Paris Delights: Outstanding Week In The City

paris delights our week in the city

Depending on your take, Paris, the City of Lights or Love holds a special place in the hearts of many travelers, including Federico and me. With its timeless charm and unparalleled beauty, it never fails to enchant. This will be an image-heavy post :-). The last time we were there was over six years ago …

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Paris In A Day Via The Eurostar From London!

mother and son eiffel tower paris

Paris, I love you! A few months ago, we were in London and decided on a spur of the moment excursion. We decided on a trip to Paris vis Eurostar. We took the Eurostar train for the little over two hour journey. We arrived at Gare du Nord station in Paris about 10am, which was …

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Why Fear Should Have Your ears, Not Your Balls & Podcast

why fear can have your ears, not your balls

Updated: Sep 19, 2019 @ 10:54 AM

why fear should have your ears, not your balls image of tower bridge
You don’t want to miss gorgeous sites like this if you can help it.

Why fear should have your ears, not your balls you ask? I will do my best to explain why. With the recent events that have happened not just in western countries like Brussels and Paris but also in far-flung third world countries such as Ivory Coast, Kenya and  Istanbul.


It would be impossible to say that fear is not at the forefront of every traveler’s thoughts. We are only human. To us and hopefully to you, life is still a precious thing. The same thing can not be said for the cowardly terrorists that are sprouting up like weeds all over the world.

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Paris Postcard – Fab Friday Find

paris postcard-fab friday find
paris postcard-fab friday find
Paris Postcard from Zoe

This Paris postcard was sent to me by a girl named Zoe. Looking from the date, it is from 1998. As with everything with me, there is a story behind it :-). My best friend Steph and l had gone to Paris for a little vacation. In the good old days, you just showed up at a place and then found a hotel. Unbeknown to us, there was a huge, no make that massive convention/protest (never found out what it was!) in Paris! Traffic ground to a stop kind of thing. Impossible to get a cab,  or get on the train. Maddening crowds. We were totally screwed. We ended up finding a room at this wickedly over priced hotel. If memory serves me right, the room was about the size of my thumb nail and cost us about $330 for the night! The room smelled and you had to walk on the bed to get to the minuscule bathroom. We were exhausted after our 3-4 hour search and went right to bed.

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