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sliema rocky beach

Rocky Beach Sliema , a place to swim, and catch a few rays in Malta.

Sliema Malta:

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Sliema is the touristic center of Malta. A lot of people, including yours truly, call Malta a concrete jungle. It is a fitting description, and nowhere is it more evident that in Sliema. This is where most tourists stay, along with neighbuoring St. Julian and Paceville, the party central. There is constant construction, and the skyline is usually dotted with cranes. All these makes Sliema a must visit in Malta.

Best time to visit Sliema:

Malta receives visitors pretty much all year round, thanks to its great Mediterranean weather. I have seen people jumping into the ocean on Christmas Day and actually swimming. I suppose if you’re coming from a cold country, it might seem warm to you. Summer is of course the hottest time and peak time for tourism. There can be long waits for cabs, buses, service at restaurants etc. Months straddling summer in my opinion are the best times to visit Malta. April, May, September through November will still give you warm weather and you can enjoy your visit with less tourists, and the weather is also cooler.

Visit Sliema:

Looking at Valletta from Sliema

Looking at Valletta from Sliema. You can even take a water taxi across. I did it once and almost tipped the canoe. I am not very fond of water!


sliema love locks

Love Locks – Oh why do people have to start that nonsense here too? Nothing good is going to come of it, except to destroy the bridge. Therefore it is no longer encouraged to do this and the authorities have been removing them as they compromise the integrity of the bridge.


Sightseeing cruises around the Sliema ferries

Sightseeing cruises around the Sliema ferries. Take one for a different view of Sliema.


sailboats in Sliema docked, malta

People sail from other countries especially in the summer to come enjoy the sun and fun of Sliema and the whole of Malta.

Sliema Malta Beach:

The beaches in Sliema and within the city are all rocky beaches, except for the small one in St Julian – Paceville area with a bit of sand. To get sandy beaches, you would have to go towards the north to Melieha for instance. One of the best things to do in Sliema is to find yourself a bit of rocky beach, spread out your towel and enjoy the amazing views of Valletta while sipping on a cold Cisk (the local beer) and then jumping into the warm water.

Why bother taking a one hour (or more in the summer) crowded bus journey to a sandy beach from other parts of Malta when you can just walk out the door of your hotel, and within a couple of minutes, are laid out on rock, tanning and swimming. You just need to watch out for the jellyfish as they are common in these parts.

sliema bay malat with view to valletta

Sliema Bay Malta. Popular hangout for young and old. Has nearby hotels and restaurants, and what a view!

Where to stay in Sliema Malta:

  • Fortina Hotel
  • Palace Hotel

You are spoiled for choice. You can rent AirBnB lodging, or stay in some of the best hotels in Malta such as the Fortina with its gorgeous views and close proximity to the Tigne Point mall.

Fortina Hotel Sliema malta

Sliema Hotel Fortina, one of the best hotel in Malta near the beach.

One of the best hotels in Malta for couples is The Palace Hotel. A 5 star luxury hotel in Sliema, it offers free WiFi, breakfast buffet, pool and restaurant.

suite at palace hotel sliema malta

Suite at the Palace Hotel, Sliema – one of the best places to stay in Malta.

Malta welcomes over a million visitors in the summer. Most take the bus to get around the island. €1.50 gets you an all day ticket. It is just not worth renting a car, especially if you are staying in Sliema. The fact that they drive on the opposite side like in the U.K also deters a lot of people, not to mention that the streets are quite narrow and takes a lot of getting used to. It certainly is not for the faint at heart. Restaurants in Sliema line the main thoroughfare, giving you the best sea views as well as of Valletta.

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Where to eat in Sliema:

  • The Chophouse
  • Surfside Malta Bar and Grill

My favorite restaurant in Sliema is called The Chophouse.  Great selection of steak . The view is to die for and the service impeccable. I do miss its sister restaurant La Cucina del Sole next door which is now permanently closed.

Surfside Bar and Grill also boasts an amazing view on the Sliema Front, you have gorgeous rocky beach views and festive atmosphere. Very popular and one of the most fun experiences in Malta. The food is quite good, and the prices reasonable.

There are also kebab stands where you can grab a gyros and eat at one of the outside tables. Make sure and try the Maltese specialty pastry Patstizzi. You’ll love it, pastry filled with peas, mushroom, cheese, tuna etc.

pastizzi pastries in Malta

Try a local delicacy – pastizzi. This one filled with ricotta cheese.


Sliema Malta things to do: (Places to see in Sliema)

A lot of the high street shops are located in Sliema. These include Debenhams, Marks & Spencer, Next, and OVS. It also has one of the 2 official Apple stores called iCentre.  The Fortina  Spa Hotel is located here, and that is their pool you see in the picture. Nice view isn’t it?

surfside bar and grill view sliema

Tigne seafront Sliema Malta – Surfside Pool with a view

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Promenade Walk:

A walk along the promenade in Sliema gives you gorgeous views of the sea and the wide walkway with benches along the way allows you to sit and people watch. At the end of the Sliema promenade section is Balluta Bay with a cluster of art-deco townhouses with gorgeous terraces.

wooden boat stall in sliema malta

Things to do in Sliema: Grab a drink and enjoy the scenery of Sliema. There are a lot of apartments along the promenade to rent via AirBnB.


Walkway to the Tigne Point Mall

Walkway of the Tigne Point Mall, one of the best things to do in Malta. Some of the most fantastic views in Malta.

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Sliema Malta shopping at Tigne Mall:

Tigne Point Mall Malta interior

Sliema Malta shopping at Tigne Point Mall, the largest on the island, and has plenty of brand name shops.

Tigne Point is the high end mall in Sliema. It has the usual suspects of stores like Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Armani and Lacoste. It’s great for people watching and window shopping. There are also cafes to grab a bite or have some drinks.

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Visit Sliema for sun and fun:

Best things to do in Sliema Malta: (What to do in Sliema)

  • Shop
  • Enjoy the rocky beaches
  • Eat at one of the many outdoor restaurants and cafe
  • Take a Valletta Sliema ferry ride for a different view of the city
  • Walk along the promenade
  • Check out Manoel Island. It is located in the middle of Marsamxett Harbour by the Sliema Creek. It is nowadays used as a yacht marina and you can get gorgeous views from there. Now though, it is mostly used for filming. Game of Thrones was filmed here for the GOT buffs.
  • Salesian Theatre was built in 1907 and unique for its depression era speakeasy. Art shows, classical music and plays are held here.

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