I am sure a lot of people are wondering how much things cost in our little slice of heaven in this part of Europe, so l thought l’d give a breakdown of what we typically spend monthly.  I have converted the prices to U.S dollars for conformity. Things to keep in mind are:

We currently rent a 2 bedroom, 2 bath Marina view apartment with a large terrace, right in the center of town. If we lived  just a block or two behind , the same unit would cost about $200 less. We do this because l really like the view, remember my motto is everything in moderation so no extreme frugality for this girl. Malta Central is also not a dog friendly place, makes it hard to find apartment buildings that let you keep pets. It’s probably because the places come furnished, so they are afraid the pets will ruin furniture etc. This is the view from our terrace. I like to sit on the terrace dreaming we own one of these babies, or at least know someone that owns one!

cost comparison u.s versus malta


I budget our monthly grocery bill at the high end. We love to eat well at home, and rarely, very rarely go out to eat. We splurge on seafood (which is very expensive here, as most seafood are sold to Italy, because they pay better according to the fishery which sucks for us). The weeks we don’t get that, our grocery bills are less

We seldom take the bus. We use convenience stores which are walkable, and do the big supermarket once weekly. The gym, post office, butcher, banks etc. are within 10 minutes walk, and l walk slowly!!!The bus stop is practically right outside the front door.

Our cell phones do not have data plans. We brought our old unlocked phones with us and just purchase top up cards as we go along. I am still using the same €10 top up card l purchased 4 months ago! It costs to call and to receive phone calls here, so most people don’t use it. I love it, l am not assaulted by people yakking away on their frigging phones. Texts are cheaper, so most use it. We also use the magic jack app, so we can still make and receive calls to the U.S for free.

Once our current insurance runs out, we will most likely just pay as we go. Doctor’s visits run about $10-15. If you read my post which can be found here  regarding my E.R visit , you’ll see why.



You may have to click on the image to see it better. For us, it’s a no brainer. It costs us much less to be here. I am currently working on prices of vegetables and beer etc. to give a true comparison to other places. I should have that up in the next few days.