Hello from the gorgeous city of Krakow! I would have to describe it as a very wow city. The weather however is not so wow. Reminds me of London. Rain one minute, windy and overcast the next. It was impossible to pack right, but so far so good with jeans jacket with a tee-shirt during the day and long sleeve shirt at night, it’s been cold, rainy and windy every night, but we don’t mind it. We are having a good time and can’t wait to share the experience with you.

Today’s adventure included eating the most authentic pierogi from a delightful little family owned restaurant for super cheap, and then, despite the directions given, taking the right number tram, but in the opposite direction :-). We got on and discovered the machines only took coins and we had big notes. We decided to just pay the fine if caught as the whole car seemed to be all local people who didn’t speak any English which should have been the first clue that we were headed in the wrong direction.

This lady then came up to us as she was getting off and handed Federico 2 tickets. She had noticed our distress and helped, which was awesome. We tried to give her money, but she smiled, waved it away and got off. How nice was that? You gotta love the kindness of strangers :-). I asked the old man behind us if Wawel Castle was still coming up and he kept smiling and nodding. Thank goodness, this other guy who had got on told us we needed to go the other way, otherwise who knows how far down the end of the line was? That’s been the only hiccup so far thank goodness.  That, and the fact that we brought the right charger, but the wrong camera. We are hoping the charge will hold as we spent some fruitless hours searching for a battery charger yesterday, so get ready for a crap load of cell phone pictures from our ancient iPhone 4 being held together by tape :-). Hope you’ve enjoyed the postcards from Krakow.

How’s the weather been over your way? I know now why they drink a lot of vodka here :-)