It's a beautiful day in my malta neighborhood sea view

Isn’t this glorious?

Malta has some lovely sandy beaches in the North and the South, but in the city, there are rocky beaches like the one above. It is very convenient for the city dwellers. There are so many about, and in the summer time, you find families and friends hanging out and swimming. The evenings find them grilling burgers and maltese sausages (awesome!) and drinking cheap beer and wine.

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Yesterday was another one of those amazingly bright and warm days. It was about 75 degrees outside and so we decided to walk along the marina. The traffic was a bit heavy as they were repairing one of the boat docks in preparation for the summer deluge. A few of the sightseeing cruise boats had been docked on dry land for the winter (which was basically from mid November till now) and they are starting to dock them. We were very happy to be car free. We set out on foot, basically crossed the street and walked along, which was great as you didn’t have to worry about dodging traffic. Here are some pictures of people sailing and enjoying the sunshine. I am still amazed that we are right in the middle of it all.

beautiful day in neighborhood

We love seeing the boats..

View of Valletta

Perfect day for sailing

beautiful sailboats malta

I want the big one in the rear.

another beautiful Malta day

Can you imagine the view from that house?

beatiful malta restaurant the black pearl

The Black Pearl Restaurant

This place used to be a sleepy fishing village and you can still see the fishing boats among the expensive yachts. I like seeing them take off in the early morning at 5 when l walk the dog. That’s another thing l love about Malta, that it is so safe. I think it is rated as the second safest place in the world. It had slipped to number 3, but came back up again this year. I feel no fear as l wander about with the dog that early. I say hello to the fishermen, to the people off to work that early, to the old man on the bike who feeds the ducks, to the 80+ year old woman who is always impeccably dressed that early in the morning. That is by far my favorite time of the day. It is peaceful, my bigger dog enjoys it thoroughly too and comes to wake me up sometimes as early as 4 AM. He is eager to forage for bread left out for the ducks and pigeons, and a lot of times, it is a fight to drag him away from the food.