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Spa hotel Copenhagen

Kurhotel Skodsborg is a spa hotel located just twenty two minutes by train from Copenhagen’s main train terminal. It’s only five stops on a very comfortable ride.

A further ten minute walk from the train station brings you to the expansive grounds of the hotel. It  feels like you are in a different world. One side of the hotel offers never ending views of the ocean while the other is all forest, affording you numerous choices as to how to spend your time.

Spa Hotel Copenhagen: Kurhotel Skodsborg

kurhotel skosborg tea room

One of the lovely areas in the lobby Kurhotel Skosborg.

I very much wanted a spa experience and in my research heard about the Kurhotel Skodsborg from a friend who had stayed there. I therefore tacked it on to our Copenhagen trip.

We arrived on a Saturday afternoon for our overnight stay and were quickly checked in by one of their very efficient staff. The hotel has been undergoing refurbishment which is scheduled to be completed very shortly. We stayed at one of the newly renovated rooms.

Kurhotel Skodsborg : a little history

The estate originally belong to King Frederik VII who acquired it in 1852. Him and his wife Countess Danner used it as their summer home until his death in 1863. It  became a sanitarium founded by Dr Carl Otossen in 1898. He was a man who believed in preventative theraphy and healthy living. The tradition continues till today.

Dr Carl Otossen, the founder.

Dr Carl Ottosen bust, the founder of Skodsborg Kurhotel Denmark

One of the things l love about the Kurhotel Skodsborg as a whole is the understated elegance. I am not a fan of the showy or loud places that are just begging to be noticed. This therefore delighted me to see.

Kurhotel Skodsburg: Room

The room was elegant, nice bright walls, a comfortable bed and nice size TV showing programs in different languages. A nice touch was a handwritten note welcoming you to the hotel.

kurhotel skosborg room

Room with a great view at the Kurhotel Skodsborg


View from our room at Kurhotel Skodburg.

View from our room.

The bathroom was simple but gorgeous. It had a black vintage vanity sink which contrasted nicely with the white subway tiles on the wall. The stainless steel, jumbo rain shower head showed promise of delivering an exhilarating shower and did not disappoint :-) . There were big fluffy robes and slippers in the closet as well as a tote bag to carry our bathing ritual kit, part of our spa day package.

kurhotel skodsborg bathroom

Simple and elegant bathroom at the Kurhotel in Skodsborg.


kurhotel skodsborg bathing ritual kit

I love that calming balm :-). A $38 dollar upgrade, but totally worth it.

First order of business was “Tea with Georg”. This is English tea with a twist. The tea is served in the lobby. There is ample space to seat and enjoy their selection of tasty goodies like lemon cake, salmon,  nutty raw cookie balls and paleo bread (something l never thought l would like, but did).

There was coffee and latte for non tea drinkers. We opted for tea. The lobby is grand, with a piano in the bigger room. Other sections of the lobby which has a boxing theme had cozy fireplaces. There were plenty of books in case you felt the urge to read.

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Kurhotel Skodsborg high tea with yummy goodies


You can see the tea setup to the right, served in the "Tea with Georg" series from Georg Jensen.

You can see the tea setup to the right, served in the “Tea with Georg” series from Georg Jensen. The Kurhotel Skodsborg tea is a must do.

Skodsburg Kurhotel and Spa:

After a little siesta, we headed to the spa. I don’t have pictures as l felt it would be intrusive :-) . There were plenty of showers. The sauna was welcome. It has been a while since l went in one. Some of the other things we did was the Hydrospa and massage showers, steam bath and seasonal showers, but they had plenty more.

There is a full gym in the building and they also offer beauty treatments like waxing and facials. I did not have any this time. We definitely felt rejuvenated after the spa experience. This brings me to the hotel jetty across the street. The brave ones can opt to go for a dip in the sea after the sauna. We actually saw a woman do this, the water must have been cold.


The Spa at Skodsborg Kurhotel



kurhotel skodsborg jetty walkway

The Kurhotel Skodsborg jetty


I dared him to jump in.. no dice :-)

I dared him to jump in.. no dice :-)

Dinner was absolutely delicious. Most of the herbs are grown in their gardens. The food was fresh and the service impeccable. We had a three course meal with a bottle of red wine. The servings were just right in keeping with the healthy notion. It couldn’t have been better. The sea view was stunning. A little walk and we were ready for bed.

Copenhagen hotel spa: Dinner

kurhotel skodsborg appetizer

The appetizer at the restaurant in Kurhotel Copenhagen was white fish with radish and cream with mint. So very good.


Beef with shaved carrots and mushrooms. Fresh and delicious.

Beef with shaved carrots and mushrooms. Fresh and delicious.


Side of potatoes at Kurhotel Spa Copenhagen.

Side of potatoes.


Dessert at spa hotel Copenhagen . It was awesome! :-)

Dessert. It was awesome! :-)

Breakfast was buffet style at the same restaurant. Sausages, eggs, and lots of different kinds of bread and croissants along with the cinnamon rolls that l have come to love so much. We were supposed to go to the spa afterwards but decided to just relax in the room.

Buffet breakfast at Spa Hotels Kopenhagen:

kurhotel skodsborg breakfast

I loved the walnut and beet salad :-)

We both love salmon, so had quite a few pieces.

We both love salmon, so had quite a few pieces.

My only regret about the whole Kurhotel Skodsborg experience was that it was so short. Soon enough, we had to turn in our “watch”. I would have liked to spend at least one more night. It is a perfect setting for weddings (the old Villa Rex where the king held his banquets and meetings has been renovated as well), hen parties or just a getaway for some rest and relaxation.

Is Kurhotel Skodsborg worth it?

Yes. It is a luxurious indulgence, but hey..if we don’t spend money on ourselves, who do we spend it on? Don’t answer that ;-) . Definitely worth it in my opinion :-) . I think a visit to Copenhagen should be capped off with a visit to the Kurhotel Skodsborg. It’s the cherry on top of a perfect ice cream sundae :-) .

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Do you love indulging yourself as much as we do? Have you ever had a spa experience that restored your energy and vitality? Was it worth it? What do you think of the Kurhotel Skodsborg?