade is located just just a couple of miles from Lagos. Trust me when l say you definitely owe it to yourself to visit this absolutely stunning place if you are ever in the Algarve region of Portugal. The rock formations along the coastline seriously has to be one of the most beautiful natural coastlines we have ever been fortunate enough to see. Getting there is easy, you can take one of the many tour boats from Lagos for a different view point, drive or take one of the mini trains that is super popular with tourists. Our kind hosts, Anita and Richard drove us there. There is free parking too, and we were lucky enough to find one pretty quickly as it was packed.  Another great highlight of our wonderful trip, kind of like the icing on the cake. Much like the rocky beaches reminded me of Malta, Ponta de Piedade reminded me of Malta’s sister island of Gozo and its Azure window. This is just on a grander scale as there are many more cliffs.

ponta de piedade is the most beautiful spot

There were several trails that you could wander and a Lighthouse too.

I will be the first to admit that l was very nervous walking close to the edge of the cliffs. There are no guard rails. Zip! Nada. Just a puny little sign showing the way to the boat rides. No “Danger” warning signs. Nothing to keep you from falling to a gruesome death if you get too close to the edge.  I kept yelling at Federico, much to Anita’s amusement ;-) , and totally stopped him from getting as close  as he would have desired.  ;-). He had on mere flip flops, and can be clumsy sometimes.

As close as he could get!

As close as he could get!



Ponta de Piedade means “Pity Tip” according to Google translate. I picture that’s what someone would say when you trip and die.. “He was right at the tip and fell. What a pity!”. I didn’t even climb down the steps to the bottom and l certainly didn’t want to ride in any of those little boats. I still have nightmares of a water taxi we took in Malta. I almost drowned all of us four riders as well as the paddler ;-).

ponta de piedade is the most beautiful spot

A lot of stairs down. Thank God it was later in the day, l couldn’t imagine how crowded it would have been otherwise.

See what l mean by a gruesome death? Look how tiny the people up top look!

See what l mean by a gruesome death? Look how tiny that people up top look! And this was taken halfway down the steps by Federico.


Richard and l grabbed the last couple of seats available at the restaurant at the top and waited while Federico and Anita bravely climbed down to get a closer look at the grottos. They counted 198 steps down, but the official count is 182. I can only imagine how much more beautiful it was down there.


You couldn’t get me any closer to the edge than this :-) . Do l look a bit nervous?

ponta de piedade is the most beautiful spot

Look how clear the water is. The canoes seem to be floating.

I think l might be persuaded to do it on a little bigger boat like l did in Malta.

I think l might be persuaded to do it on a little bigger boat like l did in Gozo. Talk about a bird’s eye view. Can you see the birds perched?

Some of the cliffs are over 65 feet tall!. We saw a few birds, but the landscape was pretty bare. Very nice though. There were a few hikers on the trail that leads back into Lagos.  In the Springtime, Herons come to nest and there are tons of flowers and figs from January till late Spring. The sunset is supposed to be an awesome sight too. I hope we get to visit again. I would very much like to see all of that, perhaps even hike the trail in cooler weather.


The rides will cost you €12-15 per person. You can also take a private tour for €25. I think l would do it on a cruise from Lagos where they give you life jackets and the boat is a lot bigger.  This little itty bitty canoe is not going to cut it!

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Would you climb the stairs and go for a ride through the grottos and caves? or would you be like me and stay safe and cool up at the top? What do you think of Ponta de Piedade? Beautiful or Meh?