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metropole bangkok hotel understated luxury

Our flight from South Africa to Bangkok was a very long one that involved a six hour layover. Needless to say, we were extremely tired upon arrival. Our Uber ride soon delivered us to The Metropole Bangkok, a uniquely designed serviced residence under the new luxury label of Ascott ‘The Crest Collection”.

This was to be our home for two nights. Despite our tiredness that evening, we could not help being impressed by the Metropole, especially at night time. Could it be the elegant hotel Rolls Royce discreetly parked out front giving you a hint of what was to come?

Metropole Hotel Bangkok:

metropole bangkok understated luxury at its best

Yep!  The Metropole Bangkok. Understated luxury at it’s best. Picture this as a wedding carriage and a nice reception at the hotel.


metropole bangkok understated luxury at its best

The staff was awesome and we were checked in quickly.

Upon entry into the Metropole hotel lobby, you are enveloped in a warmth that one would think impossible to achieve in such a huge space. The Metropole, being the first Crest Collection property in Asia Pacific – featuring the Colonial architecture and an infusion of neoclassicism design with Thai elegance, pulled no punches.

One could easily spend hours just checking out the framed prints spread out all over the hotel telling visual stories of old Thailand. This fusion, along with the colonial touches really sets it apart. We were greeted cheerfully by the hotel staff and quickly checked in. Unlike the traditional hotel check-in desks where you have to stand, The Metropole hotel has comfortable leather chairs for you to sink into. Nice!

metropole bangkok understated luxury at its best

The serene hallway of the Metropole Hotel Bangkok, part of the Crest Collection.

Our suite on the third floor was perfect. The king size bed was big and extremely comfy. There was a fully equipped kitchen and fast Wi-Fi, a much needed convenience for the business traveler.

Crest Collection Apartment Bangkok:

These luxurious apartments of course can be hotel rooms or rented for long term if you are staying in Bangkok for an extended amount of time. It’s a wonderful place to stay, thanks to the attention to detail.

Metropole Bangkok: Room

Metropole Bangkok understated luxury bed

Nice and welcoming abode. One of the best hotels in Bangkok.


metropole hotel-sink

Luxury hotel in Bangkok to stay. Metropole Hotel

We couldn’t have wished for anything more. Extra touches like slippers, bathrobes, washing machine/dryer and an iron makes life easy for someone staying long term. The Metropole hotel Bangkok is located in the Thong Lor area, an upscale residential area with lots of retail outlets, restaurants and cafes. It was fun walking around the neighborhood. We even discovered at the last minute that we could have taken a water taxi quite close to the hotel. That would have been fun :-) .

metropole bangkok lobby

See what l mean about warmth in such a huge space? It felt really intimate. Metropole Thang-Lor Hotel.


A full bar too. Perfect for late evenings.

A full bar too. Perfect for late evenings. Can you see the pool in the back? We didn’t get to use it, but it sure looked nice :-). It reminds you of old Hollywood.

We had our first Thai meal at the hotel. I totally understand why everyone says Thai food is awesome. I had always thought so anyway so l wasn’t expecting anything better than we had in Houston. Wrong! Thai food is truly awesome, especially in Thailand. It’s hard to describe just how good l found the rice and pad thai noodles which l love.

It was nice to have a restaurant on sight as I’m not a huge fan of street food. Breakfast is also served at the same restaurant. It’s not an expansive menu, but quite good. You can get an omelette and pancakes (something else l have missed a lot in Spain) along with traditional Thai breakfast items.

Pad-Thai noodles were so good.

Pad-Thai noodles at Metropole Bangkok were so good.

metropole bangkok understated luxury shrimp

Absolutely scrumptious shrimp


Tempura crab and rice with shrimp.

Tempura crab and rice with shrimp.

The Facilities at Metropole Bangkok hotel:

Don't be fooled by the sizes of these women. They are pretty strong :-)

Don’t be fooled by the sizes of these women at the Spa. They are pretty strong :-)


In addition to a swimming pool and a small fitness center which Federico was interested in, I was fixated on the Spa, because you know..that’s what l like :-) .  I indulged in a 90 minute Swedish massage as well as a 60 minute body scrub. I was in heaven. The Spa experience for me is a big part of any hotel stay. The best part? The bill came to just under $100! Imagine that for 2 and half hours of treatment.

metropole bangkok pool table

Pool anyone? We saw quite a few people enjoying a game or two. This is one of the perks of these luxury apartments Bangkok

Understated Luxury: Metropole Bangkok

The Metropole Bangkok really is understated luxury at its best. Every possible need is met by the amazing staff. The rooms are spacious and you can easily picture yourself spending a long time there. One other thing that l really liked was the quiet. Even though you were in a bustling section of Bangkok, you couldn’t really tell. That means a lot to me, because truthfully, the older l get, the more l realize l really enjoy quiet time. This has to be one of the best hotels in Bangkok.

Metropole Apartments review wrap up:

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Metropole Bangkok and would definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a luxury stay in Bangkok. Luxury really doesn’t have to be super expensive either. With the exchange rate of 35 Thai Baht to $1, you really get a bang for your buck. Find out for yourself just how reasonable it is. To book your own fabulous stay at the Metropole Bangkok, look here.

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