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w barcelona infinity pool

W Barcelona Infinity pool with a view..

The W Barcelona hotel is an amazing place. It’s fair to say that l have been dreaming about this hotel ever since l got a chance to visit it on my last trip to Barcelona. The hotel is fantastic, gorgeous, and right on the beach. I can’t think of a thing that l did not like. I find myself wanting to visit Barcelona again, just to stay there. I will show you the reasons why l think it would be an awesome place to spend a few days. I have no affiliation with W Barcelona, it was one of the destinations during my press trip with the Barcelona tourism office.

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Gotta love the design of the building. It fits right into Barcelona architecture..

Gotta love the design of the building. It fits right into Barcelona architecture..

W Barcelona hotel:

The W beckons..

The W beckons.. I think it’s one of the best places to stay in Barcelona for sure.


Lounge area that leads to the beach. w barcelona

W Barcelona hotel Lounge area that leads to the beach.

I am mostly going to let the pictures do the talking. These were taken with the cell phone, so they are not as great as l would have liked. I’m sure you can guess which place in the hotel would be my absolute favorite once you’ve seen them. :-)

 W Hotel Barcelona Bar:


W Barcelona hotel lounge area

Bar W Barcelona. Cozy, right? You sort of feel like you’re in the Jetsons era..

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W hotel Barcelona: The bar area downstairs by the lobby.

The bar area downstairs by the W lobby. Don’t you just love those swing seats. They had a few in the lobby too.


Well equipped bar at the W Barcelona hotel..

Barcelona W hotel . Well stocked bar..


Serving awesome cocktails at the W hotel.

Serving awesome cocktails are served a Barcelona hotel W ..


Great artwork on the wall.

Great artwork on the wall at one of the best hotels in Barcelona. The W

The whole bar area is dimly lit, allowing for intimacy. Makes it quite romantic. The space is quite large, but it doesn’t feel empty even when it’s not crowded. You can tell it was well thought out and designed. In the afternoons, there is a live DJ. Hey, if you ever run out things to say, you could always just listen to the music, or dance. There is also the Eclipse bar which is on the 26th floor that is open in the early evenings and stays open till l think 1 or 2 am for the party people (young ‘uns) . The best part is that it is open to the public as well, and it is free entry. We saw a very mixed crowd in there, from young to older people. Seems like a fun gathering place after work. Very smart on their part.

W Barcelona dj

Hey Mr DJ… Spinning tunes at Barcelona Hotel W.

The Rooms at W Barcelona Hotel:

We got to see the “Extreme Wow” suite. A very expensive suite that goes for €10,000 a night! in high season. I tend to have expensive tastes, but l would never pay that much for a room, honestly. It was gorgeous. It had a total of 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and measured almost 3200 Square feet. That is only 100 square feet less than our old house in Houston! It had a 360 degree view of the city and the sea, floor to ceiling windows, Bang and Olufsen TV’s, even it’s own telescope. It was designed by an architect by the name of Ricardo Bofill. You could fit like 10 people in easily, and you wouldn’t even run into each other. The closet was humongous!. I guess if you’re an oil sheik of something, that amount would be peanuts to you.

They have several levels of rooms, including the regular “Wow” suite, the “Marvelous Suite”, the “Spectacular”, the “Fabulous” and more. The least expensive ones are the “Cozy” rooms, which clocks in at a “mere” 420 square feet. And that is where you would find us :-)!

The hallways are dimly lit, and l think on purpose too. You automatically find yourself whispering so as not to disturb anyone.

Dimly lit hallways at the W hotel Barcelona

The hallways are dimly lit, and l think on purpose too. You automatically find yourself whispering so as not to disturb anyone.

Check out the view from the tub at the W hotel..

Check out the view of Barcelona from the tub..


Just one of the bathrooms

Just one of the bathrooms at the Extreme Wow suite of the W Barcelona


The view from a luxury suite at W hotel Barcelona

I wouldn’t mind waking up to this view of Barcelona. The suite has all the comfort of home.


Open deck view from the hotel W Barcelona with deck chairs and sea

I think l would sort of get freaked out being on those loungers at the W Barcelona.

W Hotel Barcelona Gym:

There is a gym in the hotel, and it’s open 24 hours. This would be one of Federico’s favorite part of the hotel. Me?..not so much :-) . It does have an awesome view though as it faces the beach. How cool is that?

w Barcelona gym with benches, mirrors and bounce ball equipment

Lots of exercise equipment at W gym Barcelona hotel to compete with any regular gym for sure.


W hotel gym: All the gym equipment you could ever need..

All the gym equipment you could ever need..

Bliss Spa at the Hotel W Barcelona:

Yep! says it all... The W hotel Spa

Yep! says it all… Bliss at the W hotel Barcelona spa!!!

This would definitely be my favourite place. In fact, l could live here on a permanent basis :-). Everything was so clean, and new. I could see myself getting the whole works. Manicure, pedicure, massage, facial, everything.

W Bliss Spa entrance

They are ready to welcome you at the Bliss Spa Barcelona..


Waiting area seating at the Bliss spa W hotel.

Hotels in Barcelona. Waiting area seating at the W spa.


Drinks while you wait for your spa treatment at W hotel?.. yes please!

Drinks while you wait your turn at the Bliss spa inside the W Barcelona?.. yes please!


magazines, coffee available while you get spa treatment at W Bliss Spa

Oh.. I just hope some of those magazines are in English :-)


Nail polish selection at W Bliss Spa

I think l could find at least one colour of nail polish that l would like from this vast selection.


Lotions and potions selection at Bliss Spa W hotel

High quality lotions and potions aplenty for purchase after your treatment.

Food at W Barcelona Hotel:

We ate at the Salt Burger restaurant which is on the bottom floor of the W hotel, on the beach side. The burgers were extremely delicious. The portions were American sized, meaning huge. They were not cheap, but l definitely think they were worth it. The drinks were also fantastic, and the staff, super friendly.

Great food at W hotel Barcelona restaurant!

Limited menu, but great food at the W hotel Barcelona restaurant.


big burger and fries at Salt restaurant Barceloneta W hotel

I can’t remember which burger this was. It was amazing though.. huge!


Fantastic salad plate with chicken and feta cheese at Salt restaurant Barceloneta

Fantastic salad with fresh fruit amongst other things and the dressing was so delicious..


Honey glazed chicken wings with sauce at Salt Burgers barcelona

Honey glazed chicken wings with sauce..


Exotic drinks..

Exotic drinks are available at the Salt restaurant like this one with passion fruit.

Views from the W Hotel Barcelona:

I have saved the best for last. The views are amazing! The beach stretches all the way from the W, located in Barceloneta, all the way to Barcelona. I could picture myself walking all the way, or better yet, a nice bicycle ride along the beach, breathing the wonderful sea air.

Lovely beach views, reminds you of L.A.

Lovely beach views, reminds you of L.A. That’s the Salt Burger restaurant.


Even the "not so great" views are superb. This is the port view.

Even the “not so great” views are superb. This is the port view from a hotel room. You could always watch the ships sail in from your room.


There is the regular pool on one side, and the Infinity pool on the other.

There is the regular pool on one side, and the Infinity pool on the other at the Hotel W Barcelona.

Now, can you understand why l want to stay there? The W Hotel Barcelona is part of the Starwood group so if you are a member and have enough points, you could easily stay here as well as their other locations across the world. I am sure if l saw the other ones, l would want to experience them too :-).

Overall thoughts on the Hotel W Barcelona:

It is an amazing hotel in the best part of Barcelona. The amenities and care received was superior. The prices are not for the faint of heart, but you get what you pay for. This is luxury at its best. Everything is carefully designed and thought out, from the hallways to the suites to the lounge areas and bars. This is highly recommended for special occasions when you want pampering, something to remember for years to come.


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What do you think of the W Barcelona hotel? Have you stayed at this or one of their other hotels? Does it sound like a place you would like to stay in? or a you more of a Motel 6, AirBnB etc. kind of person? Most important, would you pay €10,000 a night for a hotel suite even if you had the money?